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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Reese’s Book Club Inspires A New SIMI Wine

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For some, the greatest combination would be to wine and dine. For some, it would be wine and books. Oh, to sip on a glass of Merlot while reading one of Philippa Gregory’s books is sure to take you back to the time of the Tudors and Plantagenets.


But what combination does Reese Witherspoon prefer? Well, it seems like it’s the latter. Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club, officially known as Reese’s Book Club (RBC), claims to be “only the best book club ever”.

The books for the month are selected by Witherspoon herself and have one thing in common – strong female characters. The books are picked in a certain way so as to familiarize “new voices, authors, and perspectives” among the group. 

The group claims the book club to be “all about the joy of reading”. Looking for a good time? Look for a good book! Not only that but Witherspoon’s book club now has a wine inspired by the RBC itself!

The new SIMI wine features a grape blend having 91% Pinot Noir with a sprinkling of Merlot and a little Chardonnay. It also contains a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. 

This new wine has noticeable tones of strawberry and watermelon, which tend to stand out in both taste and aroma. The wine is said to be best paired with roast chicken, goat cheese, strawberries, pine nuts, and oysters.

Witherspoon announced the release of this wine by saying, “Inspired by the legacy of their female founder, Isabelle Simi, and perfect for pairing with your next read, it’s our way of inviting you to sip away as you dive into your next great story!”

The EVP, strategy, chief growth and digital officer of SIMI, Mallika Monteiro, said in an interview, “We believe the launch of the Editor’s Collection Rosé really delivers on all key rosé trends.”

Monteiro named the trends to be “a celebrity collaboration, an American-origin product created by a world-class, female-led winemaking team and a fan-favorite Provence-style wine that over-indexes with female audiences.”

The sale outlet locations of this wine were shared by the book club itself on Instagram. This wine will be available at Target, Kroger stores, HEB, ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, Lowes Foods and Jewel Osco.

This wine has been receiving a positive response so far and we hope it continues to do so. The amazing tones of flavor to this wine is going to sip itself to success!

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