Punjabi Fish Pakora Recipe with Pudina Chutney

My family visited Punjab last month for spending vacations and there was my father’s friend who called all of us for dinner in there home. We went their home and in the starters, they serve us chicken and fish dishes.

One thing that I love the most in the starter in Punjabi Fish Pakora with pudina chutney which was delicious and very tasty. Everything that my aunt made was very tasty but I love This YUMMY FISH PAKORA is crispy on the outer side and completely soft and tasty on the inside as it contains the delightful fish. After all, sought of pakoras I tried this one’s my favourite.

After we had our dinner, I went to the kitchen and I asked my aunt about the Punjabi Fish Pakora Recipe and she gave her super-secret recipe and Guess What?

Today, I will share the Punjabi Fish Pakora Recipe with my lovely food lovers. Also, there are other recipes that you can have as starters, let’s check them out.

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Ingredients for Punjabi Fish Pakora Recipe

For Fish Pakora

Oil3 cup
Gram flour1 cup
Corn flour1 tbsp
Chaat masala1 tsp
Salt1 tsp
Red chilli powder¼ tsp
Garam masala¼ tsp
Ajwain½ tsp
Baking soda¼ tsp
Orange food color¼ tsp
Egg1 unit
Water¼ cup
Lemon1 unit
Sole fish250 gm
Pudina chutneyEnough to serve with

For Pudina Chutney

Ingredients Amount
Chopped Mint Leaves1 cup
Chopped Coriander Leaves1 cup
Garlic Cloves2
Green Chilies2
Sugar1 tsp
Lemon Juice1 tsp
Salt1 tsp
Water1 tbsp

How much time it will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time

Punjabi Fish Pakora Recipe

Fish Pakora recipe

Preparation of batter

  1. In a bowl take 3 cups gram flour, 1 tsp cornflour, ½ tsp chat masala, ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp red chilli powder, ¼ tsp garam masala, ½ tsp ajwain, ¼ tsp baking soda (food colour goes with it) and egg.
  2. Mix it all.
  3. Now start putting water slowly mixing it side by side.
  4. Prepare a thick batter (it should have enough particle space so that fish can be dipped in it).

Marinating of fish

  1. Cut the fish in thin slices.
  2. Place it in a bowl; add lemon juice and ½ tsp salt to it.
  3. Leave it for 30 minutes to marinade.

Cooking of Pakoras

  1. Now dip the marinated fish in the above-made batter.
  2. In a preheated pan heat 3 cups of oil.
  3. Then on a medium flame add the fish dipped in batter.
  4. Cook from both sides till crispy.
  5. Place them in a plate.
  6. Sprinkle chat masala on it.
  7. Serve hot with pudina chutney.

Pudina Chutney Recipe

  1. Add garlic, chilli, sugar and salt in a small chutney jar of the grinder.
  2. Grind them for 5 minutes.
  3. Add coriander leaves, mint leaves, lemon juice and water.
  4. Grind them until it will look smooth or for 5 minutes.

Using this Fish Pakora recipe, experience the Yummy Fish Pakora with Pudina Chutney flavour in your mouth; of a yummy, healthy ingredient. Make your life better with taste.

Nutritional Facts Of Punjabi Fish Pakora Recipe

Fats13 g
Cholesterol50 mg
Sodium110 mg
Potassium374 mg
Carbohydrates10 g
Protein25 g

How to Make Punjabi Fish Pakora at Home | Video

Video by Quick and Delicious Cuisine

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