Pizza Delight Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Pizza Delight menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have provided the menu of Pizza Delight with prices from the location Ontario, Canada. The menu is updated on 1st April 2024 onwards.

Pizza Delight Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the menu of your nearest Pizza Delight from its official website, android app, or iOS app, or any other delivery platform.

Pizza Delight menu with prices serves you their hand-crafted food items such as steak lovers delight, specials, burgers, subs, signature pizzas, starters, salads, donairs, desserts, drinks, and many more. You can have a meal here for around $73.00.

In this article you will find Pizza Delight menu with prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown. Before you proceed with the menu, check out the history of the restaurant.

The pizza institution that Pizza Delight is, was founded back in 1968 in Shediac, Canada. The restaurant is prominent among the local community members because of the great hospitality and superior quality of food.

Pizza Delight Menu With Prices

Pizza Delight Food

Gather around your friends and family for some quality time and have a blast with the party duo, pizza wing combo, online order special.

There is no need for you to be conflicted between garlic cheese fingers and a pizza of your preference when you can enjoy both with a party duo.

Pizza Delight menu has got you covered for a movie night with a special someone. They have an amazing collection of subs and signature pizza.

Some of them are works pizza sub, Italian sub, super donair sub combo, broadway classic, hawaiian delight, all-star meat, and many more. And also they have an option of create your own pizza.

Pizza Delight restaurant have a section of starters in which they include wings, donair pinwheel, cauliflower garlic cheese fingers, and many more. The prices of these items depends on the size you choose.

If you are on a diet and want to eat healthy, then there is a great news for you. The restaurant has separate section of salads too, that you will be going to love.

And the options are classic caesar salad, and cranberry & goat cheese salad. The prices of these items will depend on the size you choose.

To satiate your sugar rush they have chocolate eruption, peanut butter cheesecake, caramel carrot cheesecake, and many more.

The restaurant has an outstanding varieties of drinks which you will be going to love. And the drinks are pepsi, schweppes ginger ale, orange 591ml bottle, rootbeer 591ml bottle, and there are many more to go.

Also the have small section of dipping sauces too which you can order separately to make you meal more special. So, what are you waiting for!

The variety of toppings available in the pizza delight menu will leave you bewildered. But you can always come back to try different pizzas.

Go through the detailed menu in order to make a choice.

Steak Lovers Delight

Steak Nachos$13.99
6″ Cheesesteak Sub Combo$12.69
12″ Cheesesteak Sub$15.99
Steak & Cheese Naan’wich$16.99
Steakhouse Pizza$15.69


Mix & Match$ 8.99
12″ Pizza Combo$ 23.49
15″ Pizza Combo$ 28.99
12″ Family Deal$ 30.99
15″ Family Deal$ 36.99
The Classics$ 27.99
Meal For 2$ 25.99
Two Super Donairs$ 22.99
Party Pizza$ 28.49
Take-Out Special$ 15.99
The Nines$ 18.49
Online Order Special (2 Pizzas – 12″2 Toppings)$ 18.50
4-Topping Pizza$ 17.99
15″ Square Pizza$ 23.49

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Burgers – Limited-Time Offer

The East Coast’r Burger$18.99
BBQ Bacon Burger$18.99
Tex – Mex Chipotle Burger$18.99


12″ Works Pizza Sub$13.99
12″ Super Donair Sub$14.59
12″ Italian Sub$13.99
6″ Italian Delight Sub Combo$10.69
6″ Super Donair Sub Combo$11.49
6″ The Works Sub Combo$10.69

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Signature Pizzas

Items9″21″ Party Pizza
Spicy Harlem Chicken$15.69$21.99
Broadway Classic$15.69$36.99
Hawaiian Delight$15.69$36.99
Chunky Vegetable Greek$15.69$36.99
All-Star Meat$15.69$36.99

Create Your Own

Items9″21″ Party Pizza
Create Your Own Pizza$10.79$22.99
6″ Pizza & Half Nacho Duo$14.09
9″ Pizza & Half Nacho Duo$17.09

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Chicken Bacon Ranch$20.49
Southwest Chicken & Guacamole$20.99

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Garlic Cheese Fingers$10.68
Wings (1/2 lb Or 6 Wings)$11.99
Wings (1/2 lb Or 12 Wings)$20.19
Donair Pinwheel – 6″$9.49
Donair Pinwheel – 12″$15.79
Cauliflower Garlic Cheese Fingers$18.18
Cauliflower Garlic Cheese Fingers With Bacon$17.48

Classic BBQ Nachos

9″ With Chicken$19.49

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Classic Caesar Salad (Regular)$11.99
Classic Caesar Salad (Meal Size)$13.99
Cranberry & Goat Cheese Salad (Meal Size)$12.99
Cranberry & Goat Cheese Salad (Regular)$14.99


Classic Donair$11.99$13.59
Super Donair$13.19$14.99

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Classic Panzerotti$12.99$15.29
Large Dipping Sauce$13.29$16.29


Spaghetti With Italian Meatballs$15.89
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$17.59
Chicken Skillet$18.29
Steak Skillet$18.99


Dessert Pizza$8.99
Chocolate Eruption$8.29
Peanut Butter Cheesecake$7.99
Caramel Carrot Cheesecake$7.99


2L Pepsi$3.29
2L Diet Pepsi$3.29
2L Schweppes Ginger Ale$3.29
Btl Montellier Sparkling Water 500ml$2.69
Can Montellier Sparkling Water 355ml$2.29
Pepsi 591ml Bottle$2.69
Diet Pepsi 591ml Bottle$2.69
7 Up 591ml Bottle$2.69
Orange 591ml Bottle$2.69
Dr. Pepper 591ml Bottle$2.69
Pure Leaf Lemon Tea$2.99
Rootbeer 591ml Bottle$2.69
Cream Soda 591ml Bottle$2.69

Dipping Sauces

Regular Dipping Sauces$1.29
Large Dipping Sauces$2.45

How To Order Online From Pizza Delight?

Hurry up guys, order your favorite food items from Pizza Delight. You can click on the official websiteandroid app or iOS app, or any other delivery platform. The restaurant is known for better food and quality services.

You can also order the food from the best delivery options like DoordashUberEats, and Postmates. Follow the steps and order your favorite food from Pizza Delight.

Finding The Latest Pizza Delight Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

Follow the steps below to order your favorite food from the nearest outlet of Pizza Delight.

1. Open the official website of restaurant and begin to place the order online.

Pizza Delight Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest Pizza Delight outlet.

Pizza Delight Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Pizza Delight Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add it to the cart.

Pizza Delight Add To Cart

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Pizza Delight Checkout

6. While you click on the checkout, the page will direct you to add the personal details.

Pizza Delight Personal Details


As we have reached the end of the article, you have a clear idea of what to order from Pizza Delight. Now you can also plan to visit the restaurant and enjoy the dining experience and thank me later!

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Pizza Delight [FAQs]

How many total locations does Pizza Delight have in the U.S.?

Pizza Delight has total of 95 locations in the U.S.

Does Pizza Delight provide gift cards?

Yes, Pizza Delight provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Does Pizza Delight have good food?

Yes, they have good food. It is the place to try out tasty flavors, whether mouthwatering seafood, pizzas or wines.

What Payment Method Does Pizza Delight Offers?

Pizza Delight allows the customers to make the payments using debit and credit cards, and online payment methods like PayPal or remitly.

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