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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Saigon Hustle Brings A New Wave Of Vietnamese Food To Houston

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Houston is already the world capital of so many things like space exploration, petroleum exploration, etc. It will soon become the food capital as well if things continue to go this way for this Houston-based Vietnamese restaurant.

Saigon Hustle

Saigon Hustle is the name of a restaurant in Houston, serving Vietnamese food with its own twist. When I tell you that you can’t get enough of this restaurant, you literally can’t! 

The buzz around this restaurant recently has been about them serving banh mi, barbecue rib-eye rice bowls, etc., through their drive-thru. This is what the 21st century has to offer, and we’re here for it!

It’s not even been a month, and Saigon Hustle’s success is skyrocketing! Launched on 10 February, this restaurant was forced to expand its hours because of the overwhelming response it received. Saigon Hustle has now shifted from an exclusive lunch restricted timing and has now expanded till dinner.

This restaurant is built over what used to be a tire shop and gas station. It is located in a busy location at 3323 Ella Boulevard, and after food, its appearance is what attracts customers the most.

It is vibrant looking and is painted with a variety of colors. The colorful restaurant also has murals painted on its walls, along with a patio. It’s not the only Vietnamese restaurant in Houston, so what exactly is special about it?

Saigon Hustle offers Vietnamese food in a fast-casual way. It is known for its quick service, which perfectly suits diners who are in a hurry or want takeaways.

Vietnamese food like banh mi, spring rolls, rice bowls, etc., are just a few of the many things this restaurant has to offer. The banh mi is made using honey soy barbecued chicken, honey-glazed lemongrass tofu, or char grilled barbecue pork, along with freshly baked bread.

A variety of proteins can be added to rice, salad, or vermicelli noodle bowls and can be customized to your preference. These bowls are then topped with peanuts and pickled vegetables.

Their delicious extras include spring rolls, egg rolls, and crepe rolls with braised shrimp and pork belly, with an addition of a pho-based broth further made into a beef soup and chicken wings with a side of garlic sauce.

Saigon Hustle’s chef and co-founder, Cassie Ghaffar, said, “Saigon Hustle has exploded since the day we opened. If it stays the way it is, we are projecting year three numbers in year one.” Things are looking great so far for Saigon Hustle.

Serving such delicious food and the success it has achieved, Saigon Hustle also has plans in mind about further expanding and franchising. Cassie Ghaffar is doing a great job with Saigon Hustle so far, and we can’t wait to see more!

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