Porridge Vs. Congee | All The Differences You Need To Know

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If you are looking for ways to start your day with a hearty, light breakfast, the idea of porridge or congee comes to one’s mind. Many people often confuse the two. They are often thought to be the same. But are they the same? Let’s find out!


Even though porridge and congee look a little alike, they are two different food items. They have different methods of preparation, culinary usage, and health benefits. Thus in this article, we are all going to talk about porridge vs. congee, all the differences you need to know.

Porridge is an umbrella term for any soft food made from grain or legume by simply cooking it in water or mild. It is often combined with sweet dishes like jam or coulis. Conversely, a congee refers to a Chinese porridge that is often combined with savory ingredients like spices and meat.

This is one of the major differences between the two dishes. However, that’s not the only difference. So, if you want to know much more about these ingredients, scroll down and read this post.

Porridge Vs. Congee | Difference Table

Basis Of Difference Porridge Congee
Origin ScotlandChina
IngredientsAny grains and water/ milkGrain / Water/ Broth
TasteMainly Sweet Mostly Savoury 
Texture Slightly Textured Silky Smooth
Cooking Time 3 – 5 minutes1 to 1 ½ hours
NutritionNutritiousContains much more nutrition from different ingredients.

What Is Porridge? 


Porridge, we can say, is a synonym for comfort food. Whenever we hear of porridge, oats come to our minds. But porridge is not made of just oats. Porridge is any kind of soft food that is cooked in plain water or milk. It can be any kind of grain or cereal. 

There are many versions of porridge all around the world. The origin of porridge cannot be pinpointed to one particular place. However, it has been here since the beginning of the neolithic age. 

The most consumed kind of porridge is oats. People all around the world love oats porridge. Porridges are often thought to be had with something sweet. However, many porridges are taken with savory dishes.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for porridge. Porridge can be thick or thin. It can be served with or without topping and can be paired with sweet or savory things. The only thing is that porridge must be cooked with grain and served warmly!

Now that we have a little idea about porridge, let’s look at some of the different kinds of porridge available worldwide. 

Grits – This porridge is made from maize and is native to Southern America. It is often served with sweet or savory things. 

Arroz Caldo – Also known as lugaw, this porridge is a specialty of the Philippines. This is made from raw or leftover rice and is cooked in chicken broth until it breaks down. This is often enjoyed as a snack meal or as a full meal. It is often served with fried garlic, silver, and sliced green onion. 

Kasha – This version of porridge is famous in Eastern Europe. Kasha is made from buckwheat or buckwheat groats and is often eaten as a side dish. 

Polentina – If America is hooked on Grits, Italy is all about Polentina. This porridge is made from corn and has been enjoyed by people ever since the 18th century. Polentina is often enriched with different fruits and is extremely nutritious and delicious.

What Is Congee?


Congee is a type of porridge served across Asian countries, especially in China. It is made from rice and is often served with a sweet or savory side dish. Even though the basic way of making congee remains the same, the taste of it varies from place to place.

Congee is nothing but rice cooked in plain water and is often served with savory dishes like meat or vegetables. Sometimes it is often eaten as it is or simply with a beaten egg. Even though congee is specific to China, there are different versions of dishes worldwide.

In Japan, the dish made in a similar way as that of congee is called Kayu; in Korea, it is called Juk; and in Taiwan, it is called xifan. All of these are made from rice and water. However, the add-on ingredients change from place to place and give it a specific taste to congee. 

Porridge Vs. Congee | Similarities Between The Two


Now that we have read a little about congee and porridge, let’s look at some similarities between the two.

Congee Is A Porridge 

Porridge, as we said, is an umbrella term that comprises all dishes cooked with grain and water. Therefore, we could say that congee is also a kind of porridge. Hence, calling a congee a porridge is acceptable. 

Both Are Made From Similar Ingredients 

Both porridge and congee are made from cereal and water and are often served with sweet or savory dishes. Both dishes have a neutral taste, which is often decided by the side dish served along with it. 


Both porridge and congee do have a similar appearance. Both are white when served plain and have a pudding-like texture to them. Not just this, they are often served warm along with some toppings.

Thus if you are not accustomed to porridge or congee, you might think of them as the same dishes. 

Both Are Served Along With A Side Dish Or With Toppings

Porridge and congee don’t have much flavor of their own. Hence they are often served with toppings or side dishes to enhance their flavor. The side dish can be anything sweet or savory and affects the taste of the porridge.

Type Of Usage 

Both porridge and congee are comfort food and are used and served in a similar way across the globe. 

Both Are Eaten As A Comfort Dish

Both porridge and congee are just a synonym for comfort food. This simple warm meal is enough to fill our tummies and hearts! These are easily digestible and are often served by such people. 

Porridge Vs. Congee | Difference Between The Two


Now that we have seen some similarities between the two, let us understand what makes congee different from porridge. 

1. Origin

Porridge and congee have different origins. The origin of porridge cannot be pinpointed to one specific place. However, it is thought to have originated in Scotland. On the other hand, Congee has its origin in China. 

Congee has been a comfort food in China ever since the Han Dynasty in 206 BCE. It is thought to be a medicinal dish and is made accordingly. 

2. Taste And Aroma

Both congee and porridge have a very bland taste when cooked in water. However, congee is not often served as a bland-tasting food, unlike porridge. It is often cooked in chicken or vegetable broth and is extremely flavorful.

Regular porridge only uses water or milk as its base. But congee can be cooked in multiple ways. With the varying base, the overall flavor of the dish also varies. Porridge is often served as sweet, whereas congee is often served as a savory dish. 

3. Texture 

Porridge and congee have an almost similar texture. However, since congee is made from rice, it is more smashable. A well-cooked congee will have a silky smooth texture to them. 

4. Cooking Time 

There is a slight variation in cooking time between the two. Porridge is often cooked in plain water or milk and is often cooked with oats. Oats will only take minutes to get cooked. However, that’s not the case with rice.

Rice may take up to 15 minutes to cook properly. Some varieties of rice even need 20 minutes to get perfectly cooked. Hence when compared between the two, congee needs more cooking time than porridge. 

5. Health Benefits

Both congee and porridge are made similarly and might look similar. Both these dishes are extremely good for our gut health as they are easily digestible dishes. However, porridge is often made with oats, and congee is made from rice.

Hence there are some specific health benefits associated with each dish. Porridge made from oats is high in fiber content. It also contains a fiber called beta-glucan, which helps maintain our body’s cholesterol level. 

Oats porridge is also a great way to manage our weight. Since oats porridge contains so much fiber, it creates a sense of fullness and helps you avoid eating unwanted food. 

Congee is also extremely nutritious. A great fact about congee is that the nutritional benefit of the food can be adjusted based on one’s requirements. If the person is affected with the flu, congee can be served with ginger and scallion.

Traditionally congee has been served as a medicinal food in China. There are many ways of adding ingredients to the regular congee to compact the disease.

Easy Porridge Recipes To Make At Home 

If you are tired of eating your regular porridge, here are some porridge variety recommendations you can try at home next time. Most of them are extremely easy to make and are too delicious to miss out on!

1. Baked Apple Pudding Porridge 

baked apple pudding porridge

Apples and oats go hand in hand. Try this baked apple pudding porridge if you are in a bad mood and want to cheer yourself up. This tastes more like a pudding than a dessert and can be cooked in a few minutes. 

To make this recipe, take some rolled oats in a bowl. Add some sliced apples, cinnamon, and honey for taste. Put some milk over it and microwave for 5 minutes. Your super yummy bowl is all set.

2. Banoffee Porridge Recipe 

banoffee porridge recipe

Porridges are not just served as comfort food. They also serve as a great post or pre-workout meal. Hence if you love to include bananas and oats in your regular breakfast, then this banoffee porridge recipe could be idle for you. 

For making this recipe, start by roasting oats in a pan. Once done, add plant-based or regular milk to the pan and cook it thoroughly. In another pan, add some butter and roast thinly sliced bananas. 

Add maple syrup over the banana while frying it. Add some yogurt, honey, and cinnamon powder to the oats porridge pan. Add the fried banana to the pan and serve it along with some almond or peanut butter.

3. Chai Latte Porridge Recipe 

chai latte porridge

Porridges are great food. However, if you want to make it energizing, try this chai latte porridge recipe. It is a mix of spices and sweetness; once you have it, you could probably want to have it every day. 

For making this recipe, start by boiling milk with some sugar, cardamom, star anise, ginger, nutmeg powder, and cinnamon powder in a bowl. Once boiled, strain the milk and remove all the spices in it.

Use the same milk to prepare the oats. Serve it hot with some nutmeg powder and honey!

4. Pineapple Porridge With Coconut 

pineapple porridge with coconut

Try some pineapple porridge with coconut if you want to bring some tropical flavors to your regular porridge meal. This meal is not just tasty but is also highly nutritious in nature. It is an ideal meal to have as an evening snack.

For making the recipe, start by cooking the oats in coconut and almond milk. Add a salt pinch and cook until the oats attain a thick gravy consistency.

Creamy Nutella Porridge Recipe 

creamy Nutella porridge recipe

If you think Nutella tastes best with bread, then here is a creamy Nutella porridge recipe to change your mind. This is a simple recipe and is an idle recipe for your kids. So next time you have some Nutella at home, try this yummy recipe. 

We need some rolled oats, milk, and Nutella to make this recipe. Start by boiling milk and rolled oats in a bowl. Take the bowl off the heat. Add some Nutella to it and mix it very well.

Serve with some almonds and fresh fruits.

Easy Congee Recipes To Make At Home 

Congee, as I said, is an easy recipe to cook. All you need is to boil some rice in water and serve it hot. However, this kind of congee is very bland and might not be likable to everyone. Thus if you want to try some congee at home, here are some recipes!

1. Easy Vegan Congee Recipe 

vegan congee recipe

So many people are of the idea that change that congee is a non-vegetarian dish. However, there are so many ways to cook a veg congee recipe. If you are a vegan and yet want to try a congee, try making this vegan congee recipe.

For this recipe, we need rice, chopped cabbage, celery stick, etc. Start by cooking a base for the recipe. Add vegetable broth, water, fried onion, finely chopped cabbage, and celery to a pan.

Once the water starts to boil, add some washed rice into the water and let it boil. Once the rice is well cooked, turn off the heat and serve it with some fried onions and celery.

2. Miso Brown Rice Congee

miso brown rice congee

Congee is not just a comfort food for the Chinese. Congee is often associated with so many health benefits. Thus if you want to enjoy the flavor of this dish while gaining its health benefits, try this easy miso brown rice congee.

For making this recipe, start by mixing some water, brown rice, and miso in a bowl and keep it for some hours. In another bowl, start by boiling some water and miso in a bowl. Add some chicken or beef broth to the mixture and boil it again. Cook for 1 hour or more or until the rice gets softened. 

Cook some poached eggs and serve them along with rice. 

3. Vietnamese Chicken Congee 

Vietnamese Chicken Congee

Nothing has a charm like some chicken soup and rice on a gloomy day. Try this Vietnamese chicken congee recipe if you want to serve a delicious dinner to a group of friends under a budget. This is easy to cook and is too delicious. 

 To make this recipe, start by cooking the broth. Add some chicken/ turkey, ginger, onion, salt, and fish sauce to the water and bring it to a boil. Once the meat is well cooked, remove the bones and all pieces of leftover spices from the broth.

While the broth is cooking, make the rice in another bowl. Mix them and adjust the consistency. Serve this with some fish sauce and freshly chopped celery.

4. Seafood Congee 

seafood congee

Congee is not all about chicken or meat dishes; if you are a seafood lover, then this seafood congee has all the potential to be your favorite food from now on. It combines rice, broth, fish sauce, crab, and shrimp perfectly. It has a warm taste to it from the ginger and cilantro added to it. 

5. Pork Bone Congee

Pork bone congee

Pork bone congee is packed with the flavors of the meat. It has an intense meat taste to it. It is thicker than the usual congee and is very nutritious. But pork bone is not all about pork; it also contains squid, which adds an earthy taste to the food.

We also need some cilantro, rice, pepper, and ginger. Put all of this in a slow cooker and cook for some time. This dish is a perfect combination of meaty, salty flavor combined with a slight sweetness. 

Porridge Vs. Congee | Which Is Healthier?


Both porridge and congee are great on their own. In a way, congee is a type of porridge. Both have a similar flavor profile and texture. However, regarding nutritional profile, we could say that congee is much more nutritious than porridge. 

Congee has been used as a medicinal food for a really long time. The ingredients in it can be adjusted according to the needs of the person eating it. On the other hand, porridge has a set way of ingredients.

Thus when the two are compared, we could say that congee is much healthier than regular porridge.

Porridge Vs. Congee | Which Is Tastier?


Both porridge and congee are delicious on their own. When cooked in a basic way, the porridge and congee taste bland. The taste of both dishes heavily depends upon the ingredients we add to them.

Porridge can be cooked in multiple ways. However, porridge is mostly cooked and served with sweet dishes. On the other hand, congee is often cooked as both a sweet and savory dish. Also, a lot of ingredients are involved in the making of congee.

Thus, congee is tastier than porridge when we compare both according to their taste. 

Porridge Vs. Congee | Which Is More Versatile?

Chocolate Porridge

Regarding versatility, we have to give it up for porridge. Even congee is a kind of porridge. There are different versions of porridge all across the world. Congee is just a type of it. Hence when compared between the two, porridge is more versatile than congee.

Porridge Vs. Congee | Which Is Better?


After talking about congee and porridge, we could say that congee is better than porridge. Porridge can be cooked in many ways. However, congee is much more flavorful and nutritious than regular porridge.

That said, we cannot ignore the health benefits and taste of porridge! Moreover, porridge is much easier to cook than congee.


Now that we have reached the end of the article, I hope you have understood the difference between both dishes. Both porridge and congee are traditional dishes and have been consumed all around the world. 

Congee is nothing but a version of porridge. However, comparing the taste, variety, and nutritional values, we could say that congee is better than porridge. If you are new to these dishes, make sure to try any of the recipes enlisted in the article!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is congee and porridge the same?

No. Congee and porridge are two different food items.

Why is congee called porridge?

Any grains, which are cooked in water/milk are called porridge. In that way, congee is also a porridge.

What is Chinese porridge called?

A Chinese porridge is called a congee.

Is congee an Indian food?

No. Congee has its origin in China. However, it has now become a common food in many Asian countries including that of India.

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