How to Make Red Death Cocktail at Home

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Cocktail is a combination of different spirits mixed with a fruit juice or some fruit-based drink. There are various cocktails that has a combination of one to two or as many as five to six liquors. One such drink came to my mind with a combination of five spirits with fruit juice, which I thought to share with you. The drink is known as Red Death Drink.

Red Death Drink! It may sound unpleasant to you but this drink is a winner with its sweetness. It is just a tricky name given to this drink because of the drink’s beautiful red color. This drink is not too harsh and with this drink, you will experience the best of both worlds as it gives you a fruity flavor with hard contents like vodka. It is a delicious drink for sure with a combination of a variety of liquor and fruit juice.

This drink can be taken as a substitute to your dessert after your dinner as its sweet and the dose of alcohol in it will comfort your night. It pairs best with salty food like nuts. So check out the recipe for this party hit drink.

Ingredients for Red Death Drink

Ingredients Amount
Sloe Gin1 fluid ounce
Southern Comfort Liqueur1 fluid ounce
Vodka1 fluid ounce
Lime Rum2 fluid ounces
Triple Sec1 fluid ounce
amaretto Liqueur1 fluid ounce
Galliano Liqueur1 fluid ounce
grenadine Syrup1/2 fluid ounce
Orange Juice6 fluid ounce
Ice Cubes1 cup

You might get the ingredients set up in your bar at home and if not, then you can quickly get it from the liquor corner in the supermarket. Let’s see how much time you will be able to make it.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 minutesNA5 minutes

Surprised to see the time? I know you are amazed for sure. A cocktail in just 5 minutes will be on my list because I will host as making it up will not be much of a task. Take a look at the directions to begin with.

Red Death Cocktail Recipe

  1. Take a cocktail shaker, to it add all the ingredients with some ice and shake well. 
  2. Shake it till the shaker gets frosted from outside.
  3. Strain it and pour it in the serving glass.
  4. Serve chilled.

Your Red Death Cocktail is ready. Enjoy this sweet drink with your friends and family and feel its freshness.

Nutritional Breakdown of Red Death Cocktail Drink

To check the nutritional breakdown of this drink, you can check the table mentioned below.


How to Make Red Death Cocktail at Home | Video

An easy cocktail to lighten up the party. Still, I have uploaded the video for guidance. Take a look ans to shake up your drink.

Video by Tipsy Bartender

Try out this Red Death Cocktail recipe and give your reviews in the comment section below. Also, you can ask me any query related to the recipe without any hesitation. I hope you like this drink. Cheers!

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