5 Post-Workout Drinks To Try For 2021

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Once you’ve just done a strenuous workout, it’s very important for you to replenish the fluids you’ve lost. It’s normal to feel dehydrated from all that physical activity you just went through, but you’ll want to be certain your post-workout drink isn’t hurting the purported bodily effects you intend to achieve.

5 Post-Workout Drinks To Try For 2021

Proper post-workout hydration is said to be crucial, especially if your goal is to maintain endurance and to recover properly. Otherwise, you may experience extreme pain or your body ends up ceasing to function well enough the following day.

In this article, you’ll learn more about five of the best beverages you can have as your post-workout drink to maximize the effects of your workout and for better recovery as well.

  1. Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon verbena tea is a lot like your ordinary lemon drink with its bright and citrus aroma and flavor. The verbena adds a smooth and creamy taste which balances out the aromatic and herbal, sweet and sour feel coming from a plain lemon drink. If you’ve been working out late in the afternoon or early evening, you’ll find lemon verbena tea as one of the best beverages to drink. 

There are many alleged health benefits you can enjoy from drinking lemon verbena tea and these include:

  • It has good relaxant qualities which are great for soothing any cramps or muscle pain you may have after your workout;
  • A glass of lemon verbena tea may promote a good night’s sleep and it also has contents that may relax the body’s nervous system; and
  • Some say that it’s a great help in treating and managing joint pain.
  1. Chocolate Milk

For as long as the one you’re opting for is unsweetened chocolate milk and you happen to love a good cup of chocolate drink, it’s time for you to rejoice. 

Chocolate milk is believed to be a very good post-workout drink. Consuming carbs after your exercise actually is said to replenish your muscles by replacing all the glycogen you’ve lost during your workout. 

If your chocolate milk of choice has good protein quantities, you can have the best recovery for your tired muscles. It also has high water content, which is necessary for replenishing lost electrolytes during the workout.

  1. Water

Water may be bland and tasteless, but you just simply can’t turn a blind eye to its efficacy for post-workout. It’s cheap and it’s great at hydrating you amidst all the electrolytes you’ve lost during your exercise, be it a cardio exercise or resistance training. 

The key to maintaining your body’s proper hydration is to ensure you drink water before, during, and most importantly after your workout. It’s also a failproof drink so you’re certain it doesn’t have any unwanted calories or fats which you should steer clear of after every exercise routine.

  1. Coconut Water

If you want to have some flavor to your post-workout drink, coconut water is a very good beverage of choice. It has so many benefits including high nutrient and antioxidant levels. This fact alone makes it not surprising at all why it earns its spot as one of the best options out there. 

Another advantage of opting for coconut water as your post-workout beverage is the very fact that it has a lower sodium content than many sports drinks available in the market. This makes it more beneficial at replenishing the sweat lost during both a light and a heavy workout.

  1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is said to be great as a post-workout drink because it has good energy-restoring and fat-torching benefits. Remember that immediately after engaging in a strenuous exercise routine, your body’s proteins are going to degrade faster than normal. This means that your muscles aren’t going to build themselves back, right after a high workout routine. 

When you get the right amount of whey protein based on your needs, you may even lose more body weight and fat than those who don’t consume supplements with whey protein.

Apart from those benefits, here are other reasons to convince you that drinking whey protein as a post-workout beverage is a good idea:

  • It’s a great source of high-quality protein, so it’s also great to have not just post-workout but even on those instances when you may feel the need to supplement your current protein levels;
  • Whey protein drinks may lower blood pressure; and
  • Inflammations caused by intense workouts may be reduced.


As you can see, when you’re serious about your health and fitness journey, you’ll understand that hitting the gym is just half of the journey. You have to go deeper than that after every workout to ensure the maximum benefits are accomplished. The list above just enlightened you with some of the powerhouse beverages you can have, after your workout, so you can maximize your workout benefits and improve your muscle healing.

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