How to make Pommery Mustard Sauce at Home

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Pommery Mustard Sauce is a versatile and delicious sauce which can be made in a variety of ways. It goes well with shrimp or as a dipping sauce in a shrimp cocktail. Learning to make Pommery Mustard Sauce at home is a perfect way to celebrate holidays.

This Pommery Mustard Sauce Recipe brought to you is very simple and easy to make at home within 20 minutes. Also, you need only 4 major ingredients along with some seasoning and you are good to go.

Well, I must inform you that I tasted this delicious Pommery Mustard Sauce at my friend’s birthday party. I was so impressed with its texture and flavour, that I wanted to make it at my home at the earliest. When I made Pommery Mustard Sauce at home, I and my parents were equally amazed by its taste. So, I make this very often at my place.

I would recommend you to give it a try. If you want to learn how to make Pommery Mustard Sauce at home, just follow the below mentioned clear directions. You would have a great time in making this delicious Pommery Mustard Sauce Recipe at your home!

Ingredients for Pommery Mustard Sauce

Ingredients Amount
Shallots or onions (chopped)1/4 cup
Dry white wine 1/2 cup
Whipping cream 1 cup
Pommery mustard2 tablespoons
Chopped fresh basil 1 tablespoon
Fresh dill 1 tablespoon

How much time would it take?

Preparation time Cooking time Total time
10 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes

Pommery Mustard Sauce Recipe

Pommery Mustard Sauce recipe
  1. Take a medium saucepan. Boil white wine and chopped shallots over high heat in it for about 4-5 minutes.
  2. Before adding whipping cream, reduce heat to simmer until the mixture is reduced to half.
  3. Now, add Pommery mustard, basil and dill.
  4. Let it simmer for about 2 minutes so that these flavours get blended properly.
  5. You can season the prepared sauce with salt and pepper as well.

Nutritional Information of Pommery Mustard Sauce Recipe

Calories 111
Fats 9 g
Carbohydrates 3 g
Proteins 1 g

How to Make Pommery Mustard at Home | Video

Video by National Mustard Museum

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