8 Common Recipe Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Cooking to me, is very close to therapy. Are you the same? Well, if you love cooking, you must know the satisfaction of eating the food you made after the hard labor in the kitchen. You might also know the misery that comes when you realize that you have made a grave mistake while cooking.

Recipe Cooking

Many times, little mishaps happen when you are trying to make a recipe for the first time. You might end up adding too much or too little of something. Sometimes, the chicken will be a little raw. But how do you fix them.

Well, I have presented you with a problem and I’ll be the one to give you a solution. Now, I might not know the rare ones but I am aware of the common mistakes that everybody makes. So, let’s see some of the common recipes mistakes and how to fix them. Let’s go!

Recipe Problems and How To Fix Them

People might accidentally follow a recipe somewhat incorrectly. Missing even one ingredient can sometimes ruin an entire meal. Using the incorrect ingredient can easily create similar results, even when the two ingredients seem as if they should be similar.

Baking powder and baking soda, for instance, are not the same thing hence not interchangeable. Using baking powder instead of baking soda will tend to make certain items seem salty, even if they were supposed to have a very different flavor.

After following a recipe differently, people might end up with a meal that’s very original and still edible. However, they certainly won’t always get meal results like that. So, let’s see how you can fix some common mistakes

1. Added Too Much Salt

Added too much salt

This is the plight of an everyday cook. Adding too much salt is horror; to the cook and to the eater. So, what can be done? It’s easier if you are making a soup or broth. You can just some liquid that has low salinity, like low-sodium broth or just plain water.

This will tone down the saltiness and make the dish amazing again. But make sure to add only required amount or else it will all end up being bland and flavorless.

2. Chicken Raw In The Middle

chicken raw in the middle

You cook your chicken and transfer it to your plate. You cut it open and see that it’s still raw in the middle. The juices have flowed. Tell me a sadder story.

Your immediate response should be to take the cut chicken, throw it back in the pan (raw side down), and sear it. This will make it a bit dry but it’ll be cooked. One thing you can do to prevent this in the future is to use a meat thermometer and check if the center is at optimum cooked temperature.

3. Melted Chocolate Dry and Clumpy

melted chocolate

Trying to make melted chocolate for ‘chocolating’ purposes but have clumpy mess that looks like mud? Looks like we have problem at hand. The major reason for the dreaded clumps could the contact wit water. So, start with using dry tools and utensils.

If you do end up with clumpy chocolate, add one tablespoon of boiling water at a time and mix until smooth. Simple yet effective. Gentle Reminder: Burnt chocolate also clumps. So, melt the chocolate in a double boiler.

4. Cookies Turn Out Dry

chocolate cookies

Want moist and chewy cookies but end up with dry cookies all the time? You might be over doing the time. Here’s what to do. Defy the recipe. If a recipe tells you that your cookies will be done in say 12 minutes, check them after 10 minutes.

Also, a little hack, don’t cool them on the hot pan. Transfer them to a cooling rack. The hot sheet pan will crisp and dry the cookies even more.

5. Onions Not Caramelizing

caramelized onions

We often underestimate the time it take to caramelize onions. Usually a recipe would tell you to wait for 15-20 minutes to caramelize onions. But what happens when they don’t?

Don’t worry. there’s nothing wrong with your method. It is only a matter of time. More times than often, it takes more than just 30 minutes to get the perfectly caramelized onions. Sometimes, it takes more than an hour for the process.

So, the solution is to have patience and not believe the farce of ‘umami-flavored caramelized onions in less than 15 minutes.’

6. Overbaking Cakes

overbaking cakes

You all remember what the old tradition said, right? ” When baketh a cake, pricketh a toothpick. If it cometh clean, then that’s the cake you need.” No kidding. But this tradition has a few misses as well.

Sure the toothpick should come out clean but it should hold a few crumbs as well. A neat toothpick with a few crumbs means your cake is bakes but still has the moisture it needs. A neat toothpick with no crumbs is a sign of a cake overbaked.

7. Making Fruit Pies

fruit pie

Fruit pies are a little tricky because of the moisture in them. The excessive moisture may lead to soggy tart or a runny filling. A common mistake people make is add more thickeners to the recipe like tapioca or cornstarch.

This does thicken the filling but also alters the taste. So, what’s the solution. It’s simple. If your fruit is sweet, add lemon juice. If it has a tang, increase the amount of sugar you need to add. This will help thicken your filling while keeping a balance of flavors. Simple!

8. Forgot To Add An Ingredient

sauteeing garlic

This is probably an everyday affair in my kitchen. Have you ever just cooked a dish and realized that you forgot to add that burnt garlic or toasted spices you were supposed to add. I have a simple fix for that as well.

Just take out an extra pan and sauté the spices or garlic in it. Add it afterwards. This fix will help add the flavor you were going were. Well, almost.

Try Different Shortcuts

To get around these issues, some people will just try to focus on making many of the same dishes throughout the month. However, they might eventually want to try at least some newer meals after that.

Individuals who want to eat healthy will usually eat a fairly wide variety of foods. It’s possible to eat a comparatively limited diet and still get plenty of nutrients.

However, it’s still often easier for people to get everything they need from food if they can eat multiple types of food regularly enough. People can also become fairly bored with almost any food product or item relatively quickly, including some of their favorite meal ingredients.

When customers purchase Sunbasket bowls, it should be easier for them to try multiple dishes without taking any additional risks. The meal kits that are now available at these sorts of organizations can essentially help people reduce their chances of running into cooking problems at every step.

They’ll have ingredients that were already measured out for them, so they won’t have to worry about the possibility of taking inaccurate measurements themselves.

Some meal kit ingredients actually have been partly cooked, which will help people stop cooking mistakes that involve overheating food or undercooking it. People can make little mistakes like this just because they’ve gotten somewhat busy during the cooking process, or they’ve been distracted by something else.

They may have been paying attention to the meal the entire time, but keeping a food dish in the oven for slightly too long may already be enough to ruin it, especially if the necessary cooking temperatures are high enough. They’ll have fewer opportunities to do so when preparing meal kits.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the common recipe mistakes that people make and how you can fix them simply. I hope you found this article to be helpful. Tell me in the comments which common mistake have you made while cooking? I’ll see you next time. Until then, happy cooking!

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