The “Peace Bread” Initiative For Ukraine

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There are always two sides when it comes to war. Even if you aren’t on a side at the beginning of it, you’ll eventually have to pick one. This definitely is the case when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Peace Bread

The aggressor Russia has so far faced a heavy amount of backlash from several nations. Russia has also had to pay for the consequences of starting a conflict with Ukraine. 

To show their support, several nations, brands, etc., have stopped their business in and with Russia. They’ve also launched several programs, the proceeds of which will be used in helping out the people of Ukraine and the refugees.

But are bakers hopping on to support Ukraine? Reportedly, an Italian baker is putting his rolling pins to good use by selling the “Peace Bread” for Ukraine. All the money earned in this project will be donated by him to relief and refugee funds in Ukraine.

But who is this baker? How did this initiative come to be? The information to answer these questions of yours is provided below in this article!

What Is “Peace Bread”?

Peace Bread

Peace Bread is an initiative taken by Italian Baker, Matteo Cunsolo. Cunsolo uses a stencil to inscribe the word “Peace” on the bread he makes. The word “Peace” is sprayed onto the bread using an edible spray.

The “Peace Bread” is baked at the “La Panetteria bakery” and is made by Cunsolo himself without any extra help. All the money he earns from selling the loaves of bread is donated to funds that help the Ukrainian refugees in need.

The Inspiration Behind “Peace Bread”

With the initiative “Hamantaschen For Ukraine” came the innovation of the “Peace Bread.” Cunsolo decided to bake the “Peace Bread’’ after watching a video of Ukrainian refugees being served hot beverages and bread at the Polish border.

Cunsolo then decided to do something in order to help the refugees and came up with the “Peace Bread.” The word “Peace” is inscribed on the bread with a naturally made spray of butter. The bread also represents the colors of the Ukrainian flag. 

The initiative is so far selling 40 pounds of Peace Bread each day. The profits made so far are a total of $2,200. Not only the “Peace Bread,” but Cunsolo has also sold several cookies and baked goods in order to gather donations for diapers, medicines, etc.

Cunsolo is doing God’s work and is literally an angel in disguise. We wish him nothing but loads of good luck! Keep going, Cunsolo!

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