How To Make Salmon Belly At Home

The recipe for today is Salmon belly. It is a very famous recipe around the globe. People from every part of the Pacific and Northern Region enjoy this recipe a lot. The recipe is basically from Norway but got famous in many parts of the world including South America and Japan.

Salmon is known for its pink flesh and many health benefits. This fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and helps in regulating blood pressure and helps your bones to get stronger. This recipe has many nutrients like protein, Vitamin B, and good fats. 

To make a salmon belly, coat the salmon belly with flour. Heat oil in a pan and fry the salmon in it until golden brown and crispy. Then, add a few drops of oil to another pan. Add onions, carrots, cabbage, and sprouted beans to it and saute them for some time. Garnish them with sesame seeds and green onions.

This is just a snippet of the recipe. Find the complete recipe below. There are other main course recipes on our blog as well that you should also check.

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Ingredients for Salmon Belly

Salmon Belly500 g
Salt and Black PepperTo taste
Flour1 teaspoon
Avocado4 teaspoons
Onion (chopped)1 large
Carrots (julienned)½ cups
Green Cabbage (chopped)2 cups
Bean Sprouts2 cups
Sesame Seedsfor garnish
Green Onions (chopped)for garnish

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
5 minutes10 minutes15 minutes

Salmon Belly Recipe

Salmon Belly recipe
  1. Cut the salmon and wash it properly with cold water. Dry the salmon with some paper towel and season it with some salt and pepper.
  2. Coat this salmon with some flour. Meanwhile, heat some oil in a frying pan over medium heat.
  3. Now, add this salmon belly and fry it for about 3 minutes until it turns golden brown and a crust is formed over them.
  4. Now, take these salmon out of the pan. Add a few drops of oil in another pan. Add onions and carrots to it. Sauté them for 3 minutes. Then, add the cabbage and sprouted beans in it.
  5. Serve the vegetables over the rice with salmon on the top. Spinkle sesame seeds on the top and garnish it with green onions.

And your salmon belly is ready to eat. This recipe will even taste better if you try this with some Teriyaki Sauce over it.

Nutritional Breakdown of Salmon Belly

Carbohydrates2 g
Protein2 g
Fat4 g
Cholesterol2 mg
Iron1 mg

How to Make Salmon Belly at Home | Video

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