Red Mango Menu and Prices

Red Mango Menu and Prices

Red Mango is a solidified yogurt chain known for their everything regular nonfat solidified yogurts, organic product smoothies, and natural product parfaits. Red Mango menu prices run somewhere in the range of $3 to $7 contingent upon the measure of the solidified yogurt and area of the shop. Not at all like most other solidified yogurt shops that charge per ounce, Red Mango charges in light of size of the glass.

Notwithstanding being known as having a portion of the best solidified yogurt in United States, Red Mango additionally serves crisp natural product smoothies and organic product parfaits. They have numerous alternatives to browse, so you are certain to discover something you like there. In case you’re getting solidified yogurt, make a point to look at a portion of the garnishes too.

The following are the most recent Red Mango menu prices.


Red Mango All-Natural Nonfat Frozen Yogurt

Tart Frozen Yogurt Small $3.25
Tart Frozen Yogurt Regular $4.35
Tart Frozen Yogurt Large $5.45
Sweet Yogurt Small $3.25
Sweet Yogurt Regular $4.35
Sweet Yogurt Large $5.45
Greek Frozen Yogurt Small $3.25
Greek Frozen Yogurt Regular $4.35
Greek Frozen Yogurt Large $5.45
Toppings 1 Pc. $0.75
Additional Toppings 1 Pc. $0.50

Red Mango Fruit Parfaits

Mixed Berry Regular $4.95
Tropical Regular $4.95

Red Mango was established in 2003 in South Korea by Daniel J. Kim. The bind immediately extended to 130 stores and in July 2007, the main US area was opened in Los Angeles, California. Today, there are more than 190 areas in more than 25 states in the United States.

Red Mango menu prices rely upon the span of the solidified yogurt you get. In spite of the fact that remember in case you’re taking your whole family there, the cost can go up rapidly.

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