Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill Menu Prices

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Are you looking for a restaurant that serves Mexican Grill food in Melbourne? Here, I will be discussing information about Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill, a restaurant that fulfills your Mexican food cravings.

Salsa's Fresh Mexican Grill Store

Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill is a restaurant where you explore a Mexican menu with breakfast, salads, drinks, nachos, seafood, soup and a separate menu for kids. The most famous dish from their menu is Steak Rancheros which cost around $10.45.

Before you go there, I will provide you with information regarding the Salsa’s Fresh Mexican Grill Menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on Salsa’s Fresh Mexican Grill Menu. I will start with the history first.

Janine Allis is the founder of Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill, an Australian Mexican food chain, on 21 March 2007. The first she opened is in Sydney. In the present time, Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill has more than 35 locations in different cities of Australia. The headquarters of the company is in Australia and the name of their parent company is Retails Zoo.

People love to go there because they serve traditional Mexican and they serve you within minutes when you give your order.

Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill Menu Prices

Salsa's Fresh Mexican Menu

Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill Menu includes sumptuous and delicious homemade burritos with some subcategories, yummy and tasty colorful mouth-watering food bowls, crunchy and crispy nachos with some innovative twist.

Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill Menu also has non-vegetarian and vegetarian Quesadillas; if your eating capacity is less, then don’t worry, you can also have delightful mini burritos if you are craving a lot and your tummy is empty then, they also have tasty combos.

They also have chips like mini-crinkles with myriad variety; you can also have drinks to make your meals more delicious and, in the end, creamy and divine ice cream.

They are famous because of their quality of food and most of the customers are satisfied with their staff service. The ingredients they use in their food are fresh and they buy their ingredients from local farmers. 

Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill prices are affordable and reasonable according to their service and prices are from $1 to $40. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill Menu Prices.

Featured Item

Fried Chicken Dinner (4Pcs)$9.45

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Taco Salad$7.95
Fajita Salad$7.95
Grilled Chicken Mexican Caesar Salad$7.95

Breakfast Menu

Huevos and Chorizo$8.45
Huevos Rancheros$8.45
Machaca and Eggs$8.45
Machaca and Egg Burrito$6.95
Chorizo and Egg Burrito$6.95
Bacon, Sausage, Egg, and Potatoes$6.95

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Jarritos Drinks$1.95
Horchata Drinks$1.95
Jamaica Drinks$1.95
Tamarindo Drinks$1.95
Guayava Drinks$1.95
Bottle Water$1.50


Crazy Fries$8.45
Nacho Quesadilla$8.45

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A La Carte Menu

Chile Relleno$3.95
French Fries$2.95
Chips and Salsa$3.95
Guacamole and Chips$8.95

Specialty Meals

Chicken Fajitas$10.45
Chile Varde$10.45
Steak Fajitas$10.45
Steak Ranchero$10.45
Carne Asade$10.45

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Shrimp Tacos$12.95
Shrimp Fajitas$12.95
Camarones Rancheros$12.95
Shrimp Cocktail$12.95


Pozole Soup$9.95
Menudo Soup$9.95

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Kids Menu

Kids Cheese Quesdila$6.25
Kids Cheese$6.25
Kids Bean and Cheese Burrito$6.25
Kids Chicken Nuggets with Fries$6.25
Kids Soft Taco$6.25
Kids Nacho with Meat$6.25
Kids Crispy Taco$6.25

Salsas Fresh Mexican Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on Salsas Fresh Mexican Grill Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Salsas Fresh Mexican Franchise Details

Salsa's Fresh Mexican Grill Store

Salsas Fresh Mexican has more than 35 franchises in the cities of Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Queensland etc. If you want to buy there franchise here is the cost then.

Food Court kiosk Format Investment Cost$430,000 to $480,000 
Fast Casual/Street Investment Cost$575,000 to $650,000
Training Fee$2,200
Royalty7% of gross sale

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Salsas Fresh Mexican Contact Information

Salsas Fresh Mexican Corporate Office Address: Salsas
Level 1, Chadstone Place Chadstone Shopping Centre 1341 Dandenong Road
Chadstone VIC 3148

Salsas Fresh Mexican Corporate Office Phone Number: (+61) 3 9508 4409

Salsas Fresh Mexican Corporate Office Fax Number: (+61) 3 9508 4499

To check the team of Salsa’s Fresh Mexican you can fill the contact form on their website.

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