Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | Are They The Same?

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Plums are really tasty and refreshing fruit and have many health benefits. Have you ever tried plum juice? Do you know that when plums are dried, they are called, and you can also make prune juice with that?


Let’s start this flavorful discussion on plum juice vs. prune juice.

Plum juice is made from plum fruit; when the plums are dried, they turn into prunes. Now you may wonder why one would first dry the plums and then extract the juice. Plum juice and prune juice differ in terms of taste, texture, and nutrient contents.

Therefore, drinking plum juice is not the same as drinking prune juice.

Prune juice has more sweetness as water is completely evaporated in the drying process, and all it is left with is a sweet flavor. Plum juice, on the other hand, is more tangy and fruity. The water content in plum juice makes it more of a refreshing drink.

Also, plum juice and prune juice have almost similar nutrients, but prune juice lacks Vitamin C because of the drying process.

Today, we will dig into more details about plum juice and prune juice and also look into their major differences. I will take you through some top recipes with plum and prune juices as well. Before starting the discussion, let’s look at the major difference table.

What Are Plums?


If we are going to talk about plum and prune juice, then we need to have clarity on – what plums are. 

Plums are oval-shaped fruits that come from plum trees. The plum trees belong to the species called Prunus domestica. The color of plums differs from bright-to-dark red-purplish color. The plums’ outer shell is smooth and has a stone in the center of the fruit. 

It is very interesting to note that there are around 20 different species of plum trees, and each type of species produces a slightly different variety of plum. The varieties we generally eat are generated from two main types of plum – Japanese and European.

Japanese plums actually originated in China and were introduced to Japan 300 years ago. The origin of European plums is unknown, but they have been cultivated in Europe since ancient times.

The taste of the plum is sweet and tangy. They are very refreshing and have many health benefits. Plums can help you maintain your sugar levels and positively impact your digestive system. When plums are dried, then they are called prunes.

The taste and texture of plums and prunes will differ. However, they will have almost the same nutrients; only the contents may differ slightly. Eating plums directly or squeezing the juice and consuming the same is suggested.

You can make prune juice by drying the plums and then taking the juice out by boiling it with water and sugar.

Toss a few pieces of plums in the early morning and see the difference in your health. Eating plums first in the morning will help control obesity and hypertension. 

What Are Prunes?

prunes in a bowl

A prune is a dried plum that is perfectly ripped and harvested. The prunes are made from European plums. When the plums are perfectly ripe, they are harvested and stored.

After this, the plums are sent to the drying facility, where they are first washed and properly put into temperature-controlled drying tunnels. California is one of the best places to grow prunes as the place is warm for a long season, and the soil is very fertile.

This is the reason why California is the largest producer of prunes, with around 40% share of the world’s prunes production. 

What Is A Plum Juice?


Plum juice is extracted from fresh and sweet fruits of plums. They are very easy to make by using only three ingredients – plum, sugar, and water. Plum juice has a tangy and sweet taste. Like prune juice, plum juice also has many health benefits.

It is rich in antioxidants and potassium – which helps to maintain a good blood pressure level. Again, plum juice is good for constipation as it keeps your digestion clear and smooth.

The juice of plums has a watery texture with a tangy flavor as fresh and sour plums are selected while making plum juice.

What Is A Prune Juice? 


Prune basically means dried plums. When the dried plums are squeezed and made into juice, they are called prune juice. Prune juice is known for its laxative qualities. The main benefit of drinking prune juice is that it alleviates constipation.

They are also great for controlling blood pressure and work as an immune booster in jaundice and fever. A diabetic person can also have a good impact on their health with this juice.

One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that overconsumption of prune juice can increase sugar levels as it contains a lot of sugar. You can easily make prune juice at home by following the simple steps. 

Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | What Are The Similarities Between The Two? 


All prune juice is from plums, but all plum juice is not from prunes. Prune juice and plum juice are similar because both are made from the same fruit – the plum.

They both carry the same nutrients as the plum fruit. They are rich in antioxidants and help with constipation. They are very good for the digestive system and help to maintain blood pressure.

You can easily make plum or prune juice at home. It is said that drinking either of the juice will help in maintaining better health.

Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | Differences 

plum fruits

Even though plum juice and prune juice are made from one fruit that is plum, they have many differences based on their texture, taste, and nutrient quantities. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Texture 

The major difference between plum juice and prune juice is its texture. When it comes to prune juice, it has a dense consistency because it has more fiber. The prune juice is made from dried plums.

Therefore the water content is already less, which makes a thicker juice. The plum juice is made from freshly picked plum varieties. Plums have a good amount of water content, making the juice more runny, flowy, and thinner in consistency when compared to prune juice.

2. Taste

One might think plum juice will have more sweetness than prune juice, but it is not true. Prune juice is sweeter than plum juice. The simple reason is that prunes are dried plums, so no water is left. Anything which is left in prunes has a sweet flavor.

Prune juice has a stronger flavor than plum juice. When it comes to plum juice, it is more tangy but low in sugar as compared to prune juice. Plum juice also has water content; therefore, the juice is more refreshing.

3. Health Benefits

The taste and texture of prune juice and plum juice differ a lot. However, we have briefly talked about the health benefits, and we know that they have some common nutrients, but there are differences in the content value.

Let’s see how these nutrients get the distinction, although they both are made from plums.

4. Drying Process

The process of making prunes that are drying the freshly picked plums has an evident impact. Vitamin C breaks down and is lost in the drying process, which occurs naturally in plums.

So, prunes have no Vitamin C present. However, other nutrients like vitamins A, E, and K are still present after the plums are turned into prunes.

5. Sugar Levels

Even though the sweetness in plum juice is lower than in prune juice, they have the same sugar levels. When buying either juice from the market, you must see the sugar content at the back of the packet. Extra sugar is often added to make the juice more sweet and flavorful. 

6. Constipation

Due to the drying process, the fiber content in prunes is higher in prunes making prune juice a great option for solving constipation problems. However, plum juice is also good for constipation problems.

They both contain sorbitol which is known to relieve issues with digestion. 

So you can always go for either of the juices. However, if you particularly want to solve your constipation issues, prune juice is the best option out of the two.

7. Antioxidants

Now, the plum as a fruit is a great source of antioxidants. However, when we compare plum juice with prune juice, they differ in antioxidants level. Prunes juice is richer in antioxidants as compared to plum juice.

It has six times more antioxidant levels than plum juice. 

8. Calorie intake

When it comes to calorie count, prune juice has more when compared with plum juice. The reason is very simple there is no water content and only a good amount of carbs present in the form of sugar.

However, despite the higher calorie count, prune juice is considered to be better because of other nutrients present.

9. Color

The last difference which is very visible between prune juice and plum juice is their color. The color of plum juice differs from dark to light red. If the juice is not filtered, the color may vary because of the pulp.

When plums are dried and turned into prunes, they tend to change their color from red to purple. Later, they get darker, making their outer coat blackish or very deep purple.

How To Make Plum Juice? 


Making plum juice is as easy as making any fruit juice. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you pick really good and firm plums. The very first step to making plum juice is to wash it thoroughly.

After cleaning the dirt, cut the plums into two parts and remove the stone in the center. Removing the stone may protect your juicer, and the overall flavor and consistency will also be impacted. Add all the washed and cut plums into the juicer and blend well.

If you want to change the consistency, then you can add water. You can add some sugar or salt to make it more yummy and sweet. Now enjoy your refreshing and sweet plum juice.

How to make prunes and prune juice?


If you wish to make prunes at home, it may take a little effort, but you can make them and extract their juice at home.

Firstly you need to pick fresh plums. Wash them thoroughly and then dry them well with the help of a towel or paper. Now cut the plums in halves and remove the stone. If you have a dehydrator, place the plums on the dehydrator rack and let them dry.

The water may take up to 10-12 hours to evaporate. In case you don’t have a dehydrator, you can even dry it in the oven. Just make sure that the oven is set to a very low heat setting because we want the water to evaporate and not make plums turn into chips.

Watch the oven from time to time and once the plums are fully turned to plums, take them out to make juice. 

Now, you are ready to make your own prune juice. You can also buy dried plums from the market and make your prune juice. To make the prune juice, put them all in a glass jar.

Add some hot water and leave it for some time. In a blender, add the soaked prunes with water and blend them until a smooth consistency is achieved. Using a strainer, pour the blended mixture into a glass.

Use a spoon to properly extract the juice from the filter by pushing it downward. Enjoy your fresh homemade prune juice.

Market vs. homemade | Which is better?

plums in a bowl

You can easily find plums in the market. Now, you can either buy fresh plums or make juice at home. This is the best option, as no extra sugar or preservatives will be added.

When it comes to the packed plum juices, which are so easily available in the market, they do have extra sugar and other harmful chemicals added. So it is a better option to make fresh plum juice at home. 

Prunes are also available in the market, so getting them and then extracting juice at home will be the easiest and most healthy option. You can also put some effort from your side and dry the fresh plums at home and then extract the juice.

You always have the option to get prune juice from the market. So we can conclude that maybe market-packed juices are the easiest option, but with a little effort, you can prepare your juice at home which will be healthier and more real in flavors.

Top Recipes With Plum Juice 

1. Hog plum and guava juice

Hog Plum and guava juice

Hog plum and guava juice are as refreshing as the name itself. For making this recipe, all you need is some hog plums, guava, and some seasoning like – salt, sugar, black salt, and black pepper powder.

Cut the plums and guava into small pieces. Make sure that you remove the plum stone from the center. Now, put everything in the blender and blend until smooth. You can add mint leaves and some lemon juice.

Now and water as per your desired consistency and blend it again. Take a glass and pour the juice. You can garnish it with mint leaves and enjoy.

2. Dragon fruit plum juice

dragon fruit plum juice

Dragon fruit plum juice tastes as exotic as its name is. If you love dragon fruit and plums, this is the best fusion you can try.

Wash your fruit really well. Simply dice the dragon fruit and plums into small pieces and throw them into a blender.

Add some ice cubes and salt. Give a good blend and transfer the blended juice into a glass. Make sure that you remove the stone from the plums before blending. You can garnish the juice by placing a sliced dragon fruit on the rim of the glass.

3. Plum Pear juice

plum pear juice

Plum pear juice is a very easy and delicious juice. For this, you only need one pear and some plums. Also, you can add other ingredients like boiled beetroot and some black salt. Chop your plums and discard the stone.

Chop some beetroot and pears. Put them into a blender and add some water. Now blend everything until smooth. Add black salt and serve the juice.

4. Plum Ginger Juice


Plum ginger juice is tasty and healthy as well. For this, you need some plums and ginger. Chop the plums and ginger. Now add the plums and ginger to the blender. Add some sugar, salt, and ice cubes. Blend all the ingredients.

Add some water as per the required consistency. Blend the ingredients until smooth and fine. Serve the juice in a glass and enjoy. 

5. Healthy pulpy plum juice

pulpy plum juice

Healthy plum juice is for those who love some pulp in their juice. It is a very simple recipe. Bring some fresh plums and wash them thoroughly. Now cut the plums and remove the stone. Add plums with sugar and some salt into the blender. Blend them really well.

Now add water as per your preferred consistency. Add some lemon juice and blend it until smooth. Now directly transfer the plum juice to the glass. Skip the part about straining the juice, and now you have the pulpy plum juice.

Top Recipes With Prune Juice

1. Prune juice smoothie

prune juice smoothie

Prune juice smoothie is an upgraded version of your regular prune juice. You will need coconut milk, kale, berries, flax seeds, greek yogurt, and prune juice. Put everything in a blender and blend it really well. Serve this in a glass and drink a healthy smoothie.

2. Berry Prune Juice

berry prune juice

Berry prune juice is similar to a prune juice smoothie with only a few different ingredients. Add prune juice with coconut milk, spinach, blueberries, and chia seeds. Add some ice cubes.

Blend all the ingredients until a smooth consistency is achieved. Now directly serve the berry prune juice and enjoy. 

3. Cherry Banana Blossom Smoothie

cherry banana smoothie

Cherry banana blossom smoothie is another tasty and healthy smoothie you can try. For this, you can use frozen or fresh bananas per your preference. This recipe specifically calls for frozen bananas.

Bring some frozen cherries and a few cups of green tea, which should be chilled. You will need some yogurt and chia seeds. Add everything to the blender. Blend the ingredients really well and serve this directly.

4. Mahogany Short Ribs

short ribs

Mahogany short ribs are not a juice recipe. In this dish, prune juice is added to enhance the flavor. Simply add teriyaki sauce and prune juice with meat and cover it. Place the meat in the refrigerator and leave it for a day.

In a pot, combine the marinade, water, and peppercorns. Let it boil, and then add the meat. Cover the pot and cool the meat for two hours.

Transfer the cooked meat onto a platter and cook the sauce a bit more. Pour the sauce over the meat and enjoy these flavorful mahogany short ribs.

5. Pumpkin Prune Loaf

Pumpkin prune loaf

Pumpkin prune loaf is another dish that requires prune juice. For this, you need a bowl and mix your dry ingredients – flour, baking soda, coconut sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and salt. Now in another bowl, add diced prune along with prune juice.

Add some pumpkin puree along with eggs or flax seeds. Squeeze some lemon and mix well. Whisk together the dry and wet ingredients. Pour it into the greased pan and bake the batter for around 50 minutes. Let it sit for a while and serve.

How much prune juice and plum juice should be consumed?


Prune juice and plum juice have various health benefits but can cause serious problems if consumed too much. The laxative present in the plums can cause issues.

Also, plum juice and prune juice have sugar in them; if you are drinking it more than required, you are also taking in extra sugar in your body. Therefore the consumption of either of the juices should be limited.

Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | Which is healthy? 

plum juice

Plum juice and prune juice have many health benefits as they are filled with nutrients. However, plum juice is better in terms of health as prune juice has higher sugar levels than plum juice.

Prune juice also lacks vitamin C, as when the plums are dried, they lose vitamin C.

Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | Which is Tasty? 

prunes in hands

Without any doubt, prune juice tastes better than plum juice. The texture and flavor of prune juice are denser than plum juice. It also magnifies the sweet flavor. So, on a personal note, I prefer prune juice over plum juice.

Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | Which is Versatile?

prunes in a bowl and leaves

When it comes to versatility, prune juice clearly wins points in this. We have already checked a few recipes, and prune juice is not only used to make juices or smoothies but is added to several other food recipes.

Prune juice has an intense flavor, adding taste and flavor to the dish.

Prune Juice Vs. Plum Juice | Which is Better?

prune juice with prunes

If you ask me, then I will obviously make the prune juice the winner. Prune is way better than plum juice. It has sweetness and almost equal health benefits and is used to make juices, smoothies, and other food items.

Therefore, we can say that prune juice is better than plum juice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we dry fresh plums at home?

Yes, if you have a dehydrator or even an oven, you can easily make prunes at home with little effort.

Is it better to make or buy juice?

Preparing any juice at home is always a better option. However, if you are short on time you can consider getting it from the market but make sure you check the nutrients and sugar contents of the packed juices.

Do prunes expire?

Prunes are dehydrated plums, so they have a great shelf life. Prunes can last up to 6 months; if you wish to increase the shelf life, you can freeze them.

Is plum juice a good laxative?

Plums have sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol. So yes, plum juice can have a laxative effect if consumed in large quantities. Prune juice is more dense, so it has more sorbitol making it a natural laxative


Now we are at the end of the discussion of prune juice vs. plum juice, and we know that despite the fact they both are made with plum fruit. Now we also know a few top recipes with plum and prune juices.

We have also concluded the discussion by comparing the two on health, taste, and versatility basis. Prune juice wins in most aspects. This was helpful, and I will be back with more interesting food discussions. Until then, make some plum juice and refresh your mood. See you next time.

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