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Are you searching for the latest Potbelly menu on the internet? If yes, then thefoodxp is the right place for you. In this article, I will tell you the latest Potbelly menu with prices. But the Potbelly menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article.

I will also tell you the Contact Information, Franchising Details and Nutritional Breakdown of the items present on the Potbelly menu. But before knowing all this, let’s check out some history about Potbelly.

Potbelly is an American based restaurant chain that was founded by Bryant Keil on January 14, 1977. The first store of Potbelly was opened in Chicago. But Potbelly was never originally started as a food company.

Originally it was an antique store. But people usually get hungry while shopping. So Bryant Keil came up with this idea of selling sandwiches in Potbelly. And right now, Potbelly is known for its submarine sandwiches.

Potbelly Menu Prices

Potbelly menu

The Potbelly menu includes sandwiches, salads, soups, sides, chips, desserts, shakes, smoothies, beverages and many more. But Potbelly is widely popular among people for its variety of submarine sandwiches that are freshly sold.

There are a bunch of options for vegetarians and meat lovers to enjoy their favorite food in Potbelly. The subs in the Potbelly menu are served hot as every sandwich comes directly from the oven. You can choose between the regular bread or the multigrain wheat bread.

Their delicious Italian sub. and their Tuna salad sandwich are the most famous items from their menu. Potbelly is a place where you can take your family for a meal without worrying about your pocket too much.

The Potbelly menu prices are very reasonable as most of the items on their menu costs between $3 to $9. So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Potbelly menu with prices.


Clubby (Original)$6.10
Clubby (Big)$7.25
Italian (Original)$5.00
Italian (Big)$6.10
Turkey Breast (Original)$4.80
Turkey Breast (Big)$6.00
Smoked Ham (Original)$4.80
Smoked Ham (Big)$6.00
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean (Original)$6.20
Grilled Chicken Mediterranean (Big)$7.40
Tuna Salad (Original)$4.80
Tuna Salad (Big)$6.00
Pizza Sandwich (Original)$5.00
Pizza Sandwich (Big)$6.40
A Wreck (Original)$5.00
A Wreck (Big)$6.40
Grilled Chicken (Original)$5.40
Grilled Chicken (Big)$6.60
Roast Beef (Original)$4.80
Roast Beef (Big)$6.00
Mediterranean (Original)$5.20
Mediterranean (Big)$6.40
Chicken Salad (Original)$4.80
Chicken Salad (Big)$6.00
Meatball (Original)$4.80
Meatball (Big)$6.00
Vegetarian (Original)$4.80
Vegetarian (Big)$6.00


Farmhouse Salad$7.35
Farmhouse Salad (No Chicken)$6.35
Chicken Salad Salad$6.45
Chickpea Veggie Salad$6.45
Uptown Salad$7.35
Uptown Salad (No Chicken)$6.35
Wreck Salad$6.45

Soups & Chili

Broccoli Cheddar (Cup)$3.20
Broccoli Cheddar (Bowl)$4.50
Chicken Enchilada (Cup)$3.20
Chicken Enchilada (Bowl)$4.50
Lentil Kale & Turkey Sausage (Cup)$3.20
Lentil Kale & Turkey Sausage (Bowl)$4.50
Loaded Baked Potato (Cup)$3.20
Loaded Baked Potato (Bowl)$4.50
Garden Vegetable (Cup)$3.20
Garden Vegetable (Bowl)$4.50
Chicken Noodle (Cup)$3.20
Chicken Noodle (Bowl)$4.50
Tomato (Cup)$3.20
Tomato (Bowl)$4.50
Chili (Cup)$3.50
Chili (Bowl)$4.90

Sides & Desserts

Side Salad$1.70
Sugar Cookie$1.25
Ice Cream Sandwich$2.80
Mini Choc Cookies (2 Pack)$1.10
Dream Bar$1.50
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip$1.25
Chocolate Brownie Cookie$1.25
Bag Mini Cookies (12 Pc.)$3.90


Soda (Can)$1.10
Arizona Tea$1.85
Nantucket Nectar$2.05
San Pellegrino$2.10
Izze Blackberry$1.90
Sobe Yum-Pom$2.10
Sobe Fuji Apple$2.10
Bottled Soda (20 oz.)$1.85
Bottled Water (16 oz.)$1.60
Bottled Water (25 oz.)$2.10
San Pellegrino Rosa$1.85
Izze Grapefruit$1.90


Classic Shake$2.90
Classic Smoothie$2.90
Fruit Shake$3.20
Fruit Smoothie$3.20

Box O’Sandwiches

Full Belly (Sandwich, Side Salad, Chips & Cookie)$9.35
Perfect Belly (Sandwich, Chips & Cookie)$7.65
Basic Belly ((Sandwich & Chips)$6.40
Just Sandwich (Only Sandwich)$5.20

Bowl O’Salads

Farmhouse Salad$39.00
Farmhouse Salad (No Chicken)$37.00
Uptown Salad$39.00
Uptown Salad (No Chicken)$37.00

Soup For A Group

Broccoli Cheddar$28.00
Chicken Enchilada$28.00
Lentil Kale & Turkey Sausage$28.00
Loaded Baked Potato$28.00
Garden Vegetable$28.00
Chicken Noodle$28.00

Potbelly Nutritional Information

Nutritional Breakdownpotbelly.com/nutrition-calculator/menu
Nutritional Calculatorpotbelly.com/nutrition-calculator
Allergen Menupotbelly.com/nutrition-calculator/allergens

Restaurant brands like Chuck E. Cheese provide their nutritional information on their website so that their customers can easily access it. So to check the nutritional information of all the items present on the Potbelly menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Potbelly Franchise Cost

Potbelly franchise

Potbelly has 474 locations all over the world. The brand has its outlets in countries like United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Kuwait, and India. So if you want to open a Potbelly store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee$40,000
Total Investment$503,950-$849,000
Royalty6% of Gross Sales

Important Links

Official Websitepotbelly.com/
Gift Cardspotbelly.com/giftcards
Online Order potbelly.com/start-order

Potbelly Contact Information

Potbelly Corporate Office Address- 111 North Canal StreetSuite 850Chicago, IL 60606USA

Potbelly Corporate Phone Number- (312) 951-0600

You can also contact the team of Potbelly by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/potbellysandwichshop/

Instagram Account- instagram.com/potbellysandwichshop/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/Potbelly

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