How to Make Provencal Sauce at Home

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Shuvait Thusoo
Shuvait has lived in Pune alone for 4 years while studying engineering. This was the time period when he explored the South Indian Cuisines and experienced different spices and realised the beauty of food. So he started cooking and fell in love with the craft of it. We can say that Shuvait is a foodie who loves to share his food life experiences and resources with our readers.

How do you like to have your seafood or chicken? With a sauce or dip or maybe both? This sauce or dip has an important role in enhancing the taste of any food that we eat. Well, I visited my aunt’s home last week and saw that she had made a bright and red sauce in colour. I wondered and asked her what that sauce was? And she told me to wait for a minute and taste it as we were about to have our dinner.

And when she served me that chicken with this red and delicious sauce, I was mesmerized. The taste, flavor, and aroma. OMG! That thing was just unbelievable and so perfect. I never had in my life tasted such a sweet and sour sauce.

I asked her about it and she told me that this sauce is called Provencal sauce. Further added that this sauce was from a province in France called provencal (that’s how it got its name) and the greeks were also believed to have made this sauce. This sauce is a mixture of tomatoes with some veggies and my favorite white wine. This wine adds to its taste and gives it a sour taste. You all should try this sauce someday.

So today, I will tell you the exact recipe that my aunt said to me that day. This recipe will never fail you as it is the most delicious one that I have tried. So let’s get started.

Ingredients for Provencal Sauce

Olive oil 2 tsp.
Yellow onion 1 pc.
Fresh tomatoes 2 pounds 
White wine 2 cups 
Garlic 4 cloves 
Black olives 1 cup
Capers 1 tsp. 
Fresh herbs (basil, parsley, thyme)½ cups

Get the ingredients listed above from your nearest supermarket and get ready to make this delicious sauce at home.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
15 Minutes 1 Hour 15 Minutes 1 hour 30 Minutes 

This recipe will take about one and a half hours to complete and this time is worth the taste that you will get after you have that chicken with Provencal sauce.

This sauce can be eaten with any of your favorite food but it is the best combination of seafood or chicken. In various regions, this Provencal sauce is served with seafood and gives a delicious taste. Let’ start the recipe and know-how this creamy provencal sauce is made.

Provencal Sauce Recipe

Provencal Sauce Recipe
  1. Take a medium-sized saucepan and keep it over medium heat. Add some olive oil and put in some chopped onion. 
  2. Saute the onions for about 6 minutes, until they are a little tender. Do not overcook them and don’t turn them brown.
  3. Now add the tomatoes and cook them for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Cover the pan with a lid and wait until the tomatoes release their juice. Stir them in between
  4. Add some wine and take off the lid; let it cook on low heat for about 50 minutes or until the sauce gets thicker.
  5. With the help of any blender, blend the sauce and take it off the heat. Keep the sauce aside and clean the pan.
  6. After your pan is clean and dry, add some olive oil and keep it over medium heat. Add garlic and saute it for about 2-3 minutes and make sure you don’t burn them.
  7. Add the chopped olives and capers and cook for 5 minutes more.
  8. Pour the reserved sauce in this garlic and check whether the seasonings and salt are enough or not.
  9. Serve this sauce with chicken, pasta, seafood and you can also freeze it for later use.

You have made this Provencal sauce successfully at home. Do try it and make sure you taste it with chicken or seafood for a better taste. 

Nutritional Breakdown of Provencal Sauce

The nutritional breakdown of this Provencal sauce is done below in the table. Have a look and know the real nutritional details of this sauce.

Calories 173.7
Fats 14.8 gm. 
Sugars 6 gm.
Fiber 2.6 gm.
Cholesterol 0 mg. 
Carbohydrates 10.4 gm.

How to Make Provencal Sauce at Home | Video

Here is a video that you can watch to make this recipe easily at home. This will help you in gaining all the details and steps involved in the making od this sauce.

Video By: Corks and Knives

So are you ready to try this recipe? We welcome your thoughts and any other suggestions that you have regarding this recipe. Please reach out by commenting on your views and ideas in the comments box below. We would love to add the necessary details and ideas of yours.

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