Lunchboxes 101: 7 Selections Tips For The Perfect Food Keeper

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For most people, lunch is an important meal, particularly those who often skip breakfast and rely on mid-day meals to refuel their bodies. Besides, nothing beats a homemade lunch. It doesn’t only help you save money on take-outs, but you’ll also enjoy eating nutrient-rich and good food at work, school, or wherever you are.

Lunch Box

To complete your healthy lunch experience, it’s essential to choose the right and perfect food keeper. Thankfully, there are countless lunch boxes available in the market nowadays. Depending on your needs or whether you prefer Tupperware lunch boxes over other brands, here are some of the tips to choose the best lunch box:

  1. Determine Your Budget

The price of lunch boxes varies widely. More often than not, the price depends on the quality, brand, size, and type. For this reason, it’s wise to determine your budget before you shop around.

For instance, to get an idea of how much you need to spend on a bento lunch box, it’s recommended to do some market research. This will help you know the most reasonable cost available.

Once you know your budget, never get swayed by lunch boxes with too-good-to-be-true price tags. If possible, choose quality over price and stay within the range of your budget so you won’t overspend.

  1. Opt For Leakproof And Air-Tight Lunch Boxes

Regardless of the lunch box ideas, you have in mind, picking air-tight and leakproof lunchboxes expands the variety of foods you can pack with ease and reduce the amount of waste. With these lunch boxes, it’s possible to load a dip or thick yogurt, plus some fruits and a sandwich without using cling wrap.

With air-tight lunch boxes, you can also ensure that your food items will stay fresh while keeping them separated in every section. This means you won’t get soggy yogurt-filled sandwiches during lunchtime.

  1. Consider Insulation

One of the most crucial things to look out for when selecting a lunch box is its insulation. An insulated lunch box will ensure that your food stays fresh and hot. 

Typically, modern lunch boxes retain temperature for as long as four to five hours. If you want to keep your food warm, buying an insulated lunch box is an excellent choice. Insulated lunch boxes are best for many reasons. They won’t only keep your food fresh, but they’ll also protect you from possible foodborne illnesses.

Moreover, insulated lunch boxes can help you keep your food cold. Cold meats and other perishable food items, like yogurt and cheese, will stay fresh in insulated lunch boxes. Since such food items shouldn’t sit at room temperature for two hours, you can ensure that they’ll remain safe to eat once you use insulated lunch boxes.

  1. Consider The Size

Depending on where you put your lunch box, make sure to consider the size when selecting your food keeper. For instance, if you’re using a backpack, go with thinner lunch boxes. Some lunch boxes are narrow and fit nicely into bags and your stuff. However, if you carry your lunch box separately, you can choose bigger sizes.

  1. Find A Lunch Box With Several Sections

If you’re the type of person who prefers homemade meals during lunchtime, it’s ideal to look for a lunch box that comes with several sections to make packing food easy. For instance, if you eat sandwiches, you should ensure that your lunch box has compartments that allow you to fit sandwiches with ease. You don’t have to cut your sandwich just to fit in your lunch box with this.

  1. Check The Materials Used

Lunch boxes are made from different materials, including ceramic, glass, plastic, and stainless steel. That’s why no two lunch boxes are the same. 

Although you have the freedom to choose any lunch box, it’s wise to consider checking the materials used for a lunch box as it can make a difference to meet your unique needs. For example, if you’re looking for a lunch box that’ll keep your food warm, opt for insulated steel or stainless-steel lunch boxes instead of the ones made from other materials.

  1. Choose Chemical-Free Lunch Boxes With Antibacterial Features

If you don’t want to risk getting foodborne illnesses, you should choose chemical-free lunch boxes. An excellent option is a stainless steel lunch box, safe for everyday use.

Additionally, chemical-free lunch boxes are known for having antibacterial features, allowing you to enjoy your food without worrying about any harmful chemicals or bacteria. This lunch box is becoming popular for people who carry lunch boxes daily and want to stay healthy in a post-COVID world.


Good quality lunch boxes are available at a reasonable price and are best for carrying food for a quick bite on a picnic, in the office, or at school. They also ensure that your food is still warm during mealtimes, allowing you to savor or enjoy the most of your lunchtime. While buying lunch boxes can be confusing due to the different options available, keeping the above tips in mind can help you choose the perfect lunch box for your needs.

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