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Sarris Candies Menu With Prices

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Are you a chocolate lover and are bored from eating the same chocolates and now you are looking for a place which serves the best and unique chocolates? In this blog, I have mentioned Sarris Candies best shop for chocolates.

Sarris Candies Store

Sarris Candies is the one-stop destination for chocolates and candies like baking chocolate fondue, bash cake, gift tiers, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan chocolates, melt-aways. They also have a seasonal customized chocolate category in which they sell chocolate for fathers day, Christmas and for many more occasions.

Do you want to know why it is the best shop and about Sarris Candies Menu? Don’t worry; I will provide you information regarding the Sarris Candies Menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on Sarris Candies Menu. From the information, you will get to know why it is the best.

In 1960, Frank Sarris started Sarris Candies. The first shop he opened was in Pennsylvania, United States. In the present times, Sarris Candies has 1,200 locations in more than 10 states around the country with more than 3500 employees. The headquarters of this shop is in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

People love to go to Sarris Candies because they have a myriad variety of chocolates with different tastes.

Sarris Candies Menu Prices

Sarris Candies Menu

Sarris Candies Menu includes crispy and creamy baking chocolate and fondue, sumptuous bash cakes, chewy and crunchy brittle and roasted nuts, tasty, and yummy chocolate bars, and pails, gift tiers, heathy and non-allergic gluten-free, meltaway, pretzels, popcorn and chips, sugar-free.

Sarris Candies Menu also has sizzling seasonal chocolates that are available only on father’s day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas, valentine’s day, st. Patrick’s day, easter day, mother’s day.

Sarris Candies Menu also includes appealing ice cream, delicious reserve ice cream, pleasant ice cream curbside, gratifying old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

Sarris Candies is famous for its variety of chocolate and seasonal chocolate which they serve occasionally and the staff of their stores is very gentle and welcoming. The ambiance they provide in their stores is very relaxing and fruitful.

Sarris Candies Menu are economical and modest as compare to other chocolate stores and their prices are between $1 to $50. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Sarris Candies Menu Prices.

Baking Chocolate and Fondue

Break Up Chocolate$19.95
Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder$9.95
Fountain Chocolate$25.00
Hard Cap/Fondue$12.95
Vegan Chocolate Wafers$17.95

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Valentine’s Day Bashcake$59.95
St. Patrick’s Day BashCake$59.95
Gender Reveal BashCake$59.95
Halloween BashCake$59.95
Thanksgiving Bashcake$59.95
Holiday BashCake$59.95
New Year BashCake$59.95

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Brittle and Nuts

Whole Jumbo Cashews$29.95
Roasted Mixed Nuts$29.95
Peanut Brittle$14.95

Chocolate Bars and Pails

Yinzen Bars$2.95
Yinzen Bars Thank You$2.95
Extra Long Chocolate Bars$39.95
Chocolate Bars$2.49
Sugar-Free Bars$2.95
Someone Special Bars$2.49
Thank You Bars$2.49
Happy Birthday Bars$2.49
Pittsburgh Scene Bars$2.95
Go Pittsburgh Bars 3 Pack$8.95
$100 Bars$2.49
I Love You Bars$2.49
2Fer Vegan Bar$1.95
Buccaneer Vegan Bar$1.95
Cleo Vegan with Peanut Butter Cups$1.95
Cleo’s Vegan with Peanut Butter$1.95
Jokerz Vegan Bar$1.95
Mahalo Vegan Bar$1.95
Thumbs Up Vegan Bar$1.95
Twilight Vegan Bar$1.95

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Pails and Jelly Beans

Mini Pretzel Pail$44.95
Sarris Pretzel Pail$24.95
Chocolate Covered Almond Pail$15.95
Chocolate Covered Raisin Pail$15.95
Malted Milk Balls Pail$15.95
Gourmet Fruit & Nut Bridge Mix$15.95
Gummi Bear Pail$13.95
Jelly Beans$4.95

Gift Tiers

Breakroom Basket$69.95
Spring Tier$59.95
Tier Gold$95.95
Tier Silver$72.95
Bronze Tier$64.95
Tier Red$59.95
Logo Tier$49.95

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Gluten-Free Mini Pretzels$16.95
Chocolate Drizzled Potato Chips$11.95


Peanut Butter Meltaways$19.95
Almond Meltaways$19.95
Cashew Meltaways$19.95
Salted Pretzel Meltaways$19.95
Assorted Meltaways$28.95
Cappuccino Meltaways$19.95
Peanut Butter Carmeltaways$19.95
Big Bars$13.95
Peanut Butter Meltaways Pie$7.95
Peanut Butter Meltaways Bar$1.79
Cashew Meltaways Bar$1.79
Pecan Meltaways Bar$1.79

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Pretzels, Popcorn and Chips

Pretzel Bag$12.95
Pretzel Box $24.95
Mini Pretzel Pail$44.95
Sarris Pretzel Pail$24.95
Mini Pretzel Box$12.95
Pretzel Slim 100 Calorie$2.99
Pretzel Slim Pack$17.95
Pretzel Slims 100 Calorie 24 Pack$68.95
Individual Pretzel$1.79
Pretzel Rods 2 Pack$2.49
Peanut Butter Pretzel Rods 2 Pack$3.29
Gluten-Free Mini Pretzels$16.95
Sugar-Free Pretzels$14.95
Boardwalk-Style Caramel Popcorn$14.95
Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn$16.95
Chocolate Dunked Popcorn$11.95
Chocolate Drizzled Potato Chips$11.95
Pretzel Barrel$69.95

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Individually Wrapped Items

Breakroom Basket $69.95
Pretzel Rods Gift Box$11.95
Peanut Butter Pretzel Rods 2 Pack$3.29
Pretzel Rods 2 Pack$2.49
Individual Pretzel$1.79
Pretzel Slims 100 Calorie 24 pk$68.95
Pretzel Slims 6 pk.$17.95
Pretzel Slims 100 Calorie$2.99
Sarris Cups$1.99
Sarris Cups Peanut Butter$1.99
Individually Wrapped S’mores$1.99
Ind Wrapped Peanut Butter Grahams$1.79
Peanut Butter Meltaway Bar$1.79
Cashew Meltaway Bar$1.79
Pecan Meltaway Bar$1.79
Peppermint Cream Patty$1.79
$100 Bars$2.49
Chocolate Bars$2.49
Go Pittsburgh Bars 3 Pack$8.95
Pittsburgh Scene Bars$2.95
Thank You Bars$2.49
Sugar Free Bar$2.95
Face Mask $4.95
Chocolate Face Mask $2.95
Hot Cocoa Spoon $3.95
2Fer Vegan Bar $1.95
Buccaneer Vegan Bar$1.95
Cleo Vegan White Peanut Butter Cups$1.95
Cleo’s Vegan Peanut Butter Cups$1.95
Jokerz Vegan Bar$1.95
Mahalo Vegan Bar$1.95
Thumbs Up Vegan Bar$1.95
Twilight Vegan Bar$1.95
I Love You Bars$2.49
Gold Coin Bag$3.95

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Sugar-Free Assortment$18.95
Sugar-Free Pretzels$14.95
Sugar-Free Almond Bark$15.95
Sugar-Free Bar$2.95

Vegan Chocolates

2Fer Vegan Bar$1.95
Mahalo Vegan Bar$1.95
Buccaneer Vegan Bar$1.95
Cleo Vegan White Peanut Butter Cups$1.95
Cleo’s Vegan Peanut Butter Cups$1.95
Jokerz Vegan Bar$1.95
Snap Vegan Bar$1.95
Thumbs Up Vegan Bar$1.95
Twilight Vegan Bar$1.95
Vegan Chocolate Wafers$17.95

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day Bars$2.49
I Love Dad$1.80
I Love You Bars$2.49
Roasted Mixed Nuts$29.95
Whole Jumbo Cashew$29.95

Halloween & Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Bashcake$49.95
Halloween Bashcake$49.95
Medium Pumpkins$17.95
Small Pumpkins$9.95
Foiled Chocolate Halloween Balls$11.95
Halloween Balls$2.49
Sarris Chocolate Turkey$64.75

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Sleigh Box Milk Assortment$28.95
Ole Saint Nick Assortment$28.95
Chocolate Assortment-Christmas Tin $23.95
Happy Holiday Logo Assortment$32.95
Peppermint Bark$22.95
Mini Milk Pretzel Tin$18.95
Christmas Mini Pretzel Pail$46.95
Christmas Pretzel Pail$44.95
Dunked Popcorn$24.95
Roasted Mix Nuts-Christmas Tin$19.95
Whole Jumbo Cashews-Christmas Tin$29.95
Holiday Bashcake$49.95
Milk Chocolate Semi Santas$16.95
Snowmen Semi w/Tie$9.95
Boxed Santa and Sleigh$12.95
Boxed Candy Cane Milk$9.95
Boxed Seasons Greetings Tree$9.95
Caramel Kringles$9.95
Christmas PB Novelties$9.95
Peppermint Oreos$8.95
Christmas Oreos$8.95
Christmas Treat Box$12.95
Four Piece Peanut Butter Santa Box$9.95
Peanut Butter Sant. Nick$6.30
Peanut Butter Santa$1.79
Foiled Balls$21.95
Foiled Balls Dark$11.95
Foiled Balls Milk$11.95
Foiled Santa Bag$11.95
Foiled Snowman Bag$11.95
Holiday Bars$2.49
Poinsettia Holiday Bars$2.49
Santa Sleigh Holiday Bar$2.49
Christmas Angel$5.40
Peanut Brittle$14.95
Cashew Glaze$17.95
Greeting Santa$4.10
Happy Santa$3.60
Christmas Tree$3.60
Sugar-Free Christmas Tree$4.40

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Valentine’s Day

Heart- Deluxe Assortment$5.95
Heart- Dark Assortment$20.95
Heart- Dark and Milk Assortment$5.95
Heart – Peanut Butter Meltaway$4.95
Heart – All Nut Assortment$5.95
Heart – Cordial Liquid Cherries$5.95
Heart – Salted Milk Caramels$5.95
Heart – Salted Dark Caramels$5.95
Heart – Salted Dark & Milk Caramels$5.95
Heart – Assorted Truffles$6.95
Heart – Sugar-Free Assortment$24.95
Valentine’s Day Bashcake$49.95
Ruffle Chocolate Heart$14.95
Ruffle Chocolate Twin Heart$24.95
I Love U Heart Puzzle$14.95
Valentine’s Mini Pretzel Pail$44.95
Valentine’s Pretzel Pail$24.95
Valentine’s Day Oreos$8.95
Foiled Red Hearts Bag$6.95
Valentine’s Day Bars$2.49
Peanut Butter Heart$1.79
Heart of Roses$1.80
Two of a Kind Heart$1.80

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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Bashcake$49.95
Foiled 3 Leaf Clovers$11.95
Gold Coin Bag$3.95


Cashew Nut Egg$19.95
Peanut Butter Meltaway Egg$19.95
All Fudge Egg$19.95
Bonnie Bunny$3.60
Dark Chocolate Jazzy Bunny$1.80
Easter Box$21.95
Foiled Wrapped Eggs$10.95
Happy Easter Box$13.95
Jelly Mix Easter$1.95
Juju Easter Mix$1.95
Pastel Smiley Egg$1.80
Petite Easter Cups$14.95
Sugar-Free Cashew Meltaway Egg$19.95
Sugar-Free Chocolate Meltaway Egg$19.95
Peanut Butter Meltaway Egg$19.95
Chocolate Meltaway Egg$19.95
Solid Chocolate Nut Egg$19.95
Coconut Egg$19.95
Fruit and Nut Egg$19.95
Maple Nut Egg$19.95
Caramel Pecan Nougat Egg$19.95
Malted Eggs Mini Size$2.89
Peanut Butter Novelties$9.95
Toasted Coconut Easter Nests$7.95
Bunny on Log$19.95
Bunny on Log Milk$19.95
Flat Standing Bunny$10.80
Happy Easter Bars$2.49
Teaser Eggs$1.79
Teaser Eggs Butter Cream$1.79
Marshmallow Egg$1.59
Lamb White$4.50
Little Bunny$5.40
Sports Car$5.40
Chocolate Truck$4.50
Bunny with Basket$6.30
PB Filled Bowtie Bunny$6.30
Cool Rider Motorcycle$3.60
Peanut Butter Bunny$1.79
Jazzy Bunny$1.80
Sugar-Free Little Bunny$6.60
Decorative Basket Wicker$22.95
Hockey Puck$6.30
I Phone$3.60
Solid Sitting Bunny$44.30
Bowtie Bunny$1.80
Bunny on Motorcycle$5.40
Bunny Semi-Solid Chocolate$11.95
Bunny with Egg$16.95
Cashew Meltaway Egg$19.95
Chocolate Assortment-Easter Tin$32.95
Chocolate Fudge Nut Egg$19.95
Chocolate Gift Basket$32.95
Cuddle Bunny$17.95
Curious Norm$16.95
Decorative Basket Tim$22.95
Easter Bars$2.49
Easter Basket Bunny$26.95
Easter Mini Pretzel Pail$44.95
Easter Pretzel Pail$24.95
Fat Bunny In Basket$5.40
Foiled Bunnies$10.95
Foiled Sitting Milk Chocolate Bunnies$10.95
Furry Bunny$26.95
Happy Easter Assortment$22.95
Malted Eggs Full Size$2.89
Pecan Meltaway Egg$19.95
Princess Barbie$5.40
Roasted Mixed Nuts-Easter Tin$29.95
Semi Sitting Bunny$40.95
Semi-Solid Precious Bunny$17.95
Show Pony$22.50
Shy Bunny$11.95
Solid Sitting Bunny$26.10
Solid Sitting Bunny Unavailable$7.45
Solid Standing Bunny$26.10
Solid Standing Bunny Unavailable$7.45
Triple Dipper Bear$17.95
Van Gogh Bunny$20.95

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Mother’s Day

Cordial Strawberries$24.95
I love Mom$1.80
Spring Tier$59.95
Chocolate Roses 1 Dozen Boxed$17.95
Foiled Rose Stems$2.50
Mother’s Day Bars$2.49
Happy Mother’s Day$1.80
I Love You Bar$2.49
Rose Pop Cello$2.25
Rose Pop Cello Pastel$2.25

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Ice Cream Cakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$29.95
Chocolate Jimmies$29.95
Cookies and Cream$29.95
Fudge Caramel$29.95
Fudge Flower$29.95
Girl Birthday$29.95
Boy Birthday$29.95
Strawberry Vanilla$29.95

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Ice Cream

Odd Couple$6.95
Tutti Frutti$7.95
Kissing Cousins$6.95
Strawberry Fields$6.95
Big Tyme Sundae$7.95
Small Tyme Sundae$6.95
The Chocoholic$7.95
Banana Split$9.95
Two Scoops Ice Cream$4.95
Gallon Ice Cream$9.95
Hard Cap- Milk Chocolate$12.95
Hard Cap- Drak Chocolate$12.95
Woof Cream Peanut Butter$3.95
Woof Cream Blueberry$3.95

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Sarris Candies Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Sarris Candies menu you can click the link I’ve mentioned above.

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Sarris Candies Contact Information

Sarris Candies Corporate Offie Address: Sarris Candies Inc. 511 Adams Avenue Canonsburg, PA 15317

Sarris Candies Corporate Office Phone Number: (800) 255-7771

To contact the team of Sarris Candies you can fill the contact form on their website.

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Facebook Page:

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