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The word ‘Barbecque’ came from “barbacoa,” a West Indian term for “slow cooking over hot coals.” To make your BBQ more exciting and accurate, I am here with a restaurant chain called Score, which serves you the best BBQ food.


Scores is a restaurant that caters to the best bbq food, including appetizers, chicken, ribs, poutine sandwiches, burgers, salads, desserts. They also have a separate menu for kids, drinks and alcohol. You can have a decent meal here at around $30.00.

It was just an overview of the Scores menu. In the coming lines, I will provide you information regarding franchise details, contact information and nutritional breakdown of the Scores menu. Let’s start with the history first.

Scores, also known as Scores Rotisserie BBQ, is a restaurant based in Quebec. It was founded in Montreal in 1995. At present, they have more than 40 locations in Canada.

Scores Menu Prices

Scores Menu

Scores menu includes mouth-watering appetizers like french fries and sweet potato french fries. For chicken lovers, they have various food items such as two leg meal and crispy chicken fillets.

They also offer you delicious ribs with different combos such as quarter chicken leg and ribs combo, quarter Portuguese chicken leg and ribs combos. You can also have grilled food items like greek brochette and fiesta brochette.

If you are carving for burgers and sandwiches, they also have a chipotle burger and club sandwich. They also have a variety of food items in poutine like chicken poutine and chili poutine. Health-conscious people can also have salubrious salads as house chicken salad and house salad meal.

They also have a separate menu for drinks and kids, which comprises cokes and oger burgers. You can also have some sides to elevate the taste of your main dishes, such as french fries and baked potatoes. Finally, people who love to drink alcohol while having a meal can have la pitoune and barefoot.


Combo Supreme$22.00
Salade Cesar$6.25
Scores Chicken and Noodle Soup$4.50
French Fries$2.75
Sweet Potato French Fries$4.50

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Quarter Chicken Leg$13.75
Quarter Chicken Breast$15.75
Two Leg Meal$16.75
Half Chicken$18.75
Crispy Chicken Fillets$15.00
Portuguese Chicken Leg$15.25
Portuguese Chicken Breast$17.25
Portuguese Chicken/2 Legs$18.25
Portuguese Chicken Half Chicken$20.25
10 Chicken Wings Meals$18.25
Kiddies Family Pack$30.50
Family Meal$35.95
Value Meal + 50 People$9.00
Value Meal 10-24 People$10.00
Value Meal 25-49 People$9.50
Value Meal 2-9 People$9.50

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Ribs and Combos

Half Pound Ribs$17.75
Full Rack Back Ribs$25.75
Quarter Chicken Leg and Ribs Combo$22.75
Crispy Chicken Fillets and Ribs Combo$24.75
Quarter Chicken Breast and Ribs Combos$24.25
Quarter Portuguese Chicken Leg and Ribs Combos$23.75
Quarter Portuguese Chicken Breast and Ribs Combos$24.75

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General Dumpling Brochette$17.25
Greek Brochette$17.25
Fiesta Brochette$17.25
Traditional Chicken Brochette$17.25
Quebec-Style Brochette$18.25
General Tao Chicken Brochette$18.25


Chicken Poutine$14.00
General Tao Chicken Poutine$14.50
All Dressed Chili$14.50
Chili Poutine$13.75

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Burgers and Sandwiches

Chipotle Burger$14.95
Club Sandwich$14.95
Hot Chicken Sandwich$14.95
Chicken Caesar Wrap with Bacon$14.00
Chicken Chipotle Wrap$14.95
Meat Lover’s Burger$15.25
Beyond Meat Burger$15.25


House Chicken Salad$15.50
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$15.50
House Salad Meal$14.25
Grilled Chicken Thai Salad$16.50
Caesar Meal$14.25

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Oger Burger$6.75


Carrot Cheesecake$6.75
Decadent Brownie$6.75
Pouding Chomeur$6.75
Chocolate Cake$6.75
Dutch Apple Pie$6.75
Churros Donuts$6.75

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Drinks and More

Pepsi Diet$2.00
Brisk Iced Tea$2.95
Mug Root Beer$2.95
Orange Juice 450 ml$2.95
Apple Juice 450 ml$2.95

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Extra Loaded Potato$4.25
Baked Potato$1.75
French Fries$2.75
Scores BBQ Sauce$1.00
Small Coleslaw$1.25
Extra Bread$0.50
Sweet Potato French Fries$4.50

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La Pitoune$7.25
Barefoot Zinafandel$23.00
Ruffino Chianti$32.00
Carpineto Dogajolo$34.00
Barefoot Pinot Gorigio$23.00
Les Jamelles$29.00
Robertson Winery$23.00
RH Phillips$28.00
Lindeman’s Bin 65$24.00
Gallo Family Vineyards$24.00
Umberto Cesari Love$27.00
Red Wine$8.00
White Wine$8.00
Belgian Moon$7.25
Coors Light$6.25
Griffin Town$6.75
Molson Ex$6.25
Molson Dry$6.25
Rickard’s Red$6.75
Molson Export$4.49
Coors Light$4.49

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Group Offers

Kiddies Family Pack$30.50
Family Meal$35.95
Value Meal 10-24 People$10.00
Value Meal 25-49 People$9.50
Value Meal 50+ People$9.00
Value Meal 2-9 People$9.50

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Scores Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationscores/nutritionalinformation/

To check the nutritional information of the food items on the Scores menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Scores Franchise Details

Scores Franchise

Scores has more than 40 locations in major cities of Canada such as Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. If you are interested in opening their franchise then you should check the table below.

Total Investment1-1.2 Million
Royalty Fee4%

Scores Contact Information

Scores Corporate Office Address: 200, 8150 Rte Transcanadienne, Saint-LaurentQC H4S 1M5

Scores Corporate Office Phone Number:  (514) 336-8885

To contact the team of Scores you can also fill the contact form mentioned on their website.

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