How Do You Put Together an Omega Juicer?

Omega Juicer

When you first purchase your Omega juicer, it is a daunting task to put it together if you are new to it. You can mess around the first time but worry less because this guide will give you insight into what to do. We will first help you identify all the parts that an Omega juicer has and how to assemble them.

For first-time users of an Omega juicer, you should know that it comes with many parts, and assembling can take you a minute or so. From the Omega 4000 Juicer Review, There are around ten parts of an Omega juicer they consist of;

Housing, funnel, drum, auger, juicing screen, end cap, collection bowl, blank cone, nozzles brush. All these parts should be correctly set up before you start using your Omega juicer. So, how do you put together an omega juicer?

Step One: Connecting the Drum and the Clear Feed Chute

This process involves the clockwise turning of the clocking clip. Here you can do it severally if you are not keen enough. So first, ensure you understand how much you require to clocking clip.

Step Two: Work on the Juicing Function

Next, you plan to do the juicing function. Here you insert the auger into the drum and fit it in the juicing screen. After correctly inserting the juicing screen, you now turn to the drum. Place the end cap and turn it in counter-clockwise.

Step Three: Put the Juice and Waste Bowl into Their Places

When the end cap firmly attaches, the next step is putting the waste bowl and the juice bowl in place. Turn on the power switch after connecting to a wall outlet.

Worthy to note also is that the setup process can change the function your juicer performs. The Omega juicer can perform homogenizing functions like grinding coffee, butter, and mincing herbs. This is due to the different cones and end nozzles. But what about the assembly instruction for non-juicing functions?

In this case, you start by placing the auger into the drum. Here instead of using the juicing screen, you will insert a blank. The blank has a protruding cap. Choose the appropriate nozzle and insert it into the drum cap. Firmly fit the drum cap at the drum end; you do this by turning the drum cap counter-clockwise.

Step Four: Connecting the Main Body to the Assembled Drum Set

Here, the visible is inserted into the main body at the hex area. After this, you are set to place the hopper onto the drum.

Step Five: Place the Bowls Under the Drum Set

Complete by placing the bowls under the drum set and connect the juicer to the power source and power on. At this stage, you have completed everything required for the assembly process. Before you start using the device, ensure that all items are under the feed chute. These items should go into the feed chute. You will use a plunger for this case to ensure the items go into the chute correctly.

All this time, you will leave the machine running. Now once all components are ready, you can make your favorite juice. From the assembly of your juicer, the juice typically comes out through the bottom of the drum. On the other hand, the pulp comes out through the other end of the juicer drum cap. This is also where other residues will exit through while making your favorite juice.

Addition Tips in the Assembly Process

The hopper forms an integral part of omega juicers. This is where you place your fruits, ready to go into the system for crushing. As a rule, you should never put any metal object on this part. Consequently, ice cubes should also never be placed on this part. At times, the machine might fail to operate. This is, for instance, when the drum set clogs. When such a scenario happens, you need to worry less. What you should do is press the reverse button three times. Follow to press the ON button. Your juicer will turn to operate normally again.

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