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How to make Peach Schnapps at Home

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Do you know that Peach Schnapps is more similar to the American kind of Schnapps? As the name suggests, so you will automatically get an idea about this recipe. This is a kind of peach cider that you can use in your favourite cocktails and enjoy the flavour of peach.

Peach Schnapps recipe

This is a perfect cool drink for all the party lovers. Beat this summer by learning how to make Peach Schnapps at home.

Nobody knows you better than a good friend. And yes, my childhood friend told me about this procedure of Peach Schnapps. Because she knows that I am always in search of trendy and unique recipes. This Schnapps will make your hot summer day cool and you are going to fall in love with this drink.

Today, we will discuss How to make Peach Schnapps at home. First of all, let’s see the list of ingredients used to make this Peach schnapps at home. But there are many other drinks that we’ve covered in our blog. You should definitely check them as well.

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Ingredients for Peach Schnapps

Alcohol1 cup
Large Peaches (washed and sliced)2
Lemon juice1 tbsp
Water3/4 Cup
Sugar3/4 Cup

All the ingredients are easily available at any supermarket. Now, let’s see how much time it will take to get ready.

How much time it will take?

Prep timeTotal timeServings
5 minutes5 minutes8

You are done with the basic steps, so let’s see the final procedure of making this Peach Schnapps.

Peach Schnapps Recipe

  1. Add sliced peaches in a glass container. After that, you need to add lemon juice and alcohol in it and let it sit for one complete day.
  2. In a medium-sized pan, combine sugar and water and cook it for 30 seconds.
  3. Remove it from the heat and cool it completely.
  4. Combine the syrup and peach mixture with it and let it sit for one day.

Now, your Peach Schnapps is ready! You can use this in your favourite Cocktails.

Nutritional Information of Peach Schnapps

I hope this breakdown of nutrients will answer all your questions and guide you regarding the nutritional breakdown of Peach Schnapps.

Sodium1 mg
Potassium71 mg
Carbohydrates22 g
Calcium2 mg
Iron0.1 mg

How to make Peach Schnapps at Home|Video

I’ve added a video of Peach Schnapps recipe. I hope this video will help you while making this Peach Schnapps at home.

Video by Platt R.

I hope you’ve liked this and I recommend you to try this amazing drink at your home with friends and family. Do share your experience while making this recipe or any recipe of your own in the comment section, we will try to cover it in our upcoming blog.

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