Pizza Hut Halloween Menu Is Here To Satisfy Monster Hunger

Pizza is always a great party starter, whatever might be the reason or season. So, if you are making plans to add Pizza Hut pizzas to your menu, check out some attractive Pizza Hut Halloween menu offers this season to have a great time.

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Not just the sumptuous range of pizzas but you can also indulge in delicious sides at Pizza Hut on Halloween this year. You can avail special offers on medium pizzas from Pizza Hut, get a large Stuffed Crust Pizza with one topping, and more. Each of these Halloween specials will cost you less than $20.

Last year Pizza Hut celebrated Halloween by offering a deal on the iconic original stuffed crust pizza and teamed up with the original horror streaming service Shudder. Through Saturday, October 30, fans could access an unbeatable 30-day free trial to Shudder, courtesy of Pizza Hut. 

So, this year too, Pizza Hut is bringing back special Halloween deals for its customers. Read on to find out how you can make Halloween special this year. 

Pizza Hut Halloween Menu

Pizza Hut Food

1. 2 Medium Pizzas

This Halloween, Pizza Hut is offering two medium pizzas with one topping each for just $6.99 each for carryout orders. Moreover, you can also buy an original large stuffed crust pizza with one topping for $12.99, or get a regular large one-topping pie for $9.99. 

2 Medium Pizza (Carryout orders)$6.99
Original, large Stuffed Crust Pizza (with one topping)$12.99
Regular large one-topping pie$ 9.99

2. Detroit-Style Pizza

Pizza Hut has also brought back its Detroit-style pizza. It is a rectangular “pie” loaded with toppings and cheese all the way to the edge. Pizza Hut first introduced its Detroit-Style Pizza in early 2021.

Pizza Hut Detroit-Style pizza celebrates all the elements of a true Detroit-style pizza. Each pizza is rectangular-shaped and is served with cheese all the way to the edge. It is loaded with toppings and topped with a premium vine-ripened tomato sauce.

To make this menu item extra special and unique, Pizza Hut has taken a new take on the tomato sauce that tops the pizza. The brand tested eight different versions of the sauce before finding the perfect taste.

“Detroit-Style was a hit from the moment it launched,” said David Graves, General Manager, Pizza Hut. “Once it sold out, our customers have been asking for it back. This is actually the fastest we’ve brought back a pizza in over ten years.”

The Detroit Style pizza is available in four different varieties. You can get a double pepperoni pizza topped with classic pepperoni and Crispy Cupped Pepperoni, a meaty deluxe Detroit style pizza topped with crispy cupped Italian sausage and bacon, the supremo topped with Italian sausage, green pepper, and red Onions, or the CYO (“Create Your Own”) with one topping. You can also add additional toppings for $1 each.

Double pepperoni pizza $ 12.99
Meaty deluxe Detroit style pizza$ 12.99
Supremo$ 12.99
CYO (“Create Your Own”)$ 11.99

3. Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza

While you can take advantage of the above-mentioned Pizza Hut deals this Halloween season, you can also try out another delectable pizza from their menu.

You can also try some other Pizza Hut pizzas that you can try. If you love Pepperoni, then you can try Pizza Hut’s 14″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza or 12″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza.

14″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza$ 20.27
12″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza$ 17.99

4. Meat Lover’s Pizza

You can also try the 14″ Meat Lover’s Pizza and 12″ Meat Lover’s Pizza that features pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, seasoned pork & beef.

14″ Meat Lover’s Pizza$ 20.27
12″ Meat Lover’s Pizza$ 17.99

5. Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza

Moreover, if barbeque is your love, you can try out the 14″ Backyard BBQ chicken pizza and 12″ Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza that features shredded chicken, cheese, onions, bacon, corn, and scallions on a bed of your favorite barbecue sauce. Moreover, you can also create your own large, medium, and personal pan pizzas.

14″ Backyard BBQ chicken pizza$19.29
12″ Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza$16.95

How To Order From Pizza Hut?

Doordash Menu of Pizza Hut

Now that you know all about Pizza Hut’s Halloween menu, let’s find out how to place an order to avail the above-mentioned deals. To avail the 2 medium pizzas, deal for just $6.99 each, you can place an order at the store, or through Pizza Hut’s website. This deal will only be available for carrying out orders.

To avail the original large stuffed crust pizza with one topping for $12.99, or get a regular large one-topping pie for $9.99 deal and Detroit-style pizza, you can place an order at the store, on Pizza Hut’s website.

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This Halloween, Pizza Hut has a special Halloween menu with great offers for its customers. You can indulge in the four varieties of Detroit-style pizza or two medium pizzas with one topping each for just $6.99 each for carryout orders. You can also buy an original large stuffed crust pizza with one topping for $12.99, or get a regular large one-topping pie for $9.99. 

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Is Pizza Hut open on Halloween?

Pizza Hut will stay open on October 31st, 2022, Halloween. It will be taking orders as per its usual timings.

Is Pizza Hut busy on Halloween?

Yes, Pizza Hut remains busy on Halloween Day.

Is Pizza Hut running special Halloween deals?

Yes, Pizza Hut has some special Halloween season menu for you with great deals. You can visit their website to know more about them.

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