How To Store Wine At Home | 5 Right Ways

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I consider wine to be one of the greatest pleasures of life. Pair it with a charcuterie board, and man, oh man, you won’t be able to keep yourself from finishing the whole thing.


To indulge in that particular pleasure, you need to have a few wine bottles at your place. But don’t just let it deteriorate due to careless storage. The way you store wine can either make or break the entire experience. 

If you’re a wine lover, you need to know how to store it properly. That is why, in this article, I’ll tell you about a few ways to go about storing your wine. 

So, stop wine-ing about your storage problems and keep on reading!

Why Is It Important To Store Wine Properly?

My love for wine is such that I might as well just worship a bottle of Merlot. That is why it frustrates and annoys me greatly when I see people not storing their bottles of wine the right way or with careful consideration.

Wine is a delicate drink and needs to be handled with delicacy (Diva vibes). Your wine needs to be matured or aged for you to enjoy it to the greatest degree. This can only be done if it is stored properly.

Proper wine storage will lead to the wine being different in flavor, texture, etc. Wine is perishable since it doesn’t have an as high alcohol content as other drinks do.

No matter how long you’ve had your bottle of wine kept at your place, storage will affect it from head to toe. The storage of wine depends on what kind it is. Different wines are required to be stored in varying conditions than the others. The easiest way to make that happen is by getting a white wine or red wine club membership.

If you haven’t stored your wine properly or known the importance of it, it’s okay. Sip happens (Get it?). To keep you from repeating those mistakes again, I’m going to tell you how to store your wine properly at your place.

How To Store Wine At Home

There are different ways to store your wine, depending upon what kind it is. Now, if we started discussing each of them individually, it’ll probably take us three to four articles. 

As much as I’d love to bestow my knowledge of the storage of individual kinds of wine upon you, I’m going to control myself. I’m going to provide you with some common ways to store your wine, no matter what kind.

1. Keep It Cool

Wine Cooler

When we talk about wine storage, the temperature is the most important factor. One thing about storing wines is that you should keep them away from vibrations. This means that you should not store your wines in just any fridge. 

A wine cooler is the most recommended way of storing your wine because it provides an ideal space for storage for your wine. It is cold, dark, and moist; what more could you possibly need?

The ideal temperature for wine storage is 55℉ or 13℃. But this depends on the type of wine you’re storing. Also, never store your wine, regardless of its kind, above a temperature of 68°F or 20°C and below a temperature of 25 °F or -4ºC. 

Knowing the temperature will help you in what to look for while shopping for a wine fridge or cooler. In a nutshell, the factors to consider while looking for a wine cooler include:

  • Cooler type
  • Bottle capacity and size
  • Temperature range
  • Noise
  • Cooling technology
  • Additional features – like anti-vibration, led lighting, and carbon filters

Erratic temperatures may shorten the lifespan of your wine. If you do not have a wine cooler, make sure that the air quality is the same. External weather conditions, heating and cooling systems are factors that influence the life of wine in your home.

If you store your wine in a dark, stable space, you will enjoy your wine for an extended period of time. Remember that the wine breathes through the cork, so keeping your wine in a cooler also helps avoid contamination.

2. Store Your Wine Horizontally

Storing Wine Horizontally

If you are a keen observer, you’ll know that most bars store their wines in a horizontal position. The logic behind this is that keeping the wine horizontally helps in keeping the cork moist, with the wine being in touch with constantly, which is a long-term storage technique. 

Dry wine corks can cause breakage, especially while opening the wine. It may also promote premature aging of the wine, which is a crime in the wine world. Horizontal storage allows easy access as well as saves space.

3. Be Aware Of The Wine’s Expiration Date

Expiration Date Of Wine

Most people don’t realize that their wine might have an expiry date or that their wine can go bad after a period of time. They tend to think that wine isn’t perishable and can age without going bad forever.

This isn’t true. Most wines go bad after one to two years. So, it is best to give it the love it deserves and drink it before it reaches its expiry date. Again, remember that this is only for wines that don’t age.

4. Avoid Strong Odors Near Your Wine

Wine Bottle Cork

Wine breathes through its porous cork, and through it, the wine can absorb strong odors around it. If you have areas with strong scents and odor in your house, avoid storing the wine in those areas. 

Never store your wine in the kitchen as it has odors coming from all the cooking, fridge, etc. Be very aware of where you store your wine and keep it from deteriorating.

5. Find A Dark Storage Space

Storing Wine In A Dark Space

Did you know that sunlight can twist the taste of wine? Yes, sunlight can cause sulfur-containing amino acids in the wine to oxidize. Strikes of light can cause the wine to emit a funny smell as well. 

Therefore, ensuring your wine is kept out of the reach of sunlight is very important for you. Store your wine indoors in dark areas for best results. 

If you don’t have a wine cooler, you can store your wine in storage containers with lids or in cabinets with doors. You can also store your wine the traditional way – Wrapping the bottle with a cloth.


Wine is something that requires great care when it comes to storing it. You should be aware of how it reacts to different external factors, temperatures, etc. The five ways to store wine are effective and will help you greatly enjoy your wine.
So, grab your bottle of wine and don’t drink it just yet (Ha!) Store it the right way!

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