How to Pick the Perfect Restaurant for a First Date

erfect Restaurant for a First Date

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There are choices that can determine the development of your love story. Deciding on the place of the first meeting is one of them.

Chose a chic place that is not too much

Dopamine is the key to motivation. This is the anticipation hormone, the reward hormone that brings pleasure. If you want the girl to have a good time with you, activate this dopamine, get her interested, be nice, and find common ground. In short, your goal is to make her feel comfortable. Which is usually easier during a simple coffee, or sometimes even a walk, or a visit to the museum: there are no pitfalls, it is not long, and pretty straightforward.

The choice of restaurant for the first date always requires longer conversations. If you decide to go to such a place, let it be unobtrusive. A first-date restaurant should be stylish but simple. Be elegant. Opt for a chic place, without going overboard: places that are too stuffy can quickly create a “stuck” atmosphere. Avoid places that are too noisy (the point of the date is to talk and get to know each other better) and places where you used to go with your ex (the waiter might make a muddy joke). 

Prefer a neutral place, which you will be able to refer to in several years as being “the place of your first date”. A place that reminds you of nothing else, and especially no one else. A place likely to become “your memory” to you.

Cuisine must be neutral

We also avoid spicy or too conceptual cuisine such as sushi and other specialties from around the world. These types of cuisine are not to everyone’s taste and you risk a big flop. As a precaution, it is better to stay traditional or ask the girl about her preferences if you did not plan a surprise. 

Make sure, however, that the menu is varied enough to suit all tastes (fish if she’s vegetarian, vegetables if she’s vegan, meat if she just likes it). To avoid unpleasant situations, we advise you to choose a place that you already know. No need to “order for the young lady”, everybody has stopped doing this since 1820. 

As for you, we strongly advise against dishes based on onions and garlic (even if you love it). Be a gentleman and respect the smell from your mouth, especially if you hope to kiss her at the end of the evening. Also to be avoided: green salad (it sticks between your teeth and no one ever dares to tell you), burgers (not very classy to eat), and spaghetti with tomato sauce (we let you imagine why).

A restaurant that is not too near or not too far

Regarding the location, opt for a place not too far from the young woman’s home (especially if she doesn’t have a car), but not too close either (so that you offer to walk her home at the end of the evening). It’s also best not to go somewhere too close to where you live, she might take it badly, imagining that you did this with the intention of ending the evening by inviting her to your place. 

What Will Happen If You’ll Follow All The Above Mentioned Points

Well, listening to your partner and making them feel good is always a great feeling. Taking your partner out for a good evening dinner will always result in a stronger bond between you two. You can read more about monogamy at BetterHelp.

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