4 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Food

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Food

Are you looking to improve your health and adapt to a healthful lifestyle? Then ditching processed foods and switching to real food is your way to go. Organic or real food is free from chemicals like synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Although many people think that switching to organic food is costly and difficult, the benefits of choosing organic food far outweigh the costs. Many reasons will persuade you to switch to real food without compromising anything.  

Organic Food Does Not Contain Chemicals

Organic food is better for your body and health, and switching to organic is a smart decision in the long term. We don’t realize the quantities of chemicals we consume every day in our diet. For instance, a United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A) study in 2006 found out that 81% of potatoes we eat contain pesticides even after they’ve been washed and peeled. The U.S.D.A. also reported that approximately 99 percent of peanut farms use unfavorable farming practices like adding fungicides and rodenticides when planting peanut crops. Many kids and adults like to consume peanut butter every day (yes we’re talking to you PB and Jelly addicts!), which is why opting for organic peanut butter is much more sensible.

Seventy-five percent of tomatoes are used in processed food like ketchup and tomato pastes. Commercially produced ketchup has half the antioxidants in organic ketchup, which indicates that processed fruits and vegetables lose many nutrients. According to the U.S.D.A, 30 percent of conventional milk has pesticides, which can be harmful as children consume milk in large amounts. A very common fruit that people all around the world consume almost every day is apples. However, apples are also highly contaminated with pesticides. It’s a great thing you can easily find organic apples anywhere at your local markets

You’ll Be Eating Healthier And Saving

There are easy ways that can help you switch to organic food and increase your savings at the same time. Try to eat at home more often, as most restaurants use commercially produced and quick food to cut costs. Eating at home means that you’re in control of all the ingredients, allowing you to choose organic food and spend less on expensive restaurant meals. Organic produce subscription boxes can be a perfect option if you want to switch to organic food. These boxes contain fresh fruits, vegetables, and many other products that you usually find at your farm’s market including:

  • Organic eggs and dairy
  • Hand-made jam and honey
  • All kinds of natural butter
  • Pure Oils
  • Fresh Juices
  • Organic coffee

These boxes are sent to your doorstep every week at affordable prices, diminishing the barrier of high prices that stop you from buying organic food when you’re on a budget. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be spending less time searching for organic food in grocery stores.

You’ll Be Socially Responsible

Did you know that your food choices also affect other people and our environment? Commercial food providers throw away tons of waste every year. By choosing real food, you will be supporting local farmers who utilize sustainable farming practices by recycling waste and saving crops. Switching to local organic food can also have a positive impact on our planet by reducing carbon emissions. Importing processed food increases long-distance transportation which contributes to more pollution and global warming. Like businesses should have corporate social responsibility (CSR), consumers should also make sustainable, eco-friendly choices.

Superior Taste

Superior Taste

This may be hard to believe, but indulging in organic food tastes so much better. Organic crops are grown in clean environments and are given adequate time to mature, preserving their natural tastes and optimal aromas. Chefs also state that organic foods are indeed superior in taste, as well-nourished soils lead to well-nourished, high-quality crops. Real food has accentuated tastes as it contains low nitrogen levels and toxic contaminants, resulting in more intense flavors that people love.

As cliche as it sounds, you are what you eat. If you eat real, healthy food, you will feel awesome and energetic. If you eat junk, you will feel sluggish and unproductive. Read and learn more about how food is produced so you can make better food choices and connect with your body and soul because you owe it to yourself. We hope these reasons have inspired and motivated you to tweak your diet and swap traditional industrialized food for organic food.

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