Popeyes Releases New Dessert Called Wild Berry Beignets

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With the inclusion of a new unofficial mascot at the Louisiana Popeyes, Popeyes is getting more and more inclined towards its Louisianan roots! Not just that, but Popeyes has now released a new menu item inspired by the same!

Wild Berry Beignets

Popeyes is releasing “Wild Berry Beignets,” and we are unable to contain our excitement! Popeyes is describing this new dessert to be “a classic New Orleans-style pastry.”

Popeyes is mostly known for its fried chicken. Taking “New Year, New Me” a bit seriously, Popeyes, this sweet addition to their menu is one of their efforts to provide their menu with a mild makeover.

The Wild Berry Beignet is currently on a trial run and is being offered in only three locations – New York, Illinois, and California. The sales of these beignets are receiving mixed reviews, but it’s just a trial run for now.

The Wild Berry Beignets are filled with a chocolate sauce, Hershey’s, and has a generous layer of dusted sugar on them. You can order the beignets in three different quantities; three, six, and twelve.

The three-piece order is priced at $1.99, the six-piece order at $3.99, and the twelve-piece order at $7.49. This seems like a sweet deal for Popeyes customers and we hope this menu item joins the Popeyes menu permanently!

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