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Saladworks is a casual restaurant that was founded by John Scardapane in 1986. The first store of Saladworks was opened in New Jersey’s Cherry Hill Mall. The chain is known for serving healthy food.

Saladworks even marketed itself in the market as a healthy alternative to all the fast-food. So if you are searching for a healthy and great tasting plate of mixed greens, then Saladworks is the place for you.

The restaurant has a very informal ambiance and its staff is also very friendly. If you are going to Saladworks for the first time, then their staff will surely help you to choose from one of their salads.

So in this article, I will tell you the Saladworks menu with prices. Apart from the menu, I will also tell you the Franchising Details, Contact Information and Nutritional Breakdown of the items present on the Saladworks menu.

Saladworks Menu with Prices

Saladworks menu includes salads, sandwiches, wraps, and soups, beverages and desserts. But the restaurant is known for its wide variety of made-to-order salads. Some famous salads from the Saladworks menu are the Bentley, Buffalo Bleu, Cobb, Chicken Caesar, Fire Roasted Cabo, Greek, Sophie’s Salad, Tivoli, Turkey Club, and many more others.

The restaurant takes a lot of pride in making these salads from 100% fresh ingredients. You can also make your own customized salad from the 50-plus ingredients including fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats, sauces, and dressings.

But the Saladworks menu prices are a little bit higher than what you would pay at fast-food restaurants. But keeping the quality of the healthy food you are getting here, every penny spent is worth it.

So let’s check out the Saladworks menu prices.

Fusion Sandwiches

BLT Fusion$8.49
Chicken Monterey Fusion$8.49
Turkey Continental Fusion$8.49
Turkey Ranch Fusion$8.49
Ham Continental Fusion$8.49
Fajitalicious Fusion$8.49


Buffalo Chicken Panini$7.99
Caprese Panini$7.99
Chicken Mozzarella Panini$7.99
Turkey Melt Panini$7.99


Farmhouse Salad$6.99
Turkey Club Salad$8.09
Fire Roasted Cabo Jack Salad$8.39
Bently Salad$8.09
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.09
Mandarin Chicken Salad$8.49
Garden Deluxe Salad$7.99
Autumn Harvest Salad$8.39
Tivoli Salad$8.09
Buffalo Bleu Salad$8.39
Greek Salad$8.09
Nuevo Nicoise Salad$8.39
Cobb Salad$8.39
Sophie’s Salad$8.59
Create Your Own Salad$8.69

Salad Additions

Fresh Extras$0.99
Dry Topping$0.99


Turkey Club Wrap$7.99
Fire Roasted Cabo Jack Wrap$8.39
Bently Wrap$7.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.99
Mandarin Chicken Wrap$8.49
Garden Deluxe Wrap$7.99
Autumn Harvest Wrap$8.29
Tivoli Wrap$7.99
Buffalo Bleu Wrap$8.29
Greek Wrap$7.99
Nuevo Nicoise Wrap$8.29
Cobb Wrap$8.29
Sophie’s Wrap$8.49


Butternut Squash (Small)$3.19
Butternut Squash (Medium)$3.99
Butternut Squash (Large)$4.99
Chicken Noodle (Small)$3.19
Chicken Noodle (Medium)$3.99
Chicken Noodle (Large)$4.99
Chicken Dumpling (Small)$3.19
Chicken Dumpling (Medium)$3.99
Chicken Dumpling (Large)$4.99
Fiesta Tortilla (Small)$3.19
Fiesta Tortilla (Medium)$3.99
Fiesta Tortilla (Large)$4.99
Maine Lobster Bisque (Small)$3.19
Maine Lobster Bisque (Medium)$3.99
Maine Lobster Bisque (Large)$4.99
Spring Vegetable (Small)$3.19
Spring Vegetable (Medium)$3.99
Spring Vegetable (Large)$4.99
Tomato Bisque (Small)$3.19
Tomato Bisque (Medium)$3.99
Tomato Bisque (Large)$4.99
3 Bean Chili (Small)$3.19
3 Bean Chili (Medium)$3.99
3 Bean Chili (Large)$4.99
Add Any Soup To An Entree (Small)$1.99

Pick Two

Any Half Fusion & Half Salad$8.79
Any Half Fusion & Soup$8.79
Any Half Salad & Soup$8.79
Any Half Panini & Half Salad$8.79
Any Half Panini & Soup$8.79


Dasani Water (Bottle)$1.99
Soda (Bottle)$1.99
Gold Peak Iced Tea (Bottle)$2.29
Fountain Drink (22 oz.)$1.99
Fountain Drink (32 oz.)$2.69


Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.79
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.79
White Macadamie Nut Cookie$1.79


Ham & Swiss Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Chicken Caesar Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Veggie Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Turkey Monterey Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Buffalo Chicken Pinwheel Tray$49.99
Nibbler Tray$54.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray$54.99
King Turkey Club (Medium)$44.99
King Turkey Club (Large)$74.99
King Autumn Harvest (Medium)$44.99
King Autumn Harvest (Large)$74.99
King Bently (Medium)$44.99
King Bently (Large)$74.99
King Tivoli (Medium)$44.99
King Tivoli (Large)$74.99
King Buffalo Bleu (Medium)$44.99
King Buffalo Bleu (Large)$74.99
King Garden Deluxe (Medium)$44.99
King Garden Deluxe (Large)$74.99
King Chicken Caesar (Medium)$44.99
King Chicken Caesar (Large)$74.99
King Fire Roasted Cabo Jack (Medium)$44.99
King Fire Roasted Cabo Jack (Large)$74.99
King Mandarin Chicken (Medium)$44.99
King Mandarin Chicken (Large)$74.99
King Greek (Medium)$44.99
King Greek (Large)$74.99
King Nuevo Nicoise (Medium)$44.99
King Nuevo Nicoise (Large)$74.99
King Cobb (Medium)$44.99
King Cobb (Large)$74.99
King Sophie’s (Medium)$44.99
King Sophie’s (Large)$74.99
Chicken Monterey$59.99
Turkey Continental$59.99
Turkey Ranch$59.99
Ham Continental$59.99
Garden Deluxe Signature Wrap$59.99
Cobb Signature Wrap$59.99
Bently Signature Wrap$59.99
Turkey Club Signature Wrap$59.99
Chicken Caesar Signature Wrap$59.99
Mandarin Chicken Signature Wrap$59.99
Autumn Harvest Signature Wrap$59.99
Tivoli Signature Wrap$59.99
Buffalo Bleu Signature Wrap$59.99
Fire Roasted Cabo Jack Signature Wrap$59.99
Greek Signature Wrap$59.99
Nuevo Nicoise Signature Wrap$59.99
Sophie’s Signature Wrap$59.99
Cookie Dessert Tray$19.99
Brownie Dessert Tray$19.99
Combo Dessert Tray$19.99
Chips (Single Serving)$11.99
Bulk Chips$1.99

Saladworks Nutritional Informtion


To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Saladworks menu, you cn visit the link mentioned above.

Saladwork Franchise Details

Saladworks has been serving their fresh and nutritious salads in more than 110 restaurants in 15 states of America. Now the brand is preparing to make a worldwide impact by opening its stores in the international market.

So if you want to open a Saladworks store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of FeeCost
Initial Franchise FeeFrom $30,000 to $35,000
Architectural Plan ReviewFrom $0 to $1,000
Architect FeesFrom $5,653 to $15,792
Permits & License FeesFrom $291 to $3,930
Leasehold ImprovementsFrom $32,632 to $179,268
EquipmentFrom $33,533 to $76,660
FurnitureFrom $0 to $11,827
MillworkFrom $18,270 to $46,726
SmallwaresFrom $3,920 to $5,728
Exterior SignageFrom $5,313 to $13,807
Menu Board, Graphics and Interior SignageFrom $1,634 to $11,240
Technology SystemsFrom $1,050 to $1,865
Grand Opening MarketingFrom $5,000 to $5,000
Uniforms, Menu Materials, Office Supplies$3,757
Travel & Living Expenses While TrainingFrom $0 to $2,500
Opening InventoryFrom $5,442 to $5,442
InsuranceFrom $2,229 to $3,750
Additional Funds – 3 monthsFrom $15,000 to $30,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $163,724 to $452,292

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Saladworks Contact Information

Saladworks Corporate Office Address- 200 West Ridge Pike #101, Conshohocken, PA 19428, United States

Saladworks Corporate Phone Number-  +1 610-825-5211

You can also contact the team of Saladworks by using the contact form on their website.

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