How To Make Pumpernickel Bread at Home

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Whenever I think to make something delicious, I start the cooking process but I never end up making it. One day, I thought to make something which is healthy and delicious for my breakfast. As we all know that having breakfast which is healthy will keep us energetic for the whole day.

So I thought to make Pumpernickel Bread. I have learned Pumpernickel Bread Recipe from my uncle who is a chef in a bakery shop. When I was learning this recipe, I asked many questions to him and I will share those questions with all you as well.

What is the Difference between Rye and Pumpernickel Bread?

Pumpernickel Bread is made with a high proportion of rye flour and wheat flour. Whereas, Rye Bread is made with rye flour with the addition of different grains in it.

What are the Benefits of Pumpernickel bread?

Most of the people say, Pumpernickel bread is good for digestion and cures many digestion problems. A study has found that Pumpernickle bread has four to eight times starch resistant which keeps blood sugar in level.

Today, I was making Pumpernickel Bread and I thought to share the recipe with my lovely people over here. But first, you have to gather the ingredients require to make this bread at home.

Ingredients For Pumpernickel Bread

Bread Flour3 Cups
Rye Flour1 1/3 Cups
Cornmeal1/2 Cup
Whole-Wheat Flour1/4 Cup
Cocoa Powder1/4 Cup
Kosher Salt1 tbsp
Milk2 Cups
Dark Brown Sugar1 1/2 tbsp
Dry Yeast1 tbsp
Molasses1/4 Cup
Butter3 tbsp

You will get all these ingredients from your nearby supermarket and I think most of them must be already in your kitchen as well. I have also mentioned the proper timings in the table below and one more thing to know is that Pumpernickel Bread is a one-time investment

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeBaking TimeTotal Time
35 Mins 1 hr 5 Mins150 Mins

You must be waiting for step by step directions for this Pumpernickel Bread and you are just one step away.

Pumpernickel Bread Recipe

Pumpernickel Bread
  1. To whisk bread flour add it in the large bowl with cornmeal, rye flour cocoa powder, wheat flour, and salt.
  2. In a small bowl, warm milk for 45 seconds in the oven. In the warm milk add brown sugar with yeast.
  3. In the bowl combine the mixture with molasses and milk until they combined easily.
  4. In a different bowl add dry ingredients and add it to the mixer.
  5. For 6 minutes add butter in the dough mixture and beat it in mixer. When the dough is prepared knead it accordingly about 8 minutes and wrap with plastic wrap. For 45 minutes set the dough aside.
  6. On a lightly buttered loaf pan. On a lightly floured surface roll the dough into a cylindrical shape and on a loaf pan push the corners of the dough and cover it with plastic wrap for 45 minutes.
  7. For 375° C, preheat the oven and remove the plastic wrap and bake pumpernickel bread for 35 minutes. Transfer the bread to wire rack and leave for 10 minutes to stand. For 60 minutes leave the bread for cooling.

Finally, Pumpernickel Bread is ready. Have it in your breakfast with your tea and coffee to start your day.

Nutritional Facts Pumpernickel Bread

To make a balance between your daily diet, I have mentioned the nutritional breakdown of the Pumpernickel Bread in the table below.


How To Make Pumpernickel Bread at Home | Video

To learn this recipe quickly, I have added a video below. After watching this video, it’ll be easier for you to make this bread at home.

Video By Steve Owens

I hope you’ve liked this Pumpernickel Bread. Make sure you have followed all the steps which I have mentioned below. Do share your wonderful reviews with us in the comments section below and for more recipes stay connected with us.

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