5 Recipes That Your Lover Is Going To Love

Shrimp Scampi Risotto

Food is a big part of every romance and can significantly impact happiness in a relationship. With that in mind, having a few secret recipes for special occasions can be the key to unlock intense passions.

When people spend a lot of time together, they have to share their meals as well. This provides an opportunity for some culinary adventures and exploration of unusual tastes, and it can also deepen the relationship between two people. Cooking and eating together as a couple can be fun, particularly if the meal includes something better than lunch from the local cafeteria. In fact, couples who enjoy experimenting with food and trying out new ideas tend to get along better, and they are also better and more passionate kissers.

Still, it’s good to have some guidance so that your dinner doesn’t end up looking like a postmodern painting. The following recipes are perfect for a romantic dinner for two, leading to a wild night in the bedroom. While all those dishes are easy to make at home, they are anything but ordinary:

1. Caprese Chicken Pasta

This simple Italian dish tastes very exquisite, and you only need pasta noodles, chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, and some garnishes to make it. Cook your favorite type of pasta with olive oil before adding tomatoes, peppers, and seasoning and cooking the mixture together for several more minutes. Meanwhile, you should cook pieces of chicken in hot oil and add them to prepared pasta along with a lot of mozzarellas. Spice it all up with some balsamic glaze made of vinegar, honey, and sugar, and serve it while the cheese is still in that perfectly melted state.

2. Shrimp Scampi Risotto

It’s well known that seafood acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, so this dish can be your secret weapon for seduction. Get some fresh shrimp and cook it slowly with butter, garlic, lemon juice, and parsley. After 2-3 minutes, add half a glass of white wine. You should boil the rice with some onions, clove, salt, and butter in another pot. When both components are ready, mix them together and add plenty of grated Parmesan cheese. Cook it all together until you get the right consistency, then put a little parsley on top and serve immediately. 

3. Greek Stuffed Chicken

If you love Mediterranean flavors, this traditional recipe will delight you and surprise your loved one. Cut narrow slits in the chicken breast and soak it with a sauce made from olive oil, garlic, parsley, dill, and lemon juice. Insert zucchini, tomatoes, and red onions into the meat, and put it all in the oven that was previously heated to around 400 ͦC. Don’t forget to put some crumbled Feta cheese and mozzarella on top of your dish, so you get a juicy and very tasty final product. After approximately half an hour, take it out of the oven and garnish the meat with lemons, dill, or other vegetables.

4. Crab Cakes

Quick recipes can still be very romantic, and crab cakes are probably among the sexiest appetizers you can possibly think of. The secret is in the sauce – you should mix together mayonnaise, Worchester sauce, Dijon mustard, and hot sauce, and add it all to crab meat before creating patties. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to fry the patties in hot oil, and they should be crispy on the outside when you take them out. Serving crab cakes with some tartar sauce and lemon to your boyfriend is a great way to get his juices flowing!

5. Spinach and Artichoke Steak Roll-Ups

This is another mouthwatering dish that’s fairly quick to make at home if you have the right ingredients. Of course, you need high-quality steak for this recipe, along with some baby spinach and artichoke hearts. Cut the steak into a thin rectangular shape, then lay it out with chopped vegetables, Cheddar cheese, along salt, pepper, and garlic. Roll the meat tightly, then cut it into smaller pieces to make the baking process more efficient. Put the dish into a heated oven, and let it roast for approximately 25 to 30 minutes, depending on your preferred steak style.

Cook With Love For Those You Love

There is no shortage of simple recipes for amazing, romantic dishes. You don’t have to be an expert to make any of the suggested meals at home, but you will need to put your heart into it. Food prepared with love tastes better and is appreciated by the person that you made it for. Suppose you can find a few hours to get the best ingredients and carefully process them exactly like instructed in the original recipe. In that case, you might impress your partner and set the stage for an incredible evening.

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