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Are you craving for pizza and looking for a pizza brand which is famous for pizza and for other eatables also but you don’t know where to go? Then you searched a lot about the pizza brand and you got to know a brand named Pizza Capers and you want some information before you go and now while searching you are at my blog.

Here in this blog, I will tell you about the information regarding Pizza Capers menu prices, franchise details, contact information, and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Pizza Capers Menu. But first, I will start with some brief history first.

Pizza Capers is the brand open by a company named Retail Food Group in 1996. Pizza Capers is the Australian fast-food pizza chain in which more than 110 locations in Australia and the headquarters of this chain are in Kenmore, Queensland, Australia.

Pizza Capers Menu Prices

Pizza Capers menu

As you can guess from the name, Pizza Capers is popular for its wide variety of pizzas Menu includes Chicken Pizza, Meat Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Vegan Pizza and many traditional Pizzas as well. They also pizza for kids as well.

The best thing is that, if you are not a pizza lover or you don’t want to pizza you can go here and have other eatables also. Besides pizza, Pizza Capers menu also includes pasta, wings, sides and salad, bread, dessert, and drink and many more things.

The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and ambience is very calm and the thing which I like is, they make pizza on spot and with natural things.

Pizza Capers prices are also compared to other pizza giants like Dominos and Pizza Hut. Most of their prices lie between $1 to $35. So, without waiting let’s check the latest menu prices of Pizza Capers.

Chicken Pizza

Pizza Name Large ClassicoLarge Gluten FreeLarge Rustico ThinSmall Classico
Bourbon Chicken & Bacon$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Chicken & Avocado$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
New Orleans$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Piri Piri Chicken$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Tuscan Pesto Chicken & Bacon$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95

Meat Pizza

Pizza NameLarge ClassicoLarge Gluten FreeLarge Rustico ThinSmall Classico
Smoke Cured Pepperoni$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Italian Connection$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
New Mexico$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Rustic Lamb$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95

Seafood Pizza

Pizza Name Large ClassicoLarge Gluten FreeLarge Rustico ThinSmall Classico
The Prawn $23.95$23.95$23.95$18.95
Reef and Beef$23.95$23.95$23.95$18.95

Veggie Pizza

Pizza NameLarge ClassicoLarge Gluten-FreeLarge Rustico ThinSmall Classico
Vegan Satay Tofu$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Sweet Potato Vegan Lovers$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Margherita $15.95$15.95$15.95$11.95

Vegan Pizza

Pizza NameLarge ClassicoLarge Gluten-FreeLarge Rustico ThinSmall Classico
Vegan Satay Tofu $20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95
Sweet Potato Vegan Lovers$20.95$20.95$20.95$16.95

Traditional Pizza

Pizza NameLarge ClassicoLarge Gluten-FreeLarge Rustico ThinSmall Classico
Smoke Cured Pepperoni $15.95$15.95$15.95$11.95
BBQ Chicken & Mushroom$15.95$15.95$15.95$11.95

Kids Pizzas

Pizza Name Small ClassicoSmall Gluten-Free
KIDS Ham & Pineapple$6.95$8.95
KIDS Ham & Cheese$6.95$8.95
KIDS Chicken & Cheese$6.95$8.95
KIDS Cheesy Grin$6.95$8.95


Classic Bolognese Pasta$14.95
Garlic Prawn Pasta$14.95
Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara Pasta $14.95
Pesto Chicken Pasta$14.95


Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wing$8.95 
Piri Piri Chicken Wings $8.95

Sides and Salads

Karaage Chicken Bites$6.95
Popcorn Prawns $6.95
Sweet Potato ‘n’ Bacon Mess$6.95
Caesar Salad$6.95
Traditional Garden Salad$6.95
Dipping Crust & Duo of Dips$6.95


Classic Garlic$5.95
Classic Garlic Vegan Calzone$5.95
Sweet Chilli (Calzone)$5.95
Sweet Chilli Vegan Calzone $5.95
Blue Cheese & Garlic (Calzone)$5.95
Garlic & Fresh Rosemary (Calzone) $5.95
Garlic & Fresh Rosemary Vegan Calzone$5.95
Pesto & Feta (Calzone) $5.95
Blue Cheese & Garlic (Pizza Bread)$5.95
Garlic & Fresh Rosemary Vegan Calzone$5.95
Pesto & Feta (Calzone)$5.95
Blue Cheese & Garlic (Pizza Bread)$7.50
Blue Cheese & Garlic (GF)$5.95
Classic Garlic (Pizza Bread)$7.50
Sweet Chilli (Pizza Bread) $5.95
Sweet Chilli (GF)$7.50
Garlic & Fresh Rosemary (Pizza Bread) $5.95
Garlic & Fresh Rosemary (GF)$7.50
Pesto & Feta (Pizza Bread)$5.95
Pesto & Feta (GF) $7.50


Banana Maple Pancake$9.95
Red Velvet Choc Cupcake$9.95
Salted Caramel & Malt Crunch $8.95
Hot Apple Crunch$7.95
Choccy Toffee Banoffee Calzone$9.95
Mango & Coconut Dream (GF, DF)$9.95
Honeycomb Peanut Brittle$9.95


1.25L Coca Cola$4.95
1.25L Coca Cola No Sugar$4.95
1.25L Diet Coke$4.95
1.25L Sprite$4.95
1.25L Lift$4.95
1.25L Fanta$4.95
1.5L Mt Franklin Still$4.95
600ml Mt Franklin Still$3.95
390mL Coca Cola$3.95
390mL Diet Coke$3.95
390mL Sprite$3.95
390mL Fanta$3.95
390mL Lift$3.95

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Pizza Capers menu, click on the link mentioned above.

Pizza Capers Franchise Details

Pizza Capers Franchise

Pizza Capers have more than 110 outlets in Australia in different of Australia and they also have some of their outlets in Singapore too. So if you want to open a Pizza Capers store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Investment$90,000
Total Initial Investment$250,000 to $450,000

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Pizza Capers Contact Information

Pizza Capers Corporate Office Address: Retail Food Group LimitedPO Box 1549, Southport QLD 4215

Pizza Capers Corporate Office Phone Number: +61 7 5591 3242

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

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