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The Secret Discontinuation Of Burger King’s Menu Items

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When it comes to keeping a secret, you can always put your faith in Burger King! From secret menus to secret offers, Burger King never seems to disappoint! But did Burger King secretly just cut off a few of its menu items?

Burger King menu items

The rumors are true! Everything you hear on social media might not be true, but this particular news definitely is! Burger King has discontinued the sale of several of its menu items.

The company recently confirmed striking off chocolate milk, sundaes, etc., due to low sales of these food items. Burger King even discontinued some of its long-time deals and offers. Somebody tell them it’s not the heartbreak season yet!

Now, those were the confirmed cut-offs, but what about taking down certain food items off the menu? Well, Burger King is sneakier than your next-door neighbor in this case.

Several people, be it customers or employees themselves, have started noticing the disappearance of menu items, including salads. The next time you’re looking for someone to blame for falling off your healthy diet, blame Burger King. *wink*

But recently, the chicken garden salad and another side salad were the only salads available on the menu. Come on, Burger King, you’re making my Spidey-senses tingle.

While Burger King is trying to be as sneaky and secretive as possible, there are a few restaurants in New York that confirmed the rumors to be true. The anonymous employees said that the Burger King salads are “gone” and “won’t be coming back”.

Not only that, but the employees even added, “Now, water is the healthiest thing on our menu.” Burger King not only has the best-roasted food but also has employees who are good at roasting.

This discontinuation of salads at Burger King can be felt in Queens and Long Island. Forgive me for doing this, but why the long face, Long Island?

Even after several requests for confirmation of these rumors, there’s still no response from any spokesperson from Burger King or its parent company, Restaurant Brands International itself. Come on, Burger King, don’t be shy.

Next up on the removed list of menu items is our favorite whopper. The good thing about this particular discontinuation is that it’ll only be removed from the discount menu and would still be available separately. 

To the removal of whopper from the discount menu, José Cil, who is the RBI CEO, said that the burger had been under the discount menu “for too long”. The company intends to make the whopper an “iconic” menu item in the coming years.

Another secret removal of items from the Burger King menu is the discontinuation of whopper as a single, double and triple type as a stand-alone item. Burger King has also made changes to their original chicken sandwich, and it has now become the ‘Ch’King Sandwich’.

Burger King definitely needs a lesson on transparency. Other than that, it’s good to go and will always be one of our favorites!

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