How to Make Porketta Roast at Home

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Julbi Pandoh
Julbi is a Punjab native who enjoys nothing better than making something special from a bunch of ingredients for her husband and daughter. This is what she loves to do and no one can deny the fact how much a Punjabi loves food. And we can see that in Julbi’s enthusiasm for food.

Cooking various recipes and sharing them with you is what I love to do. While finding a recipe to cook or share, I get various search results. Some recipes involve the frying process, some steaming, grilling or maybe baking. I prefer the process of baking. I guess you can bake almost everything in one way or the other.

Baking a cake or some cuisine is my favourite part. So I am going to share a baking recipe today with you all. The recipe I am going to share with you is Porketta Roast. It is an Italian dish made with boneless pork and seasoned with herbs and spices and baked roast.

All the pork lovers reading this, give it a try and you will definitely love this recipe for sure. Check out the recipe and get started with it.

Ingredients for Porketta Roast

Dill Seed1 tablespoon
Fennel Seed1 tablespoon
Dried Oregano1 teaspoon
Lemon Pepper1 teaspoon
Onion Powder¼ teaspoon
Garlic Powder¼ teaspoon
Boneless Pork Roast4 pounds 

Ingredients for this recipe are easy to find. Grab them and get started. Till then let me tell you how much time it will take to make this delicacy.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking Time Total Time
15 minutes1 hour 30 minutes1 hour 45 minutes

This cuisine will take time to make but it will surely be worth all your efforts. So just overlook the time required to prepare it and give it a try.

Porketta Roast Recipe

Porketta Roast recipe
  1. Set the oven on preheat mode at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
  2. Take a small bowl and add fennel seeds, dill seeds, oregano, lemon pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Mix them well. Coat the roasts with the mixture.
  3. In a 10×15 inch roasting pan, place the roasts.
  4. Bake them for 1 to 1 ½ hour or till the internal pork’s temperature reaches 145 degrees F (63 degrees C).
  5. Serve hot.

It is an easy recipe to make. Just follow the steps appropriately and you will get the best outcome. This moist and spicy meat will give a great taste. It will be a great hit among the spicy-food lovers.

Nutritional Breakdown of Porketta Roast


If you have any doubt regarding the recipe, do not hesitate to ask your question. I will be delighted to help you and give the best solution. Enjoy your food!

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