Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices

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Primo Hoagies serves a unique and wide variety of Italian sandwiches. If you like to have sandwiches, then you should definitely visit there. But, before you plan to visit there, make sure you know about their latest menu. So, in this post, let’s have a look at the menu with prices.

Primo Hoagies Restaurant

Primo Hoagies is prominent for specialty sandwiches such as turkey breast & cheese, roast beef & cheese, ham & cheese and mild sharp Italian. They also have diablos, cutlets, meatless delights and sides on the menu.

This was just an overview of the menu, so don’t forget to check out the complete menu below. Aside from the menu, I have also included contact, nutritional and franchise information. Before jumping to the menu, let’s have a quick glimpse at the history.

Primo Hoagies is an America-based fast-casual restaurant that was founded by Richard Neigre and Colleen Neigre in 1992. The first store of the Primo Hoagies was opened in South Philadelphia.

Primo Hoagies Menu Prices

Primo Hoagies menu

When you visit Primo Hoagies, then you should definitely try out their specialty sandwiches such as Italian, sharp Italian, turkey schwartzie and corned beef schwartzie.

You can also try out turkey diablo, chicken diablo, buffalo cutlet, whacked chicken, chicken parmigiana, nonnas veggies, old-world style meatball and much more.

At last, don’t forget to have some appealing desserts like dirt pudding, chocolate chip cookies and macadamia nut cookies. The Primo Hoagies menu prices are competitive to other sub sandwich restaurant chains. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest menu with prices.


SpecialtiesSmall (6”)Primo Non-Seeded (9″)Primo Seeded (9″)Whole (22-24″)Hoagie In A BowlLow Carb WrapWhole Wheat Wrap
Sharp Italian$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Mild Italian$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Mild Sharp Italian$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Old Italian$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Turkey Breast & Cheese$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Roast Beef & Cheese$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Ham & Cheese$7.81$11.49$11.49$26.44$11.49$11.49$11.49
Corned Beef Schwartzie$8.96$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Turkey Schwartzie$8.96$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Big T$7.81$11.49$11.49$26.44$11.49$11.49$11.49

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DiablosSmall (6”)Primo Non-Seeded (9″)Primo Seeded (9″)Whole (22-24″)Hoagie In A BowlLow Carb WrapWhole Wheat Wrap
Turkey Diablo$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Tuna Diablo$7.81$11.49$11.49$26.44$11.49$11.49$11.49
Chicken Diablo$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21
Italian Diablo$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06


CutletsSmall (6”)Primo Non-Seeded (9″)Primo Seeded (9″)Whole (22-24″)Hoagie In A BowlLow Carb WrapWhole Wheat Wrap
Buffalo Cutlet$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21
Bada Bing$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21
Bada Boom$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21
Whacked Chicken$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21
Chicken Suprimo$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21
Chicken Parmigiana$8.96$13.21$13.21$29.89$13.21$13.21$13.21

Meatless Delights

Meatless DelightsSmall (6”)Primo Non-Seeded (9″)Primo Seeded (9″)Whole (22-24″)Hoagie In A BowlLow Carb WrapWhole Wheat Wrap
Nonnas Veggies$7.81$11.49$11.49$26.44$11.49$11.49$11.49

Primo Hots

Primo HotsSmall (6”)Primo Non-Seeded (9″)Primo Seeded (9″)Whole (22-24″)Hoagie In A BowlLow Carb WrapWhole Wheat Wrap
Old World Style Meatball$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06
Old Fashioned Meatball$8.38$12.06$12.06$27.59$12.06$12.06$12.06


1/2 lb. Dirt Pudding$4.60
1/2 lb. Rice Pudding$3.16
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.60
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.60
Macadamia Nut Cookie$1.60

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Primo Sides

Primo SidesPrice
1/2 lb. Potato Salad$2.88
1/2 lb. Macaroni Salad$2.88
1/2 lb. Coleslaw$2.88
1/2 lb. Sharp Provolone Bites$6.90
1/2 lb. Pepperoni Bites$4.03
1/2 lb. Pepper Shooters$7.48
1/2 lb. Marinated Mozzarella$6.33
Roasted Pepper Salad$4.03
Whole Sliced Pickle$1.94


Sour Cream & Onion$1.25
Kettle Chips$2.17
Italian Hoagie Chips$3.44


Drinks20 oz.2 Liter
Diet Pepsi$2.36$3.21
Mountain Dew$2.36$3.21
Mug Root Beer$2.36$3.21
Pepsi Wild Cherry$2.36N/A
Orange Crush$2.36N/A
Pure Leaf$2.36N/A

Primo Hoagies Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Primo Hoagies menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Primo Hoagies Franchise Details

Primo Hoagies franchise

Primo Hoagies has over 95 locations in seven states including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. So if you want to open a Primo Hoagies store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee$35,000
Net Worth Required$350,000
Cash Investment$100,000
Total Investment$195,000 – $350,000

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Primo Hoagies Contact Details

Primo Hoagies Corporate Office Address- 610 Ryan Ave #4, Westville, NJ 08093, United States

Primo Hoagies Corporate Phone Number- +1 856-742-1999

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