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Powerade is a sport drink brand that was created by the Cola-Cola company in 1988. Coca-Cola started the Powerade brand as a competition to Pepsi’s Gatorade. The brand was an instant hit due to Coca-Cola’s aggressive marketing and it became the Olympics’ official sports drink in the same year.

Powerade is the official sports drink of several sports organizations like Olympic teams, NASCAR, PGA Tour, among others. Powerade has also been promoted by major sports athletes like LeBron James and John Cena.

So in this article, I will tell you the latest Powerade prices. But besides the Powerade prices, I will tell you all the different varieties of drinks that Powerade manufactures.

Powerade Prices

The ingredients used in a Powerade drink are Water, Salt, High fructose corn syrup, Phenylalanine, Potassium citrate, Sucralose, Sodium citrate, Potassium phosphate, Malic acid, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6.

It is a sports drink, so it rehydrates the body after strenuous physical exercise. The rehydration quality makes it a popular drink among professional and amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and other people engaged in physical activities.

Powerade is available in a variety of options like Powerade Originals, Powerade Zero Sugar, Powerade Ultra and Powerade Water. And all of these categories have a wide variety of flavors that I’ll discuss later in the article.

The Powerade prices are similar to other sports drink prices. The prices depend on the size of the bottle you are buying. You can buy Powerade from any of the leading supermarkets like Walmart, Target, CVS, Sam’s Club and more. So let’s check out the latest Powerade prices of 2020.


Powerade20 oz. Bottle$1.48
Powerade32 oz. Bottle$0.68
Powerade8 x 20 oz. Bottle$4.48


Powerade32 oz. Bottle$1.99
Powerade4 x 20 oz. Bottle$2.99


Powerade32 oz. Bottle$0.89
Powerade8 x 20 oz. Bottle$4.29


Powerade32 oz. Bottle$1.00


Powerade32 oz Bottle$1.87
Powerade4 x 20 oz. Bottle$3.19

Powerade Products

Powerade prices

Similar to other energy Powerade is also available in various other varieties. Those different varieties are Powerade Originals, Powerade Zero Sugar, Powerade Ultra, and Powerade Water. The different varieties have a bunch of flavors that are made with Water, Salt, High fructose corn syrup, Phenylalanine, Potassium citrate, Sucralose, Sodium citrate, Potassium phosphate, Malic acid, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6.

So let’s check out all the flavors of Powerade Energy Drink.

Powerade Originals

  1. Mountain Berry Blast
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Grape
  4. Orange
  5. Lemon Lime
  6. White Cherry
  7. Blue Raspberry Cherry
  8. Strawberry Lemonade
  9. Melon
  10. Citrus Passionfruit
  11. Twisted Blackberry
  12. Watermelon Strawberry Wave
  13. Tropical Mango
  14. Kiwi Pineapple
  15. Lemonade

Powerade Zero Sugar

  1. Mixed Berry
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Grape
  4. White Cherry
  5. Orange
  6. Strawberry

Powerade Ultra

  1. Mixed Berry
  2. White Cherry
  3. Citrus Blast

Powerade Power Water

  1. Berry Cherry
  2. Cucumber Lime
  3. Tropical Mango

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