7 Restaurants that Accept Cryptocurrency

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Since the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there has been a significant worry that all forms of cryptocurrency would struggle to have a good level of acceptance. For example, the chance to get digital currencies and use them for payments at a restaurant or cafe. However, contrary to prevalent opinion, ways exist in which cryptocurrency payments at restaurants and other public places can be accepted.

Crypto Accepted Here

It is not enough to know where to buy USDT. You also need to know where you can spend it alongside the many other digital currencies that exist. Interestingly, if you’re a lover of good food, some restaurants allow you to pay for your food with cryptocurrencies.

This article will provide seven popular restaurants where Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other variants in the cryptocurrency market are accepted. But first, let’s examine some information about restaurants and crypto payments.

Why Should Restaurants Accept Crypto Payments?

Asides from the secure and flexible nature of cryptocurrency payments, there are numerous reasons why restaurants should accept digital currency payments. Some of such reasons are;

  • Crypto payments incur low fees
  • Crypto transactions guarantee privacy and anonymity
  • Using digital currencies to transact has proven to be faster.
  • Blockchain is a highly decentralized system. Hence, no one can interfere or suspend restaurants crypto addresses
  • Crypto payments can function anywhere in the world

Applications of Cryptocurrency in Restaurants

As earlier mentioned, cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment for restaurant transactions. The use of blockchain technology can also serve to store information like customer preferences, addresses, receipts, orders, and many more.

The blockchain framework can also be employed for risk assessment, product-market-fit, customer satisfaction, customer feedback, and competition survey. With the dynamic dimension for operation, let us check out some restaurants that accept crypto payments.

Restaurants That Use Cryptocurrency for Payment

Although several restaurants still stick with more traditional payment methods, various restaurants allow cryptocurrency payments, and some of them include;

1. Subway

The subway was one of the first restaurants to use crypto as a payment option. Since as far back as 2013, customers have been paying for their meals via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency variants. The company adopted a progressive payment model, seeing at least two subway locations for cryptocurrency transactions.

2. Starbucks

The famous coffee restaurant chain now provides a means of payment through Bitcoin. Starbucks cryptocurrency payments are being handled by SPEDN, a cryptocurrency payment app that uses a Flexa payment gateway. With time, Starbucks will start accepting cryptocurrency directly for payments.

3. Burger King

Burger King is another restaurant that has adopted Bitcoin payments in the past. Although it has a somewhat contentious cryptocurrency history, it successfully operates with crypto payments. Back in 2019, the Burger King German branch decided to make orders via bitcoin, and since then, they have continued to adopt cryptocurrency payments.

4. Pizza Hut

This international company sells its franchise to buyers in different countries. By 2020, its Venezuelan branch started accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. However, the main Pizza Hut branch does not accept crypto payments directly and employs a platform called CryptoBuyer.

5. Bitcoin Coffee

This is a coffee shop with a working space in Prague, Czech Republic. As the name implies, the Bitcoin coffee shop accepts only Bitcoin as its primary payment mode. You can only use Bitcoin tokens at the office working space to enjoy a fresh brew of coffee.

6. Thelonius Monkfish

This fascinating sushi restaurant is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It gets its name from a famous jazz pianist and serves “jazz for the palate.” A meal can go for about $20, and you also have the option of paying with your favorite cryptocurrency.

7. La Sirene

This restaurant in New York offers its customers a taste of traditional French cuisine. The restaurants obtain inspiration from the cuisine of southern France. Every meal is carefully made with only the freshest and best ingredients. In addition, it boasts a proud assortment of wines, an essential facet of French cuisine.

At La Sirene, you can pay for your meal using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, XRP, and several other cryptocurrencies. Asides from this list, numerous restaurants offer crypto payments options. With time, every restaurant will adopt a crypto payment method as it is more effective than its traditional counterparts.

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