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5 Best Places to Eat in Negril, Jamaica for A Hearty and Authentic Meal

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Transforming from a small fishing village into one of the leading destinations in Jamaica, Negril, you see today, is home to a series of beachfront resorts, boutique hotels, a range of outdoor leisure pursuits, and a heap of mouthwatering dishes. 

Places to Eat in Negril, Jamaica

Everything has a special taste and unique flavor, from the street foods of Jamaica to some occasional food choices in the country. 

The choice of food items here gives people an intriguing taste that is loved by all. Seafood dominates the flavor here and is quite commonly consumed by the natives.

The best food in Negril celebrates traditional Jamaican staples with a modern touch. Dining in Negril always comes with a lively and dynamic note. 

The best places to eat in town are dispersed along the white sandy beaches to local street food gems. Read on to find out the five best places to eat in Negril, Jamaica, for a good time.

1. Pushcart Restaurant and Rum Bar


Soaked in a friendly atmosphere, Pushcart is one of our favorite places to enjoy the classic Jamaican flare with a scenic view.

Perched on the cliff overlooking the enormous Caribbean Sea, Pushcart also goes by the name Jerk Center by the locals and dishes up some of the most wonderful smoked and seasoned chicken, peppered shrimp, steamed fish with bammy, and homemade jerk sausage.

Everything about Pushcart aims to celebrate authentic Jamaican cuisine to the fullest. It’s a cozy and lively place where you want to dine with an upbeat atmosphere in a colorful, breezy setting. 

Some of the best dishes at Pushcart can be found right on the streets of Jamaica. However, this restaurant and rum bar takes it up a notch by adding an upscale, eclectic vibe with local and international artists performing in the dance hall when the sunbeams. 

So what are you waiting for? Hop down the hill to Pushcart by sunset and watch the boats traversing right off the boulder while you’re enjoying some curried goat, oxtail, and chicken!

2. Miss Lily’s Negril

miss lily

Miss Lily is where all your beachfront diners love to come. This is one of the latest additions to the dining scene at Negril, where you can munch on some insanely good Jamaican staples right on the sandy shoreline. 

Get a big serving of Jamaican Special at the ready with some ackee and saltfish served with plantain fresh baked banana bread and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. 

Order some Jerk platters cooked on a custom-built smoker and pair them with a thirst-quenching tropical cocktail during sunset.

Miss Lily is that one place where you want to come with your besties and fellas to celebrate that upbeat Negril vibe right on the beach with the reggae music playing throughout the day. 

No matter what food your heart is after, the chefs at Miss Lily are always meticulous in their preparation and presentation, so you can enjoy the magical, delicious flavor at every bite.

3. Murphy’s West End Restaurant

Get in here, our lobster fans! The Jerk Lobster at Murphy will have you drooling! But that’s not the only thing to get on top of your list when you come here. 

Sip on some ice-cold Red Stripe with jerk chicken served with rice, peas, and fried plantains. 

Murphy is one of the best places to eat in Negril, which rocks all its breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. So no matter what time of the day you stop by, you can still find something delicious, homemade, and fulfilling to wind down and get you through the day.

Murphy has nothing to envy about the heavyweights in town because its food is ready to outshine any other fancy cuisine you’ve had in town. This is where you want to go for the food and not the high-end vibe. 

The setting at Murphy is simple, friendly, and cozy, with hammocks hanging under the thatched roof seating area. Lounge in one of its wooden benches or hammocks and soak in its “dive-bar meets restaurant” place.

4. Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio


Zimbali is not just an eating hole. It’s like an attraction you want to add to your bucket list on a day trip exploring the outside part of town. 

As the name suggests, Zimbali is a cooking studio tucked away in the mountains where you can cleanse your mind and get away from the busy beach scene for a while.

This is a farm-to-table kind of restaurant, where everything you see on the menu comes from the property’s backyard. It’s a perfect place to get something light, heavy, and yummy to detoxify your stomach with vegetarian options.

Instead of popping in, taking a seat, eating, and leaving, you can tour the farm before the meal is ready. And that is the reason why Zimbali makes its way to our bucket list of the best places to eat in Negril.

5. Bongos Restaurant

bongos restaurant

Visiting Jamaica with your spouse? Why not take them to Bongos and cap off your night with a romantic note? Bongos is part of the hotel Sandy Haven Resort located right on the Negril strip. 

Boasting stylish, high-end indoor seating and a breezy patio, Bongos concentrates on the sheer beauty of Jamaican fusion surf and turf. 

Go for their pan-fried snapper filet glazed with jerk aioli and parmesan cheese to call it a day with something hearty, savory, and fulfilling before bedtime. 

If you’re in the mood for seafood, make sure to have its succulent lobster tail blended with garlic lemon butter on the table!

How Much Is the Food in Negril, Jamaica?

The prices for meals in Negril vary depending on what type of restaurants you visit. It may hover around J$1,123 ($7,22) per person. Overall, breakfast in Negril seems simpler, and therefore, it’s a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

There are so many insane vendors dispersed along the streets of Negril you can try aside from the top-rated restaurants we recommend above.

Each place on this list promotes a unique vibe with its distinctive signature menu to please all kinds of eaters. We hope you will find this list helpful, and don’t forget to share it with any big foodie friends you know!


Trying out different cuisines and foods from different continents is a special experience. The Jamaican cuisine has an incredible reputation as a distinct variety that captivates your taste buds.

From exclusive cocktails to fried seafood, all items have some special effect that intrigues consumers. The above list of restaurants gives you an idea of where to try Jamaican cuisine to entice your taste buds. 

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