How to Make Root Beer Float at Home

Root Beer Float- what a summer treat it is! I remember having this drink for the first time at my friend’s place when I was eight years old. I was there for a school project and his sister served us with this refreshing, creamy drink in the evening after we were done with the project.

Root Beer Float recipe

What a drink it was! I have a clear memory of licking the sides of the glass after I finished the drink and his sister asking if I wanted more. I couldn’t resist gulping down another glass of it. It’s been around fifteen years.

My first Root Beer float and no summer has gone by since then without treating myself with this fantastic drink. I can’t wait to share the recipe with you all. It is such a quickie to make and needs a few ingredients. But there are many other drinks that we’ve covered in our blog. You should check them as well.

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Ingredients for Root Beer Float

Root Beer2 Quarts
Vanilla Ice cream1 Pint

It is the most relaxing and delicious fountain drink for summer. The fizz with the creaminess of vanilla ice cream is a brilliant combo. You will be surprised to know how quickly it can be made. Check out the table below.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Preparation TimeMakingTimeTotalTime

Just 5 minutes! Isn’t it amazing? So, why not try this drink at home and feel the fizz? Let’s quickly dive into the process of making it.

Root Beer Float Recipe

  1. Add a scoop or 2 (as per your choice) of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass.
  2. Now, slowly pour the root beer into the glass. Don’t rush and let the fizz settle before pouring in some more root beer. 
  3. Serve with spoons and straws.

And yes, your Root Beer is ready! I love adding a dollop of whipped cream on the top to make it fancy. You can add that too or be creative in your way.

Nutritional Breakdown of Root Beer Float

For your convenience and knowledge, I’ve added the nutrition table for the drink below. You may refer to it to understand what you’re feeding your body with.

Total Fat5.2g
Total carbohydrate70.4g
Dietary Fiber0g

Note– The nutritional breakdown is for 1 serving of root beer float.

How to Make Root Beer Float at Home | Video

Although the drink’s recipe is super easy, to make things pleasant for you all, I’ve added a video of the process of preparing the drink down below. Do check it out for help.

Video by Amoretti Test Kitchen

Friends, try out this facile drink at home and share your reviews and suggestions in the comment section. I’ll come up with some more innovative drinks soon. Until then, try out the above recipe and reach for help, anytime. 

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