Can You Put Protein Powder In Coffee? Myth Busted

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A hot cup of coffee in the morning is what most people need to kick-start their day. However, some of us prefer adding protein powder as well. Having said that, can you really put protein powder in coffee?  

Yes, you can put protein powder in coffee and elevate the flavors and nutrition in your regular cup of coffee. As per experts, adding protein powder to coffee helps in boosting energy levels. It is also seen that protein with morning coffee helps in improving workout performance. 

Coffee and protein powder has now become a trend on social media. From celebrities to health experts, all are seen having protein-packed coffee. Many brands are promoting this coffee trend. 

Now, if you are new to this coffee and protein powder combination, then let me take you through the guide. You don’t have to worry more; hop on with me and see what magic coffee and protein powder do. 

Yes, It’s Ok To Mix Protein Powder And Coffee


Yes, it is ok to mix protein powder and coffee. The combination of coffee and protein powder is really amazing. Coffee is well known for instant energy boosting because its caffeine content and protein powder has its own benefits. Many people believe that adding protein powder to coffee helps in weight loss. Protein powder also acts as a nutritious creamer in coffee, so you should try this at least once.

It is definitely better than adding regular creamer with lots of fat and carbs. One can easily add protein powder to cold and hot coffee. Now you may find it hard to dissolve the protein powder. So using a blender to mix coffee and protein powder is advised. While making cold coffee, you can stir protein powder and then shake the coffee for the best flavors. I usually combine a little cold water and protein powder first, removing all the lumps, and then add my coffee ingredients. 

Can You Put Protein Powder In Coffee With Milk?

Yes, you can put protein powder in coffee with milk. You can easily combine your coffee with milk or creamer if you like it that way. Adding milk to the coffee that has protein powder to gives you better texture and flavors. 

Simply combine protein powder with milk and add coffee or go the other way. I saw a video by Jennifer Aniston on Instagram. In the video, she was making her morning cup of coffee. She started by adding protein powder to her cup and then brewed the coffee in the machine. Once the coffee was brewed and transferred to the same cup, she poured milk after blending it. 

The look on her face after taking the first sip said everything. It was clearly one great cup of coffee. You can use non-dairy milk as well. The idea is to add protein to your regular cup of coffee, with or without milk – it really depends on you. Just make sure that you stir everything well, leaving no lumps behind. 

How Much Protein Powder Should You Add To Your Coffee?

When it comes to adding protein powder to your coffee, always remember less is more. I would suggest adding only the required amount of protein. As per the Ultimately Nature post on Quora, a scoop of protein powder works well with a warm cup of coffee. Many people call this combination Proffee (Protein+Coffee), and you can find many recipes for the same. In a recipe by Cheerful Choices, you should add 3 tablespoons of protein powder, nearly 15 grams, to one cup of coffee. 

Another website recommended adding 1 to 2 scoops of protein powder to coffee. It can vary from person to person, depending upon the need. Always keep in mind about your protein intake. If you already consume lots of protein-enriched food on a daily basis, make sure not to go overboard while adding in coffee. 

Does Protein Powder Taste Good In Coffee?


Yes, protein powder actually tastes good in coffee. However, the taste of protein powder really depends on the type of protein powder you are using and the brand. Many brands have flavored protein powder that really tastes delicious.Usually, protein powder in coffee really tastes good. The flavors are normal but a little elevated.

 It tastes similar to adding creamer to your coffee. You can add flavored protein powder as well. If you are skeptical about the taste of protein powder in your coffee, try it with some water. Simply take little cold water and mix a pinch or two of protein powder. Taste it; if the flavors are great, you can easily combine them with your coffee. 

Can You Use Protein Powder As A Coffee Creamer?

Yes, you can use protein powder as a coffee creamer. Furthermore, adding protein powder to coffee acts like a creamer only. Choosing something that is better in terms of health is always better. Clearly, adding protein powder is a great option. It makes your coffee nutritious and also acts as a creamer. 

The texture of the coffee is almost the same after adding protein powder like a creamer. As already mentioned, try to whisk the protein powder with some water or milk first. Mixing protein powder is a task because lumps are easily created. Blend in properly to get the perfect taste and texture. 

Does The Heat Of The Coffee Damage Whey Protein?

No, the heat of the coffee doesn’t damage whey protein. Whey protein is easily soluble and can stand the heat pretty much. However, heat can change the structure of the protein but does not get destroyed, as per The Common Cafe. Whey protein is actually sensitive to heat but is much stronger than other types of protein. In a study, it was found that whey protein gets denatured at 185 degrees Fahrenheit, and normally, the temperature of hot coffee is around 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are chances that the whey protein gets denatured in your hot coffee. Another thing that needs to be considered is that even though whey protein gets denatured, the amino acids in the protein remain the same. So there is no less impact of protein even after mixing it with hot water or milk. The important nutrients remain intact that are needed by your body. 

Is Protein Powder In Coffee Okay For Women?

Yes, protein powder in coffee is perfectly okay for women. Just some paragraphs before, I mentioned Jennifer Aniston making her protein powder coffee. It is absolutely safe for women to consume protein powder. The fact that protein powder makes women overweight is simply a misconception. Consuming protein powder by women works exactly the same as in men. Furthermore, protein consumption is a must if women are engaged in heavy training and workouts. 

Protein powder provides energy and helps women to maintain radiant skin. It also strengthens the bones that usually weaken in women after a particular age. Hence, women can easily add a scoop or two of protein powder to their coffee. Some of the best protein sources for women are whey protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein. 

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Protein Powder To Your Coffee?


There are several benefits of adding protein powder to your coffee. One of the main benefits is that it enriches your body with protein and gives you the required energy to perform activities. Other than this, adding protein powder to coffee helps in covering the protein deficiency in the body. Let us see all the great benefits of adding protein powder to your coffee. 

1. Helps In Better Workout 

Adding protein powder before a workout is a great way to boost energy. The richness of caffeine in coffee plus protein provides building blocks to muscles. It is seen that those who consume protein powder with coffee before workouts have seen improvement in performance while heavy training.

2. Daily Protein Intake 

Without any doubt, if you are unable to intake daily protein requirements from your regular diet, then try Profee. Protein powder with coffee will help you to meet the protein deficiency. This is a great way to add protein to your diet without any effort. 

3. Lose some weight

Protein powder has been proven to help in losing weight. The one benefit of protein is that it helps in managing cravings and keeps you full for a good time. This is a great way to lose weight. When you are not eating unnecessarily, you eliminate unwanted carbs. Also, for weight loss, consuming protein powder will work wonders if you are working out. 

4. Sugar Replacement

Cutting down sugar? Add protein powder to your coffee, and you will go back to regular sugar. There are many protein powders that have a delicious taste and can easily replace the need for sugar in your coffee. Don’t you think it is a great way to cut down on sugar in your diet? Make sure that you choose a protein powder that has all-natural ingredients. 

5. Muscle Growth 

Adding protein powder to your diet has one primary goal – building muscles. If you are unable to add protein to your diet or feel that you are not getting sufficient protein content, then add it to your coffee. It will have the same effect as the regular intake of protein. For sure, your muscles will grow, and muscle mass will increase. 

6. Saves A Lot Of Time

Let’s be honest here. It is very hectic to plan your meal with popper nutrients, and if you feel like giving up, then proffee is super easy. You can quickly make coffee and add protein powder and make sure that you are taking proper protein content. We drink coffee every day, so it is hardly an instance you will miss it, so add one step and add protein powder. 

Are There Any Drawbacks Of Adding Protein Powder To Your Coffee?


Yes, there are several drawbacks to adding protein powder to your coffee. If protein intake is more than required, there can be various drawbacks. Let us see how protein powder in coffee may lead to some issues. 

1. Too Much Protein 

As I already mentioned above, adding protein powder to coffee can make sure that you take proper protein content in your diet. However, there can be times when you consume more than required. Too much protein means too many calories that can be unburnt. The unburnt calories can turn into fat tissues. 

2. Other Nutrients 

Many protein powders do not have any other required nutrients. So if you are too focused on protein intake, you may miss out on other important nutrients. Make sure to add other nutrients as well, or you can have deficiencies. 

3. Harmful Additives 

Many brands may add harmful additives just to enhance the flavors, which can be really harmful. Avoid protein powder that has sugar, artificial flavors, and sweeteners. They can have adverse effects on your body. 

Best Protein Powder To Add To Your Coffee?

When it comes to protein powder, there are various brands in the market. However, one should be very mindful of the content present in the protein powder. One should avoid additives and sugar content and look for the ones with all-natural ingredients. Let us see some of the best protein powders to add to our coffee.

1. Awesome Coffee 

awesome coffee

If you are looking for a protein powder specifically to add to coffee, then Awesome Coffee is your answer. They offer the healthiest protein powder that is vegan and gluten-free. Also, the protein powder has no gluten content and is dairy free. There are no additives or preservatives in the powder. As already said, this protein powder is specially designed for coffee, so it dissolves easily and tastes too good. 

2. Elm & Rye

Elm & Rye has been trying to make everyone healthy with a range of supplements. Their collagen protein powder is so great and tastes really good. The protein powder is available in different flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and cookie & cream. You also have the option to go for vegan protein powder. Other than collagen, it contains turmeric, mushroom complex, and ashwagandha. Super healthy and full of flavors, a must-try protein powder. 

3. NutraOne 


Honestly speaking, NutraOne is my favorite coffee protein powder brand. The single reason is they have coffee-infused protein powder. I mean a perfect flavor for coffee lovers. Not only this, NutraOne has chocolate flavor protein powder. You can find different protein powders as per the requirement. They also have a vegan protein powder that is completely dairy free.   

4. Click 

Another great coffee protein powder is offered by Click. They also have coffee powder that is fully infused with protein powder, making it super easy to make your cup of coffee every day. You can also order a Click shaker and easily make your coffee by shaking it well. You can even enjoy different coffee flavors like mocha, vanilla latte, and caramel. Super convenient to make and absolutely delicious. 

5. Chike


Running out of time but do not want to miss your cup of coffee with protein? Chike offers coffee that is protein powder infused. You can simply order the coffee bag and even subscribe on a monthly basis. You don’t have to put your coffee in; add protein powder, and mix until eternity. Simply take two scoops of powder and add in water. Shake nicely, and you are done.  


Finally, we are at the end of this caffeinated conversation, and I don’t feel like saying goodbye too soon. Anyway, I really hope you got your answer, and now your cup of coffee will also be extra in flavor and nutrition. You can choose any brand of protein powder. 

Just make sure that there are additives, sugar, and preservatives. While adding protein powder to coffee, make sure it dissolves properly and has no lumps. You can mix the powder with a little water first and then add it to your coffee. That is all for today. I will be back soon with some more interesting and flavorful conversation. Until then, make yourself a cup of coffee. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we add protein powder to coffee?

Yes, you can add protein powder to your coffee. Simply add one or two scoops of protein powder as per your body’s requirement and mix it in your coffee. 

Does drinking protein powder with coffee have harmful effects?

No, there are no harmful effects of mixing protein powder in coffee. Even if you add protein powder to hot coffee, the protein powder may denature, but it will have the same effect on the body. 

How to make Proffee (coffee + protein powder)?

To make coffee or add protein powder to your coffee, simply make your regular coffee. You can mix protein powder directly into the coffee or whisk it in little water so that there are no lumps and then transfer it to your coffee. 

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