Pi Day Celebrations With 7 Eleven’s $3.14 Priced Pizza!

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Math might not be your favorite subject, but pizza most definitely can be your favorite food! You’d be wondering how these two things are related? Well, to put it directly, 7 Eleven is offering 50% off on their pizzas for “Pi Day” celebrations!

7 Eleven Pi Day

On March 14 or 3/14, 7 Eleven will be offering their customers a pizza priced only $3.14! Crazy, isn’t it? Who knew Pi Day could turn out to be such a blessing for us?

Well, the restaurant chain’s usually $5.55 or above costing pizzas will now be sold at $3.14 only on March 14. You can enjoy this deal by picking up your pizza from the store.

You can avail the deal by ordering the pizza via the 7 NOW® delivery app. You can also avail this deal by being a member of 7Rewards® and Speedy Rewards® loyalty programs and then ordering the pizza.

The pizzas at 7 Eleven have various toppings like crispy pepperoni, Chicago-style sausage and beef crumbles, Canadian bacon, diced ham, etc. These pizzas are guaranteed to be made with real mozzarella cheese and are certain to delight your stomach. 

You can also pair up your $3.14 pizza with your favorite beverage and snacks. You can also get your pizza home delivered at the same price if you don’t feel like going outside. 

If you have the 7NOW Gold Pass™ subscription, you can get the delivery fee waived off along with additional benefits. It really is all about saving your money while enjoying delicious food!

When asked about this Pi Day deal, the director of 7 Eleven, Deanna Hall, said, “Our $3.14 Pi Day pizza promotion has become a tradition that our customers look forward to year after year.”

She further added, “Not only is Pi Day fun and quirky math holiday, but it’s a great opportunity to showcase our great quality pizza that aims to deliver unmatched convenience to our customers. Delicious pizza at a great price plus convenience equals happy customers. Now that adds up!”

We definitely couldn’t agree more, Deanna! 7 Eleven knows how to jazz up mathematical celebrations, and I’ve never been more grateful to Archimedes for discovering pi!

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