Peet’s Coffee Holiday Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

A good kick of caffeine is mandatory for many of us first thing in the morning. Peet’s Coffee have come up with a whole new menu for the holiday season. So let us look at all these new offerings and their prices in this article! 

Peet's Coffee Holiday Menu

This chain of coffee shops has been around for a long time and is special on the west coast! Although some multinational chains are also present, for some people, nothing can beat freshly brewed Coffee from Peet’s Coffee! 

Peet’s Coffee holiday menu with prices is known for its artisanal and freshly brewed Coffee, along with many other great beverages, food, merchandise, and much more! For the holiday season, Peet’s Coffee has launched a new and special holiday menu with some great offerings. On average, a beverage from their holiday menu should cost between $5 – $10. 

Before we begin exploring the seasonal menu and the prices, I want to mention that the prices can differ from one location to another. For this article, the prices have been taken from their Opera Plaza location in San Francisco. 

Peet’s Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and retailer in San Francisco Bay. This chain has been around since 1956 and was founded by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California. Although it mainly started on the country’s west coast, this chain has expanded well across the United States! 

Peet’s Coffee now has over 200 locations across 11 states in the US. Other than that, they also expanded further and opened a location in Shanghai, China! Moreover, Peet’s Coffee also sells its roasted Coffee and more in 14,000 grocery stores across the country! 

Peet’s Coffee Seasonal Offerings With Prices

Peet's Coffee Holiday Menu

For some of us, including me, coffee is a beverage that is a must to start the day with. Of course, it gets difficult to function without that early morning hit of caffeine to get yourself ready to go through the day. Yes, regular Coffee is great for sure, but flavored Coffee always stands out in my eyes! 

If the flavors blend well together, they create a wonderful symphony! Moreover, the thing with most coffee places, not just in the United States but all across the world, is that whenever a new season is around, they come up with special treats!

Yes, fall, especially Thanksgiving, is when the world goes ga-ga over all the pumpkin spice. (GUILTY!) However, one thing that most of us do look forward to is the holiday season and beverages that have flavors revolving around the theme! 

Although Peet’s Coffee is most prominent on the west coast, it does not get as cold. But that being said, regardless of the heat, warming and soothing holiday flavors can still be fun to enjoy around this time! 

So, keeping that in mind, Peet’s Coffee has created four new flavors for this holiday season that truly define this time of the year. Moreover, they also have a lovely holiday blend that can be enjoyed at home! Let’s explore all of these with their prices! 

1. Holiday Spice Latte

The first option on the holiday menu at Peet’s Coffee is a classic holiday spice latte. This flavor is really classic and a returning favorite at this coffee chain! There is nothing that defines winter better than some spice. 

This Coffee is the perfect blend of their espresso, topped with milk and their special holiday syrup, which is warming. Finally, the latte is topped with a generous dusting of some more holiday spice! This latte is available in both hot and iced versions. 

Holiday Spice LatteSmallMediumLarge

2. Holiday Spice Cold Brew Oat Latte

As I mentioned earlier, this chain is much more prominent on the west coast. So here, it does get a little hot, even when it is supposed to be winter. But there is nothing that a refreshing glass of cold brew cannot solve! 

What is even better is that this cold brew is made with oat milk, which also makes it vegan-friendly! Now that is truly a game-changer! This cold brew has the perfect amount of oat milk and holiday spice syrup added to it, which creates a wonderful treat! 

Item SmallMediumLarge
Holiday Spice Cold Brew Oat Latte$5.65$6.35$6.70

3. Peppermint Mocha

I think mocha is one of the best forms of coffee one could ever enjoy! This Coffee is the perfect blend of two strong and decadent flavors: chocolate and Coffee. Throw in some peppermint as well, and this mocha becomes a holiday special! 

This mocha is a mix of espresso along with their rich, homemade chocolate sauce. Finally, the mocha is topped with a generous amount of peppermint syrup and a large dollop of some much-needed whipped cream! Peet’s Coffee’s peppermint mocha is available in iced and hot forms. 

Peppermint MochaSmallMediumLarge

4. Holiday Spice Cold Brew Oat Latte With Brown Sugar Jelly

If you are looking for a special holiday beverage that is completely over the top in terms of flavors and textures, then Peet’s Coffee has surely got you covered! This over-the-top holiday treat is surely worth all your time! 

Made with homemade holiday spice syrup, then mixed with oat milk, and yes, cold brew. It is topped with a scoop of their special brown sugar jelly and some ice to complete it! 

Item SmallMediumLarge
Holiday Spice Cold Brew Oat Latte With Brown Sugar Jelly$6.40$7.10$7.45

5. Holiday Blend

Finally, if you would like to make your Coffee at home with some great and specially brewed coffee, then the holiday blend is something you need to try out! This blend is the perfect mixture of Coffee and spice. 

The blend has some chocolate notes along with aromatics of candied zest. The blend is dark, spicy, and available in two different sizes, the prices of which are as given below. 

Item Half PoundOne Pound
Holiday Blend$11$21.95

How To Order Online From The Peet’s Coffee Holiday Menu? 

Peet's Coffee Holiday Menu 2

Yes, enjoying a large cup of freshly made Coffee is surely great. But, considering the holiday season, not everyone would want to leave their homes to get Coffee! No need to worry, as you can still enjoy Peet’s Coffee by easily ordering in! Here is how you can do so! 

To order anything from Peet’s coffee holiday menu, you can place your order online via their official website. They also have an Android and iOS app to place your online order. Lastly, they are available on various delivery platforms, like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Seamless, for easier delivery access. 

Similar Restaurants Offering A Holiday Menu

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  5. Cracker Barrel – Cracker Barrel, for the holiday season, has a number of specials on their holiday menu. These consist of a number of heat and serve options, which you should surely check out! 
  6. Honey Baked Ham – No one does ham better than Honey Baked Ham and this chain has specials that include not just ham, but a lot more! Their holiday menu is truly vast and perfect for the season. 
  7. Boston Market – Boston Market for the holiday season has a number of precooked meals, curated with perfection. Whether it is entire meals you are looking for or just sides, everything can be found at Boston Market! 
  8. Red Lobster – Who said no one would crave seafood during the holiday season? For the freshest seafood ever, is there even a better place than Red Lobster? This chain has a number of feasts that have been added on their holiday menu, perfect for any sort of appetite! 
  9. Dairy Queen – Dairy Queen is known for its soft serves and various other frozen treats. Keeping that in mind, they have launched a holiday menu with some delicious options for blizzards and more! 
  10. Tim Hortons – This Canadian coffee chain has perfectly found its place in the United States and for fans, their holiday menu is filled with a number of sweet treats, coffees and various other delicious beverages.


Peet’s Coffee has come up with a new range of delicious beverages, all lined up for the holiday season. These beverages perfectly blend the flavors of freshly brewed coffee and holiday spices. 

Moreover, they are also selling a holiday blend, with which you can enjoy holiday coffee right at home! On average, a beverage from the Peet’s Coffee holiday menu should cost between $ 5- $ 10, depending on the size of the beverage and a lot more. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Peet’s Coffee (FAQs)

Will all the Peet’s Coffee locations across the United States have these beverages? 

Yes, all the Peet’s Coffee locations across the United States will serve holiday beverages. 

Will Peet’s Coffee still be serving beverages from its regular menu around this time? 

Yes, Peet’s Coffee will also be serving beverages from their regular menu around the holiday season. 

On average, how much would you spend buying something from Peet’s Coffee holiday menu? 

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $ 5 – $ 10 while buying a beverage from the Pete’s Coffee holiday menu. 

Would the prices of the beverages from their holiday menu be the same everywhere? 

No, the beverages’ prices from Peet’s Coffee’s holiday menu may differ from location to location. 

Can you order online from Peet’s Coffee holiday menu? 

Yes, you can order online from Peet’s Coffee holiday menu via their website, apps, or even delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Seamless.

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