50 Famous Restaurant Chains That Are Open On Halloween 2024

Considered to be a favorite holiday for many, Halloween, regardless of whether you are a child, teenager, or a full-grown adult, is a time to celebrate with not just sweet candy but a lot more food. Quite a lot of us who eat healthy all year round usually save up our appetites to go into a completely indulgent mode on holidays like Halloween. 

Restaurant Chains that are open on Halloween

It is fair, though, isn’t it? If all the kids are enjoying their share of candy in one night, why can’t adults enjoy their share of fast food and more on Halloween? Moreover, since it is a holiday where everyone gets together, cooking for a whole lot of people might just be out of the question. So, instead of spending your holiday in the kitchen cooking a large meal, doesn’t it sound much better to go out to your favorite restaurant instead?

Moreover, for large parties, quite a lot of the restaurant chains present in the country actually have catering services too! I am sure that this must have brought a sigh of relief to many of you. The best part about restaurant chains in America is that there is so much to choose from! Whatever you are craving, whether it is pizza, Mexican food, Asian food, seafood, or just good old burgers and fries, everything is available out there. 

The options are almost endless, and they leave us spoiled for choice! Also, most restaurant chains do decide to be open for customers on most national holidays, which makes it even better to celebrate your holiday.

So, with this article, you will get to know about all such major restaurant chains that are open on Halloween this year, along with a little bit about what they specialize in, which will make it much easier for you to choose your favorite. Without further ado, let us discover all these chains and wish you happy reading! 

Restaurant Chains That Are Open On Halloween This Year

Wings, Philly steaks, and subs

In this section, I have mentioned all the restaurant chains that will be open on Halloween this year, along with a little about their menu. Moreover, the options are really endless, so knowing about the menu will surely help you pick your favorite restaurant better. Most restaurant chains will be operating as per their usual opening and closing times. 

However, as Halloween is a major holiday, there can be chances that some of the restaurants operate at reduced hours. So, in order to not have any sort of issues on the actual holiday, it would be better to consider calling them and asking their exact hours of operation before visiting any of these chains on Halloween. 

1. Chipotle


Chipotle is one of the most well-known restaurant chains when it comes to Mexican food. The chain has been loved by customers ever since it opened its doors the first time. They serve lip-smacking Mexican food, with a large variety to choose from. 

The Chipotle menu features classic Mexican options like tacos, burritos, wraps, salads, dips, and much more. You can also check out some of the best menu items from the Chipotle menu, which should be enjoyed no matter what on Halloween. 

2. Burger King

Burger King

Burger King, as we all know, is the home of one of the most liked burgers not just in America but in many parts of the world, the Whopper, of course. Burger King is really true to its name, as they serve king-sized burgers. 

The burgers from Burger King are not just big but absolutely delicious too! The menu at Burger King features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian burger options, along with sides, beverages, breakfast options, and much more. Do check out some of their specials for Halloween this year before visiting. 

3. Starbucks


Want to start your day with some delicious coffee on Halloween? We all know that the best place to get some coffee is Starbucks, indeed! Starbucks has managed to make a huge name internationally as well, along with being one of the most popular coffee chains in the United States. 

The chain stays up to date with trends and does specials on holidays like Halloween too, which are worth checking out. Along with the specials, the Starbucks menu features cold and hot brewed coffee options, with many other beverage and food options that are worth a try. 

4. Subway


If you want to have a light lunch on Halloween or even end your day on a lighter note, sandwiches are the best go-to meal. For sandwiches, Subway is the place to visit, considering the number of options they have! 

The Subway menu features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwich options, along with salads, beverages, and of course, their delicious cookies. You can also check out some specials from the Subway menu that are worth trying on Halloween this year with the help of this link

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is another chain of fast food restaurants with an international presence. Taco Bell is probably the best place to visit, for some casual Mexican food, if you are on the go, or even for dining in. 

The Taco Bell menu, although the name of the restaurant has ‘Taco’ in it, does not feature just tacos. They have various other options to choose from, like burritos, nachos, sides, and a lot more, along with some specials that you should try out on Halloween. 

6. Chick-fil-A


Chick-fil-A is the birthplace of the original chicken sandwich. If you are craving a chicken sandwich or just some good old fried chicken in general, Chick-fil-A is the place to visit. 

Their Original chicken sandwich was actually made after a lot of trial and error, which is the reason behind Chick-fil-A’s success. You can check out the entire Chick-fil-A menu before you visit, along with specials for Halloween. 

7. Wendy’s 

Wendy's Restaurant

Wendy’s is a chain of fast food restaurants that takes pride in selling the freshest of fast food. So, it is a place where you can only expect the best! Wendy’s is known quite a lot for their square hamburgers, but they do have a lot more to offer! 

The Wendy’s menu features burger options that are beef and chicken based, along with some veggie options, sides, beverages, and a lot more. Check their operating hours for Halloween before you plan to gorge on some burgers from Wendy’s! 

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Nothing defines America better than some good old coffee and donuts. You can get both these breakfast cravings solved at the same place by visiting Dunkin’ Donuts! Dunkin’ Donuts is indeed the perfect breakfast spot to start your Halloween with. 

The Dunkin’ Donuts menu, along with their delicious Donut options, serves a variety of breakfast sandwiches, coffee-both hot and cold, and some other beverage options too. Do check out their Halloween operational timings before you visit Dunkin’ Donuts this Halloween. 

9. Domino’s


We all love pizza, and most of us know that no one makes pizzas as well as Domino’s does! Domino’s has a huge name in the fast food industry in the United States and also across the globe, one of the reasons being their delivery timings. 

However, that is not all! The menu at Domino’s features some delicious pizzas for sure, but they also have other great options to choose from, like pasta, sides, and of course, their delicious desserts. Check out some of their Halloween specials by clicking on this link. 

10. Panera Bread

Panera Bread

Just because it is Halloween, it does not rule out the fact that some of you may still want to stick to a healthy meal rather than processed fast food. The best restaurant serving deliciously healthy and preservative-free food are, of course, Panera Bread! 

The menu at Panera Bread is quite vast, with options like sandwiches, salads, and pizzas, along with a huge selection of baked goodies like croissants, bagels, muffins, and a lot more. Check out their Halloween specials here

11. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Restaurant

Pizza is the best way to celebrate any occasion, whether it is a holiday like Halloween or anything else. Another place that has a huge name in the pizza market internationally for serving delicious pizzas is Pizza Hut. 

They have been a favorite amongst many for decades now for a reason. Along with serving delicious pizzas, the Pizza Hut menu also features options like sides, pasta, beverages, desserts, and specials, which are worth checking out on Halloween this year. 

12. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic outlet

Halloween is a day when most people will be out to celebrate, so you can expect a lot of waiting time at most restaurant chains. If that seems like too much on holiday, you need to visit Sonic Drive-In for their really quick service for you to enjoy your food on the go. 

That isn’t really all about Sonic Drive-In! The reason for their dominant presence in the market is true because of the Sonic Drive-In menu, which consists of a lot of great options. So, if quick food is your go-to on Halloween, do not forget to visit Sonic Drive-In as per their Halloween operating schedule

13. KFC

KFC outlet

It is all “finger-likin’ good” at KFC! This chain of restaurants needs no introduction as it has a worldwide presence for serving up some of the best-fried chicken ever! KFC is a place where you can say goodbye to all your chicken cravings all at once. 

The menu at KFC, along with fried chicken, also features various other options like sandwiches, sides, drinks, desserts, and a lot more. If calorie counting on Halloween is not your thing and you would rather indulge in some chicken, do visit KFC during their Halloween operational hours. 

14. Arby’s


Sometimes, even with fast food, it can get really difficult to please everyone. Luckily, Arby’s is a place you can visit where you can satisfy every craving possible, with beef, chicken, and vegetarian options too! 

The Arby’s menu has options like sliders, chicken, roast beef, snacks, sides, meals, desserts, and some holiday specials, along with a lot more. If you are having trouble deciding what to have, Arby’s is the best place to visit. 

15. Little Caesars

Little Caesars

Even when it comes to pizzas, there are so many options to choose from. Some may like a particular type, whereas others won’t! So, lucky for everyone, Little Caesars has pizza crust options for everyone!  

The Little Caesars menu features pizza crust options like Chicago deep dish, thin crust, and stuffed crust, along with a lot of pizza toppings. You can also check out some of their specials for Halloween before you visit! 

16. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen serves some delicious ice creams and desserts for sure; however, although the name of the restaurant has ‘Dairy’ in it, you can find some of the best fast food ever! So, you can find everything you need just in one place! 

The menu at Dairy Queen features some great ice creams and desserts, along with fried chicken, hot dogs, milkshakes, sandwiches, and much more. You can check out their official operating hours on Halloween by clicking on this link. 

17. Jack in the Box

Jack In The Box

Craving breakfast all day long? Lucky for you, Jack in the Box makes all-day breakfasts that you may not find everywhere! I am sure that everyone who loves breakfast meals all day long would love to hear this! 

Along with all-day breakfast, the Jack in the Box menu features a lot more! They have options like burgers, tacos, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and also some holiday specials that you should check out for Halloween! 

18. Panda Express

Panda Express

Not everyone may be craving burgers and pizzas on Halloween, of course. Many people may also crave some Asian fast food, for which the perfect place to visit is Panda Express! This chain of restaurants has a renowned name all over the country for their delicious Asian food. 

The Panda Express menu features 23 options to choose from, which include desserts, beverages, appetizers, and the main course. Do check out the holiday schedule of Panda express to know their exact hours of operation on Halloween. 

19. Popeyes


Even Beyonce cannot say no to some Popeyes; they are that good! Popeyes serves delicious American food, along with some Louisiana cuisine. They have had a huge fan base ever since they opened, of course, for a reason! 

The Popeyes menu features options like fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, chicken sandwiches, shrimp popcorn, rice, and beans, along with their special gravy. For comfort food on Halloween, there is no better place than Popeyes. 

20. Papa John’s

Papa John's Restaurant

It is never a bad time to have pizza with family and friends, including on holidays like Halloween. Papa John’s pizza is one of the best places to have a sit-down pizza meal along with your family and friends. 

The Papa John’s menu has a lot of pizza options to choose from, along with some vegetarian options too. They also have delicious sides, starters, drinks, and holiday specials that are not worth missing out on Halloween. 

21. Whataburger


The name of this restaurant itself suggests that they must be having delicious burgers! The burgers at Whataburger are so delicious that they indeed make you say “What-a-burger,” which is exactly what the chain of restaurants was going for. 

The Whataburger menu is known for its large top burgers, which are good enough to satisfy any sort of appetite. Some of their outlets are open 24 hours, so that may be a great way to have a late-night meal on Halloween. However, some outlets may work as per a holiday schedule. 

22. Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's Outlet

Some places, when it comes to sandwiches, don’t really have as many options. This is not the case at Jimmy John’s, though! They have great sandwiches to choose from, with options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

Jimmy John’s menu offers a lot of options, like Cuban sandwiches, sandwiches of different sizes, and even sandwiches with no bread! Do check out Jimmy John’s operating hours for Halloween, before you visit. 

23. Hardee’s 

Hardee's Restaurant

Hardee’s has a great selection of breakfast sandwich options, along with much more to offer on their menu. The Hardee’s menu features parboiled chicken, breakfast platters, and their special red burritos. 

Their menu also features some delicious buttermilk biscuits, with a lot of options and toppings. Check out some of the specials from Hardee’s by following this link before you visit them on Halloween. 

24. Zaxby’s 


Fish fingers are so out now; it’s time for chicken fingers! The best chicken fingers you will ever find, along with some chicken wings, are at Zaxby’s! They also serve some delicious sauces for dipping! 

The Zaxby’s menu also features other options like sandwich meals, salads, sides, meal deals, and much more, all featuring delicious fried chicken! They also have some specials from their menu that you should try out on Halloween. 

25. Five Guys

Five Guys Restaurant

Five Guys is another place that has a huge international presence. Five Guys has always claimed to serve the freshest of burgers, as they have never invested in a freezer ever since they opened! So, you can only expect hearty and fresh burgers at Five Guys. 

The Five Guys menu features various options like delicious beef burgers, along with fries, beverages, and some of their delicious milkshake mix-ins. Don’t forget to visit Five Guys as per their Halloween operational hours

26. Culver’s


Culver’s is one of the most loved fast food restaurant chains in the Midwestern United States. They are known for their famous ‘Butterburgers’, which still are and have been their top sellers. 

Along with Butterbugers, the Culver’s menu features options like fish meal options, sides, soups, chicken sandwiches, kids’ meals, and also some of their homestyle meals. Also, check out their special desserts, like frozen custards on Halloween. 

27. Carl’s Jr. 

Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains on the west coast of the United States. They are especially popular internationally, too, because of the delicious charbroiled burgers on their menu. 

However, that is not really all when it comes to the Carl’s Jr. menu. They feature options like burgers, breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, sides, beverages, and much more. Make sure you check out their holiday specials before visiting on Halloween. 

28. Bojangles

Bojangles Restaurant

Bojangles is a chain of restaurants that is very well known for their delicious Cajun Fried Chicken and buttermilk biscuits. In fact, a lot of people claim that the best combination of the two that they have ever tried is indeed at Bojangles! 

The Bojangles menu features options like fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits, along with boneless chicken, salads, sides, and family meals. Bojangles also does all-day breakfast, along with some specials that you should check out this Halloween. 

29. Wingstop


Wingstop, as the name suggests, is the perfect place to stop and have some delicious wings! The Wingstop menu does not just feature Chicken wings but also has a lot of other chicken options that you can choose from. 

They also have some great sides and beverages to accompany your chicken wings and other meals. The decor at Wingstop is also out of the box, which makes it a great place to have a sit-down meal on Halloween, as per their operational hours on the holiday. 

30. Raising Cane’s 

Raising Cane's Restaurant

Raising Cane’s is yet another chain of fast food restaurants that is known for serving some delicious fried chicken. Their top-selling item and what made them really popular amongst customers across the country is their chicken fingers. 

The Raising Cane’s menu is not really that vast, but everything listed on it is absolutely delicious. Some of the options include crinkle-cut fries, Texas toast, beverages, various combos, and some specials that you should try out on Halloween. 

31. Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike's

Jersey Mike’s is a place where you can expect really fresh sandwiches. They bake their bread daily and also use extremely fresh cuts of meats and vegetables to make their hearty sandwiches that taste delicious. 

The Jersey Mike’s menu features options of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches, which are served both hot and cold. You should check out some of the specials from their menu before visiting, as the specials will make your Halloween experience even better! 

32. Steak N Shake

Steak 'n Shake

Steak N Shake has been a favorite amongst customers in the Midwestern and Southern United States ever since they opened. However, they have managed to make their presence known outside of these places too. 

Steak N Shake is known mostly for their steakburgers and delicious milkshakes. However, the Steak N Shake menu also has options like chili, sides, beverages, kids meals, and various specials that you should check out before visiting on Halloween. 

33. In N Out Burgers

In-N-Out restaurant

In-N-Out Burgers is a favorite for any person in California! This chain of fast food restaurants is very popular not just in California but on most of the West coast of the United States. This is also a chain of restaurants that do not believe in using frozen meat at all.

The reason In N Out has very few outlets, mostly all around the West coast, is because they want their restaurants to be as close to their meat processing plant as possible to procure fresh meat every day! The In N Out menu features burgers, fries, and shakes, along with some specials on Halloween. 

34. El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco

Mexican food is one of the most preferred cuisines in America, besides fast food. To have some delicious Mexican food as a sit-down meal with your friends and family, El Pollo Loco is a place worth visiting. 

The El Pollo Loco menu is not very vast. However, they do consist of classic Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, nachos, and more. However, their top-selling menu item as always, has been their citrus-marinated chicken, which you surely can’t miss out on this Halloween, along with some of their specials

35. Qdoba


When it comes to Mexican restaurants in America, there actually are so many great options to choose from! One of the best outlets serving Mexican food in the United States is Qdoba which offers classic and delicious Mexican delicacies. 

The Qdoba menu has options like fajitas and fajita bowls, tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, to name a few. Their menu is really vast and surely worth checking out for Halloween. Check out their opening and closing timings for Halloween here

36. Del Taco

Del Taco

A lot of Americans can never get tired of Mexican food, which is also the reason why there are so many options available for the same when it comes to restaurants. One such place serving up some delicious tacos is Del Taco. 

However, Tacos are not all that you can find on the Del Taco menu! They also have options like burritos, quesadillas, sides, bowls, desserts, and holiday specials. All your Mexican food cravings can be taken care of in one place if you visit Del Taco! 

37. Checkers


As Halloween can be a tiring day, some of you may be looking for restaurant options that specialize in quick and drive-through services. Checkers is here to save the day! Their motto is “Crazy Good Food,” which is what they live by. 

They always deliver to this motto, too, by serving up some delicious fries, drinks, and burgers. The Checkers menu also has some dessert options and specials and is just overall a more budget-friendly place to celebrate Halloween at. 

38. Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs Restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants across the country that serve delicious sandwiches. But Firehouse Subs definitely goes above and beyond to serve up some delicious subs. The Firehouse Subs menu has sandwich options that are mostly non-vegetarian. 

However, some of the sandwiches can be made meatless too. Moreover, what makes them stand out is their delicious hot sauces, along with a hefty amount of mayonnaise on their sandwiches, which balances the flavors out. Don’t forget to check out some of their specials for Halloween before you visit. 

39. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons outlet

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is incomplete without some coffee and delicious baked goods. The freshest baked goods ever are available at Tim Hortons, which is a great place to start your Halloween celebrations with. 

The Tim Hortons menu has various coffee options, along with other hot and cold beverages. You can also find options on their menu like danish, croissants, cookies, muffins, and specials for Halloween that are worth checking out. 

40. Church’s Chicken

Church's Chicken

Church’s Chicken is not just any other place that serves fried chicken. They serve southern-style fried chicken, which is absolutely delicious and a complete experience all on its own. 

Along with their fried chicken, the Church’s Chicken menu features many other southern-inspired food options like fried okra, corn on the cob, honey butter biscuits, and a lot more. Check their timings for Halloween before you visit to have a trouble-free celebration. 

41. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe's Southwest Grill

If you are looking for a sit-down Mexican meal experience with your friends and family, Moe’s Southwest Grill should be on your list of Mexican restaurants to visit. Though comparatively newer to the restaurant market, Moe’s Southwest Grill is already a favorite for many. 

The Moe’s Southwest Grill menu has endless Mexican options like Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and more, with build-your-own options for most. Check out their Halloween operational hours before you visit here

42. McAlister’s Deli

McAlister's Deli

Fast food just doesn’t cut it for some people. I wouldn’t really blame them as fast food is not really as hearty. We can all agree that no one makes food, especially sandwiches, as well as delis do, especially McAlister’s Deli. 

McAlister’s Deli’s menu has a lot of options like sandwiches, salads, their baked potatoes or ‘spuds’ as they call it, hearty soups and much more. Do check out some of their specials for Halloween before you visit. 

43. Jason’s Deli

Jason Deli's outlet

Americans will always love delicatessens, due to their fresh meat and food. This is the reason why various other delicatessens came into place, like Jason’s Deli. This deli has been serving up some fresh and delicious food for decades now. 

The menu at Jason’s Deli has sandwiches and club sandwiches, just like most delicatessens. These are also their top-selling items, along with many other options on their menu like soups, pasta, wraps, sides, desserts, and Halloween specials too! 

44. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

Although technically, Halloween is celebrated just at the beginning of winter, there isn’t really a bad time to indulge in ice cream! The one place in America and various other countries that is loved for delicious ice creams is Baskin Robbins. 

They are known for their 31 flavors, which are actually made in a way that customers get to enjoy something new every day of the week. Moreover, the Baskin Robbins menu also has some ice cream cake options and specials that you should try out on Halloween. 

45. Boston Market

Boston Market

Indulging in a holiday does not necessarily mean having fast food! For some people who prefer eating healthy, fast food may just not do the trick. Luckily, we have Boston Market to the rescue with some of their deliciously healthy food! 

Boston Market is known for their delicious rotisserie chicken, which is one of its top sellers. But the Boston Market menu also has some classics like meatloaves and ribs that are worth trying. They will be working as per their holiday operating hours on Halloween. 

46. White Castle

White Castle Outlet

White Castle is one of those famous chains of fast food restaurants that have been featured in many films and TV shows too! So, this is a place everyone may have heard of, of course, also because their food is delicious!

White Castle is known for their square hamburgers, which have been their claim to fame. However, the White Castle menu also features some delicious sides and specials, along with a 1921 slider which has been on their menu ever since they first opened! 

47. Carvel


Halloween is a time to enjoy all the sweets in the world. But, candy may seem like too childish an option for some. There is, however, one dessert that people of all age groups love, which is ice cream, of course!

Carvel has been around in the ice cream business for a long now. The Carvel menu has original soft serves, scooped ice creams, sundae dashers, carvelanches, and much more. Don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth with some delicious ice cream from Carvel as per their Halloween operating hours

48. Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a well-known fast food restaurant chain that has a huge presence internationally. They have been serving up some lip-smacking food for a long time now, which is the reason why they are loved all over the world. 

The Shake Shack menu features options like beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, sides, and of course, their delicious milkshakes. Shake Shack also has some options for vegetarians, along with specials that you should check out for Halloween. 

49. Red Lobster

Red Lobster

Not every restaurant chain in the United States is about fast food or beef! For all of you who love seafood, Red Lobster is the best place to visit. They serve the freshest catch that you may ever find or eat. 

The Red Lobster menu has some delicious seafood feasts on it, along with a range of starters like pizzas, pasta, and much more. Don’t forget to try their Live Maine Lobster, which is one of the specials from this chain of restaurants, on Halloween. 

50. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Donuts are a perfect fit for any meal of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or even as a snack or dessert. One such place serving up some delicious donuts and now a go-to place for fresh donuts is Krispy Kreme. 

Krispy Kreme serves donuts that have the most perfect soft and chewy consistency. The Krispy Kreme menu features donut options like classic glazed donuts, chocolate glazed donuts and various other specials that will leave your sweet tooth happy on Halloween. 


All the restaurant chains mentioned in the article will be open on Halloween, 2023. Most of these restaurant chains are quite popular all across the United States and strive to make their customers happy, regardless of the occasion or holiday. 

However, Halloween is a major national holiday and a lot of the restaurant chains mentioned above have franchise-owned outlets. So, before visiting any of these places on Halloween, it would be wiser to first give them a call and check their exact hours of operation. This way, you can avoid any sort of hindrance during your Halloween celebration. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will all the restaurant chains mentioned above be open on Halloween this year?

Yes, all the restaurant chains mentioned above will be open on Halloween 2023. 

Will all these restaurant chains run as per their usual hours on Halloween?

No, there are chances that some of the outlets may operate at reduced hours on Halloween. 

Will all the restaurant chains mentioned above be open only for dining-in on Halloween?

No, most of the restaurant chains will also be open for delivery, along with some being open for catering too.

Will any of the restaurant chains have some specials on Halloween? 

Yes, most restaurant chains mentioned above will be having some specials on Halloween. 

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