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Are you planning to go to Penn Station to have a submarine sandwich? But you don’t want to visit there without knowing their latest menu. So in this article, I will tell you the latest Penn Station menu with prices.

Penn Station’s menu is prominent for tasty sandwiches. The menu includes cold deli classic sandwiches, off the grill sandwiches, wraps, salads and beverages. You can also create your own sandwiches here.

But the Penn Station menu isn’t the only thing I will discuss with you in this article. I will also tell you about the franchising details, contact information and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Penn Station menu. But before knowing all that, let’s check out some history about Penn Station.

Penn Station is an America-based chain of restaurants that was founded by Jeff Osterfeld in 1985. The first store of Penn Station was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio. The restaurant is popular for its submarine sandwiches.

The goal of Penn Station restaurant is to provide freshly prepared food to its customers. The ambience is casual and relaxed. And their staff is really very welcoming and friendly.

Penn Station Menu Prices

Penn Station menu

Penn Station menu features a wide variety of submarine sandwiches that includes Classic Subs, Chicken Subs, Italian Subs, Cold Subs, and Lighter Options. There are also combos, kids’ meals, sides, and beverages on the Penn Station menu.

You can also create your own sub in Penn Station. The reason why their subs are so popular is because of the fresh ingredients they use. They always use freshly baked bread that is soft on the inside and crispy and toasted on the outside.

Penn Station uses fine cheeses and freshly cut vegetables as fillings. Their french fries are also their most popular food because they use cholesterol-free peanut oil to prepare them. The french fries are available in three different sizes.

The Penn Station menu prices are very similar to their submarine sandwich serving chains. Their prices depend on the size of sub you are getting, as you can order from 4” (kids), 6” (lite), 8” (small), 10” (medium), and 12” (large).

So, without waiting more, let’s check out the Penn Station menu with prices.

Cold Deli Classics

Cold Deli ClassicsSmallRegularLarge
Cold Club$5.79$8.29$11.29
Turkey Provolone$5.79$8.29$11.29
Turkey Avocado$5.79$8.29$11.29
Turkey Bacon Ranch$5.79$8.29$11.29
Ham & Swiss$5.79$8.29$11.29
Classic Cold Italian$5.79$8.29$11.29
Chicken Salad$5.79$8.29$11.29

Off The Grill

Off The GrillSmallRegularLarge
Chicken Philly$5.79$8.29$11.29
Chicken Teriyaki$5.79$8.29$11.29
Chicken Parmesan$5.79$8.29$11.29
Classic Grilled Italian$5.79$8.29$11.29
Chicken Cordon Bleu$5.79$8.29$11.29
Grilled Club$5.79$8.29$11.29
Grilled Artichoke$5.79$8.29$11.29
Grilled Veggie$5.79$8.29$11.29

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Create Your Own

Create Your OwnSmallRegularLarge
Cold Dagwood$5.79$8.29$11.29
Grilled Dagwood$5.79$8.29$11.29

Lighter Options

Lighter OptionsSmallRegularLarge
Grilled Artichoke$5.79$8.29$11.29
Chicken Salad$5.79$8.29$11.29
Grilled Veggie$5.79$8.29$11.29

Snack Size

Snack SizePrice
Cold Club$3.19
Turkey Provolone$3.19
Turkey Avocado$3.19
Turkey Bacon Ranch$3.19
Ham & Swiss$3.19
Classic Cold Italian$3.19
Cold Dagwood$3.19
Chicken Philly$3.19
Chicken Teriyaki$3.19
Chicken Parmesan$3.19
Classic Grilled Italian$3.19
Chicken Cordon Bleu$3.19
Grilled Club$3.19
Grilled Artichoke$3.19
Chicken Salad$3.19
Grilled Veggie$3.19
Grilled Dagwood$3.19


Cheesesteak Wrap$8.29
Chicken Caeser Wrap$8.29
Chicken Teriyaki Wrap$8.29
Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap$8.29
Classic Cold Italian Wrap$8.29
Classic Grilled Italian Wrap$8.29
Cold Club Wrap$8.29
Grilled Club Wrap$8.29
Cold Dagwood Wrap$8.29
Grilled Dagwood Wrap$8.29
Turkey Avocado Wrap$8.29


Chicken Caesar Salad$8.29
Chicken Teriyaki Salad$8.29
Cold Classic Italian Salad$8.29
Classic Grilled Italian Salad$8.29
Turkey Avocado Salad$8.29
Cheesesteak Salad$8.29
Cold Club Salad$8.29
Grilled Club Salad$8.29
Cold Dagwood Salad$8.29
Grilled Dagwood Salad$8.29
Turkey Bacon Ranch Salad$8.29

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Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade$2.59$3.29
Pepsi Products$2.19$2.59
Sweet Tea$2.19$2.59
Unsweetened Tea$2.19$2.59
1/2 Gal Lemonade$5.49
1/2 Gal Tea$3.59
1/2 Gal Sweet Tea$3.59


Fresh-Cut Fries$2.79$4.19$5.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.99

Penn Station Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Penn Station menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Penn Station Franchise Details

Penn Station Franchise

Penn Station has more than 300 stores in 15 states of America. So if you want to open a Penn Station store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise Fee25,000
Liquid Capital Required100,000
total Investment$255,900 – $451,700
Royalty 6% of Gross Sales

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Penn Station Contact Information

Penn Station Corporate Office Address- 1226 Us Route 50 Milford, Ohio 45150

Penn Station Corporate Phone Number- (513) 474-5957

You can also contact the team of Penn Station by using the contact form on their website.

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