How To Plan A Dinner Party On A Tight Budget

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Hosting a feast for your friends and family on special occasions or get-togethers is a tempting prospect. However, we can’t deny that such parties cost money. Well, that’s why we’ll tell you how to plan a dinner party on a tight budget.

Dinner Party

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But there are also ways where you can actually pull off an amazing dinner party without anyone knowing about your money problems.

Some ways to plan a dinner party on a tight budget are better planning, shopping the smart way, and always checking your pantry. 

Keeping everyone’s taste buds excited with minimum spending isn’t an impossible endeavor. However, detailed preparation is necessary so you don’t go over your budget. That said, you should still have your calculator out and do the math first. Read on!

1. The Planning


Obviously, the best thing to do is to plan ahead and decide what meals you will prepare for your dinner party. The absence of such a plan will inevitably lead to expensive last-minute purchases in grocery shops or fast food chains.

Make sure you take the dietary restrictions of your guests into account. You can’t just decide at random or simply choose your favorite dishes.

Ideally, you will need to make a guest list and collect everyone’s meal preferences. Tastes differ, but that isn’t the major headache. 

What if:

  • Karen strictly adheres to the Keto diet.
  • Oliver is an ethical vegan.
  • Jack is allergic to eggs.
  • Frank is recovering after abdominal surgery.
  • Julie is pregnant and can’t stand even the slightest smell of certain foods.

This scenario can be a nightmare to think about. Still, you have to make sure there is at least one delicious dish that fits each guest’s preferences.

This is quite possible, provided you have a few weeks before the event to think everything through.

2. Grocery Shopping The Smart Way

Grocery shopping

Once you have planned what you’ll serve, the next thing you need to do is pay attention to your grocery needs. It’s true that shopping smartly will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary budget slips.

Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

  1. Pay attention to the store brand as they are typically less expensive, even though their quality can be just as good.
  2. Do not fall for supermarket marketing tricks, such as “two for one “offers and the like, as they urge you to purchase expensive products, and you might end up buying more than what you had planned.
  3. Try to look for lucrative deals at small farm shops. You might be in for a pleasant surprise. 
  4. Accept the challenge of growing your own veggies if you have enough space. However, this may be more of a long-term plan instead of something you can prepare for in two weeks. 
  5. Whenever possible, stay away from ready packs of produce (such as a 250-g pack of cherry tomatoes or a 300-g pack of baby carrots). More often than not, their prices are unreasonably high.
  6. Buy veggies and fruits that are in season, as they are cheaper. If some items are missing, look for their frozen counterparts—they are still nutritious. 

3. Save More By Checking What’s In Your Pantry

Food Pantry

When writing down a list of all the ingredients for planned dishes, do an inventory at home to see what ingredients you already have in stock.

You can also make use of leftovers in your fridge. You just need to use your imagination when thinking of ways of incorporating these into your dinner party meals to make your dollar stretch. Here are some ways to do so: 

  • Add leftover meat, such as chicken and shrimp, to some green salad or a paste with veggies.
  • Chop up leftover meat and add it into a soup, simmering until all the flavors get blended.
  • Use leftover salmon or any seafood to make tiny cakes. 
  • Turn stale bread into croutons, breadcrumbs, or stuffing for roasted chicken. 
  • Add some zest to salads and pasta with leftover veggies. 

4. Get Your Guests Involved

Potluck Dinner

Normally, it depends on the occasion, but in some cases, you can have your guests help you with preparing the food.

Have someone assemble the salads and start setting the table while you’re busy with the main dish. Think of the jobs you can delegate; many guests might be willing to participate. 

Moreover, sharing the costs is also an option, particularly with family. You can spin it around and make it a potluck dinner and have your guests bring food like appetizers, drinks, and desserts.

That would make a whale of a difference to your meal budget. After all, dinner parties aren’t just about eating good food; it’s also about having a good time with the people close to you.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a dinner party with money problems is not an easy task. But if you do it smartly, you might actually throw a bash without spending much cash.

This was all from my side. I hope you liked the article. Tell me in the comments, did you find our article useful? I’ll see you another time. Happy hosting!

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