Amazon Prime Members Get Special Deals On Wholefoods Turkey And More This Year

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Thanksgiving is truly coming up really soon, and that means almost everyone is busy shopping for some turkey for this holiday season. However, turkey prices have spiked to an insane amount over the years! Luckily, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can claim some great deals on Wholefoods Turkey and even more!

Amazon Whole Foods Special Deals

This year for Thanksgiving, Amazon has brought some special deals for the turkeys at Wholefoods. They have deals on both organic and regular turkey too, along with discounts on some other options too, all for a limited time. 

Amazon bought Whole Foods back in 2017, making many of us wonder what they would do with the place. While everything at Whole Foods has somewhat remained the same, Amazon has not stopped itself from coming up with special deals every now and then, especially for Prime Members! 

So, wondering how to get this discount on turkey and some other products at Wholefoods too? Then, make sure you read this article till the end! Here, you will find all the necessary details about these special deals for Thanksgiving and much more! 

What Is The Discount On The Turkey Like For Amazon Prime Members? 

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After knowing all about this deal, I am sure many of you cannot wait to know more about how you can get these low-cost turkeys! Of course, turkeys are expensive these days, and we all want to have a grand Thanksgiving celebration while also keeping in mind our budget for groceries! 

Amazon has announced that they will have special discounts on two types of frozen whole turkeys: regular and organic. For the traditional turkey, the original price for a pound is $ 1.99.

However, for Prime Members, the price per pound is brought down to $ 1.49. When it comes to organic turkey, the original price of it is $ 2.99 per pound. But, for prime members, the price has increased to $ 2.49 per pound.

I surely think that is a great deal and this deal isn’t all! Prime members can also get an additional 10% discount on certain other grocery items for Thanksgiving, which include discounts on sweet potatoes and butternut squash. 

When Will This Turkey Be Available, And How Can The Discount Be Claimed? 

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Now that you know all about the discounts Amazon offers for Prime Members, it comes down to the main questions here, which are when it will be available and how to claim the discounts. Coming to the availability of this Turkey, you can start reserving them from November 16th until November 22nd. 

The deals can be found online at or by phone at 1-844-936-2428. To redeem the discounts, you must download the amazon or wholefoods app and scan it at the register to claim them. That is really all when it comes to getting your hands on these Turkeys! So, hurry while the offer still lasts! 


Amazon has launched a special deal on Whole Foods Turkeys and more this year for their prime members. The deals are on both regular whole turkey and organic turkey, where 50 cents per pound have decreased prices. They also have offers on some other sides that are needed for Thanksgiving, all if you have a prime membership. You can claim these discounts with the help of the Amazon or wholefoods app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will these discounts be available until Thanksgiving day? 

No, the discounts on turkeys and more will be available until November 22nd. 

Do you have to be an Amazon Prime member for a long time to get these discounts?

No, you can even become an Amazon Prime member now to get these discounts. 

How can the discount be claimed? 

To get the discount on the turkeys and more, you simply need to scan your Amazon app or Wholefoods app at the register while purchasing. 

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