50 Red Foods You Should Definitely Take A Look At | A Detailed List

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Today, we will count 50 red foods you need to take a look at. Colorful foods have various health benefits, and each color depicts different values and importance.

Red Color Foods

They invariably decorate a platter and also make the food more attractive to appeal to the consumers. Many red foods are available to lure your taste buds.

We will list down some obvious and popularly known red foods while also unleashing some unsung red food choices.

Tomatoes, watermelons, apples, strawberries, plums, cranberries, red cherries, pomegranates, raspberries, and red radishes are some red foods that you should definitely take a look at.

The categories that entail all red foods include natural fruits and vegetables, processed foods, desserts, and cocktails. All these categories have different foods that are red in color. We will slowly unravel all the 50 red foods we need to take a look at. 

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Natural Foods That Are Red In Color

Natural foods like fruits and vegetables are the healthiest of all available foods. They make an incredible addition to your diet regime. They bring different health benefits to all consumers and help them with multiple cures.

Below is the list of natural foods like fruits and vegetables we need to take a look at. 

1. Strawberries


Strawberries are one of the delightful red foods that interest your taste buds. They are commonly available in winter. These days, they are available in all seasons. Although they don’t taste as good as they taste during winter, they are still delicious.

Strawberries, as we know, can be eaten raw as a snack item. They can also be sided with cheese or topped on cakes and ice creams. Strawberries are generally used as decoratives in multiple items, including dessert varieties.

Strawberries are very healthy and are a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and manganese. They are touted to have many anti-inflammatory properties to treat and cure people of all kinds of disorders and diseases.

2. Red Cherries

red cherries

Everyone must have tasted cherries at least once in their life. The sweetness is tantamount to the happiness of life. They have a unique representation of cakes and decorations on dessert items.

The cherries are extremely satisfying as separate snacks or to even have them topped on greek yogurts or interspersed in salads. Cherries are celebrated as fruits of valentine’s as they represent love and happiness. 

Cherries are very healthy and are rich in vitamins, fiber, and folic acid. They spike up brain health and also keep your skin health in good stead.

3. Red Apples

red apples

Red apples are significant fruits that represent forbidden knowledge. This famous fruit has been name-dropped in the Adams and eve story many times. 

Red apples have many varieties, like red delicious and gold delicious; They are easily tossed in salads or topped in desserts. Molding them into dessert items like apple pie or apple cakes is a delicious way of consuming and enjoying them.

Apples are generally very healthy and the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is just as perfect and completely applicable to all ages.

4. Red Peppers

red peppers

Red peppers are ideal fruits to give color to your platters. They are basically fruits but passed off as vegetables to be added to salads or sandwiched between bread.

They go into any recipe, including gravies, curries, pasta, and pizza varieties. Red peppers are sided extensively with rice items.

Red peppers are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They provide lots of resilience to humans and improve immunity to a larger extent.

5. Red Chilly Peppers

red chilli peppers

The spiciness in red chili peppers is the taste that lingers. Red chili peppers are added to many recipes to give that hotness and spiciness.

Adding it to gravies or curries can add some distinct flavor and spiciness to the foods. Flakes of red chilies can be sliced and peppered over pasta and pizza.

Red chili peppers belong to the nightshade family and add some color to the food as well.

6. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are the fruits that are staples across all parts of the world. There is no way any other fruit could beat the taste of tomatoes.

 Tomatoes can be added to all recipes, including curries, gravies, salads, or even desserts. A bowl of tomato soup is ideal as the perfect appetizer to blow off the steam and keep you relaxed and at peace.

Tomatoes have the unique property of being tasty and healthy as well. They can be had separately as well, and including them in your daily diet improves health to a large extent.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which improves the immune system and provides lots of anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Watermelon


Watermelon is an incredible fruit that is definitely a steam-blower in summer. They have rich water content and quench the thirst as well as considered to be very delicious.

Watermelons are juiced, added to salads, and molded into puddings and desserts. They can be had as a separate item, siding with chili peppers or honey.

Watermelons are very healthy, with lots of essential nutrients. They reduce blood pressure and also aid in weight loss. 

8. Pomegranate


Pomegranate is an exclusive and delicious fruit that is delicious and healthy simultaneously. The pomegranate seeds are added to salads or had as separate snacks.

Adding it to cold dishes and making smoothies and milkshakes is a great way to have it. This fruit has a high hemoglobin content, and consumption increases blood count.

This fruit is given to new mothers and pregnant women to keep them healthy and in good stead.

9. Raspberries


Raspberries are small summer fruits with a delicious tartness that is loved and adored by all. They are extremely sweet and eaten with so much passion.

Raspberries are regularly molded into puddings or topped in ice creams and cakes.

They are juiced for convenience and are added to dessert items to a large extent. The health benefits of raspberries range from anti-cancer properties to improved heart conditions.

10. Cranberries


The cranberries are lovely fruits that have both traces of sweetness and tartness. They are used for dabbing turkeys and generally leveraged for marinating barbeque meats.

They could be topped on ice creams or used in muffins or baked pies. Salads and smoothies use these fruits extensively.

Cranberries are rich in vitamins A and C, improving immunity in people.

11. Prickly Bear

prickly bear

Prickly bears are fruits of cactus plants that taste very similar to watermelons. They are also very juicy for consumption and mix well into any type of salad.

These fruits are misconstrued to be poisonous, but they are not. Prickly bears are very healthy and are used to treat diabetes, improve heart health, and treat high cholesterol. 

12. Red Grapes

red grapes

Red grapes are quite popularly known for their winemaking process. These tart and sweet fruits are heavenly bites loved and devoured by people. From juicing them to mixing them into salads, they are quite useful and extremely purposeful.

Red grapes are touted to have extreme health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and curing cancer. They also help prevent and cure diabetes.

13. Plums


Plums come in different varieties and ranges and are extremely delicious and tempting. Victoria plums are red plums that are extremely sweet and quite commonly used in making different items.

Plums are generally mixed with meats like lambs and ducks. Many dessert items are topped with plums, and they have a unique quality of sweetening the items invariably. 

Plums side well with creams and nuts to be mixed into pies and consumed.

14. Blood Orange

blood orange

The blood oranges are red oranges that are juicier and sweeter than regular oranges. The aroma of these fruits is also very famous.

The above properties make the oranges very eligible for being molded into desserts. Blood oranges share the properties of regular oranges with extreme richness with vitamin C. 

15. Rhubarb


Rhubarb is a leafy vegetable that is consumed as a cooked fruit. It is usually accompanied by sweeteners and is added to many recipes invariably.

It is added to salads and evokes some tartness that complements the taste of any items to which it is added. Rhubarb has lost its leverage for a few days but has recently returned with extensive wide usage.

16. Radishes


Radishes are the most extremely healthy vegetables commonly used in most continental dishes. They have an intrinsic sweet flavor, but when cooked, they emanate a lovely and exquisite taste.

Radishes are added to curries and gravies at ease and provide consumers with lots of nutrition. They are rich in vitamin B, E, A, C, and K. Improves your immunity and keeps you in good stead.

17. Red Spinach

red spinach

Red spinach is a healthy leafy vegetable that adds a unique color to all recipes. It is stir-fried, and the seeds are also considered to be edible.

Red spinach, when sliced or shredded, goes into salads and curries. Red spinach offers extreme health benefits and shares all the health aspects of green leafy vegetables.

18. Red Onions

red onions

Red onions are extensively used in caramelizing, marinating, making chutneys, tossing in curries, or crushing them to be molded as a base in gravies.

Red onions have the special effect of adding a punch to salads, which also go well as stuffing in sandwiches.

Onions are generally healers and fight diseases and inflammation to a large extent.

19. Beetroot


Beetroot is the healthiest vegetable that is bloody red. It emanates the color when it is cooked and is added to salads. 

It is roasted or deep-fried with many ingredients to make it special and refreshing. It is also crushed into purees or juices that are delicious.

Beetroots are extremely healthy vegetables. It increases blood count and helps cure Alzheimer’s.

Foods, Desserts, Ingredients, Soups, and Meats That Are Red in Color

This category is the most satisfying of all that is available. 

20. Beef


Beef is one of the most widely consumed meats across the world. When sliced and cooked, they make a great dish to accompany your salads, sandwiches, and stir-fries.

It is cooked and curried or even added to sandwiches. Tossing it with fancy sauces or spices would make it incredible to consume.

Beef is rich in nutrients and packed with vitamins, zinc, and iron. it aids in repairing digestion disorders and cures many diseases.

21. Carmine


Carmine is the red coloring essence added to all the red foods we see. The colorant is an extract of cochineal made from insects. Many items, including yogurt, jellies, ice cream, juices, cocktails, and hot dogs, use the essence. 

They give a vibrance to all the recipes it is added. People who are not fans of insects can avoid them for the better.

22. Ketchup


Ketchup is the most famous condiment, sided with French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Ketchup also has a lot of customization to its credit which includes soy or fish sauce.

Ketchup is made of dried tomatoes, spices, vinegar, and sugar. The spices are added to give it a different twist, making it unique and refreshing. 

23. Kidney Beans

kidney beans

This little kidney-shaped red bean is an incredible food crop that has an excellent texture. Boiling it gives a smoothness that makes it munchies. 

Kidney beans, when boiled, is added to salads and curries, which is refreshing in all sense. This is a welcome addition to all vegetarian and vegan dishes, which entices vegetarians to extremes.

Kidney beans are a rich source of proteins and packed with fiber. It improves your colon health and also your stamina to a large extent.

24. Lobster


Lobster is meat from shellfish that is steamed, boiled, and roasted. Lobster is extremely fitting as an occasional meal, perfect for thanksgiving and events.

Lobster is heavy meat and is eligible as a separate meal that fills your tummy. It is also tossed and dabbed with spices that make the meat so relish-worthy and favorable.

It is rich in phosphorus, manganese, vitamin B12, and E. It improves immunity and offers good resilience power.

25. Marinara Sauce

marinara sauce

Marinara sauce is an incredible tomato-based sauce mixed in pasta and pizzas. Even meats and vegetables are also dabbled with this sauce.

It is made of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and different kinds of herbs, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. 

It is used to prevent heart disease or helps reduce the risk of diabetes to a large extent.

26. Paprika


The grounded chili peppers are the best addition in many recipes, offering some spiciness and color. They are used in soups, salads, curries, and gravies, which make them hot and spicy.

Cut fruits and meats are sided with paprika to make them extremely savory. Dry roasting and deep frying recipes involve paprika most of the time.

Paprika are rich in vitamin B6 and B12.

27. Sausages


Sausages are the popular red meats that people consume. The red color comes from the spices and techniques used for cooking them.

The ingredients used to prepare red sausages include cayenne pepper, carmine, red hot chilies, and sumac with vinegar. This vibrant red color is magical and makes the dish extremely delicious.

28. Sriracha Sauce

sriracha sauce

Sriracha sauce is also called rooster sauce which is quite popular for its hotness. Sriracha sauce is used as a dipping sauce for meats, vegetables, omelets, spring rolls, and fried noodles.

Sriracha sauce is made from chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, salt, and sugar. It is very popular in many branded restaurants as a dipping sauce for many items.

29. Tomato Soup

tomato soup

Tomatoes are generally the popular red fruits that people relish and use for many recipes. Tomato soups are these exquisite hot soups made from delicious tomatoes.

A conventional soup made from crushed tomatoes and spices or herbs is a delight to have. It relaxes your mind and blows off your steam. The soup has a viscous consistency that makes it desirable and yummy.

30. Veg Man Chow Soup

veg manchow soup

This is another thick soup that is a delight in summer. The hotness of this soup makes it desirable and yummy.

Veg man chow soup is made from vegetables and soy sauce which gives the imminent red color. The cooked vegetables added with soy sauce give it the color.

Veg man chow soup is also customized with different spices and noodles if preferred.

Desserts That Are Red in Color

Desserts are the most desirable category that is loved and cherished by all. They have a sweetness that is welcoming and luring to a great extent.

They have the unique quality of winning over your passion. Here, we will list down the red desserts.

31. Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

red velvet sugar cookies

Red velvet sugar cookies are perfect valentine’s day desserts that symbolize love and romance. They are thick, chewy, and vibrant with extremely passionate flavor.

Chocolate chips are topped on the cookies and make them extremely savory. The coloring given in the cake offers a red color. Any customizations from creams to cheese give them a texture and make them incredible.

32. Raspberry Sorbet

raspberry sorbet

This is the most luminous dessert that everybody loves and adores. Red in color, it attracts people and melts their mouths when eaten.

It is made from raspberry puree and is strained away from the seeds. It is served in cups with eligible toppings like cherries or creams.

This is very delicious and rules with the flavor of raspberries. 

33. Red Velvet Cookie Cake

red velvet cookie cake

Red velvet cookies are extremely delicious, and there is no exception when it comes to red velvet cookie cake. The cookie cake and its coloring essence are a temptation in their way.

Red velvet cookies topped with creams and white chocolate chips are a delight. Multiple servings of this cake would not be sufficient to satisfy your temptation.

34. Cherry Sorbet

cherry sorbet

Cherry sorbet, like raspberry sorbet, is rich and flavorful. The cherried version of this is sweet and a little bit sour for adding cherries.

The flavor is quite similar to that of eating candy and exactly satisfies your temptation to the maximum. Toppings include many kinds according to your preference.

35. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

strawberry frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurts, in their sense, are extremely tempting and flavorful. The strawberry-flavored yogurt gives them a red color and a unique taste that is extremely delicious.

The strawberry in the curd makes them fusional, and they just go well with any kind of topping, from cherries to creams. 

36. Cherry Bars

cherry bars

These are treats for everybody and satisfy sweet cravings immensely. Cherry bars, as usual, are made with flour, butter, sugar, and cherries. 

The above process makes for the base, and the bars are just glazed with toppings that are red and creamy. They are eaten as snacks which makes them buttery and rich.

37. Red Velvet Cupcakes

red velvet cupcates

The most obviously loved dessert types are red velvet cupcakes. They have a buttery flavor and are soft in texture.

They can be subjected to different kinds of twists and can be fit for many customizations. Red velvet cupcakes are topped with chocolates and creams to entice the consumers.

The richness and softness of the cakes are delightful and refreshing.

38. Bisquick Strawberry Shortcake

bisquick strawberry shortcake

Bisquick is a lovely item with a base of muffins, banana cakes, and biscuits. It is extremely flavorful, and the dabbing of a strawberry glaze makes it richer.

Topping it with red cherries and adding some extra sour cream makes it extremely flavorful and delicious.

39. Peppermint Marshmallows

peppermint marshmallows

Marshmallows tantalize your taste buds for sure. The right proportion for a sugar syrup comes across as a significant factor.

The gelatine and water are added to give the right consistency. The viscousness of the mix makes marshmallows which are then glossed over with essence and peppermint.

Egg whites are added for texture, adding some punch to the marshmallows.

40. Strawberry Cheesecake Puffs

strawberry cheesecake puffs

Strawberries cheesecake puffs are the best and most delightful treat that is endeared. They are fluffy and soft, which goes well for breakfast, dinner, and appetizers for lunch.

Strawberry cheesecake puffs are found in reputed brand restaurants, and there are different twists to them as well. The color would change according to the addition made. 

Blueberries are a perfect addition which would make the cake blue. The red cake from strawberries is extremely savory and a treat to your eyes as well.

41. Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler

Cobbler crusts and cakes are extremely delicious. They are baked very delicately, with layering that sits perfectly well.

The flour is added to the oven plate beautifully, and the fruits are glazed on the surface. The flavor is top-notch, and the fruits sink with taste and rule that flavor.

42. Red Velvet Churros

red velvet churros

Churros are binge-worthy small tots crunchy on the outside and tender inside. The surface is dipped with cinnamon sugar and melted cream or chocolates.

Sometimes caramelized sugar syrup is added as a topping to make them extremely savory. Some Nutella dabbed on the surface also makes them interesting.

Drinks and Beverages That Are Red in Color

They are the official quenchers that are red and hot. They are everybody’s favorite and are rendered as the most desirable category one would opt for in summer.

There are hot and cold beverages that are loved and adored equally. Let us quickly get to the list one by one.

43. Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus tea

This herbal tea is a delight and serves both the purpose of being medicinal and flavorful as well. The hibiscus tea, with the addition of exquisite herbs, makes it richer and more flavorful.

The hibiscus tea is quite tasty with the flavor of cranberries, and the hibiscus will also radiate a unique taste. It reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and cures diabetes as well.

Heart dysfunctions are also treated with this herbal tea that relaxes your mind and blows off steam.

44. Raspberry Martini

raspberry martini

One of the exquisitely relished cocktails that lures people with color and taste. This has a tart flavor and rules with the berry flavor.

The base is raspberry syrup and is mixed with lemon juice to add some zinger. Raspberry martini is also made with typical alcoholic beverages to give some punch.

45. Strawberry Margarita

strawberry margarita

This tasty frozen drink is magical and tempting as well. It is juicy and fruity, with pieces of strawberries interspersed in the drink.

The flavor is complemented by tequila’s tartness and lime juice drops. The color of the drink is vibrant red and radiates an attractive flavor.

46. Bloody Mary

bloody mary

The Bloody Mary is a spicy cocktail that has been name-dropped for the red color it displays. The ingredients in the mix are vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and celery salt.

The tangy taste is all the more dominating, which gets a buzz when dabbed with salt and lemon juice. It can be customized with different spices as well to satisfy your temptation.

47. Classic Negroni

classic negroni

This classic red cocktail is sweet and mesmerizing in its own sense. Slightly bitter, it has a fusional taste that lingers.

IT will soothe your mind and relax your spirits to a large extent. The Campari in the mix gives the color and packs a punch.

48. Cranberry Margarita

cranberry margarita

Another red cocktail that is classic and elegant with the richness of cranberry flavor. The sweet-tart flavor is refreshing and quite smooth for us to gallop and enjoy.

A bright crimson drink that packs a punch and lands smooth and soft in your throat as you swallow it.

49. Pomegranate Mimosa

pomogranate mimosa

This red cocktail is a delight to your eyes and taste buds together. It is aerated and sits well as a beachside drink to amuse you.

The fusional flavor, which combines sweetness and tartness, is a delight in its way. The flavor of the pomegranate, orange perfume, and drops of lemon juice is all you can ask for in summer.

50. Vodka Spritzer

vodka spritzer

This funky cocktail could easily be a guilty pleasure for many. They are very delicious and quite awesome with the oozing cranberry flavor.

This dink has a subtly sweet flavor with traces of tanginess and tartness that is sparkling. It is made with vodka, cranberry essence, strawberries, syrups, soda water, and lime juice. The cranberries and strawberries give the color and also dominate the flavor.

List Of 50 Foods You Should Definitely Take A Look At

Foods That Are Red In Color

Here is the list of 50 foods that are red in color.
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  • Strawberries
  • Red Cherries
  • Red Apples
  • Red Peppers
  • Red Chilly Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Watermelon
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberries
  • Cranberries
  • Prickly Bear
  • Red Grapes
  • Plums
  • Blood Orange
  • Rhubarb
  • Radishes
  • Red Spinach
  • Red Onions
  • Beetroot
  • Beef
  • Carmine
  • Ketchup
  • Kidney Beans
  • Lobster
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Paprika
  • Sausages
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Tomato Soup
  • Veg Man Chow Soup
  • Red Velvet Sugar Cookies
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Red Velvet Cookie Cake
  • Cherry Sorbet
  • Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
  • Cherry Bars
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Bisquick Strawberry Shortcake
  • Peppermint Marshmallows
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Puffs
  • Cherry Cobbler
  • Red Velvet Churros
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Raspberry Martini
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Bloody Mary
  • Classic Negroni
  • Cranberry Margarita
  • Pomegranate Mimosa
  • Vodka Spritzer


  • Go through the list and find your favorite foods that are red in color
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Red is a very vibrant color that is slightly overwhelming and, at the same time, extremely luring. IT just tempts people and pulls their focus to a large extent.

We have seen so many red foods, and we need to have a glance at them. It revitalizes the platter and makes your day feel very colorful and happy.

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