80 Paula Deen Recipes

We are sharing the best Paula Deen recipes close to Paula’s heart. You’ll fall in love with all the dishes. Whether you cook a festive birthday cake or a holiday treat, these recipes fit any occasion.

Paula Deen Cooking

Here you will find quick links to the Paula Deen recipe collection. These 80 Paula Deen recipes will help you make the best dishes.

You can be a trained chef to make these recipes. We have presented them in the easiest way possible, plus the coolest cooking tips and tricks. 

These recipes are perfect for a busy lifestyle. You can choose your favorite from the below culinary list of Paula Deen recipes and get started to making them in your kitchen.

Before you hop on to the list, let me introduce you to the queen of Southern cooking – Paula Deen. She is an American chef, cookbook author and a great TV personality.

She has won numerous awards, including the James Beard Foundation Award. It’s a prestigious award to those who have contributed significantly to American gastronomy.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner option, these recipes are sure to please. She offers easy-to-follow, family-friendly, and delectable recipes.

Chef Paula Deen’s recipes are an excellent way to create a great meal. So without wasting time, let’s jump into Paula Deen’s recipes and find her most exclusive recipe.

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1. Paula Deen Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

Scalloped Potatoes On Surface

Need something cheesy? Hop onto these delicious scalloped potatoes. Paula Deen scalloped potatoes ask for a few ingredients only. It’s a layered casserole recipe with bursting flavors.

Many people think scalloped potatoes are prepared with mashed potatoes. But it is prepared with thinly sliced potatoes. 

Firstly, layer the potato slices in the baking dish, and sprinkle cheese and seasonings. Repeat the layer twice and bake for an hour. 

Cheesy scalloped potatoes are ready. For a full recipe, refer to the recipe link right here.

2. Paula Deen Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken Salad In Glass Casserole

Paula Deen’s chicken salad with mayonnaise is one of the best recipes. The mixture of tender chicken with crunchy celery and other vegetables takes this classic dish to a new level!

This simple Paula Deen chicken salad is made with chicken, celery, mayonnaise, and seasonings. Everything is mixed in a bowl, and the salad comes out juicy and creamy. 

Serve it as an appetizer or a side dish. Wish is yours! So, grab your apron and start making delicious chicken salad recipes.

Note down the recipe steps along with nutritional information.

3. Paula Deen Monster Cookies Recipe

Monster Cookies On White Surface

While we all love desserts, we still have a special place for cookies. For many reasons, Paula Deen’s monster cookies recipe will be near to your heart.

Firstly, it’s chewy and soft; secondly, it has your favorite colorful candies studded inside. 

To make these cookies, prepare cookie dough with oatmeal, sugar, eggs, peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate candies, raisins, and salt. 

Put a dollop of cookie dough on the baking pan and bake them for some time. Your little monsters are ready. 

You don’t have to put in extra baking effort for this one. Even as a beginner, you can get these cookies right. For that, follow the recipe link here

4. Paula Deen Chili Recipe

Chili Recipe In White Bowl

Is your inner carnivore calling for a spicy dish? Then there is nothing better than Paula Deen’s chili recipe.

It’s packed with meat, beans, veggies, spices, and herbs – making it a succulent and high-protein dish.

Combine chili powder, oregano, garlic, cumin, and cayenne pepper in the bowl. For veggies, you need onions, bell peppers, and celery. 

For meat, you will need ground beef. Cook veggies, beef, and beans for two hours. The chili dish is ready. 

For tender and juicy magic, make this chili recipe at home. Refer to the recipe link here and get started.  

5. Paula Deen Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna In Dish

Paula Deen’s lasagna recipe hits rich, meaty, and cheesy spots. It’s a delicious recipe with meat, tomato sauce, and cheese.

To make lasagna, cook the meat, prepare the tomato sauce, and make the cheese mixture.

Once everything is cooked, layer the sauce in the baking pan, followed by lasagna noodles and cheese. Bake for forty-five minutes until the top is golden brown. 

This is a classic lasagna recipe broken down in easy steps. Follow the full recipe here and make your delicious lasagna today

6. Paula Deen Cream Corn Recipe

Paula Deen cream corn recipe

Corn is one of the most versatile ingredients. You can make delicious recipes out of corn. Today, we are giving you Paula Deen’s cream corn recipe to try. 

It’s cheesy and loaded with some great ingredients, like white wine. 

Start by combining corn kernels seasoned with salt and melted butter. Add white wine and heavy cream until reduced.

At last, add cream cheese and allow it to melt until golden brown in the saucepan. Cream corn is ready. 

So, if you are craving delicious corn recipes, try a different recipe this time. Just click on the link.

7. Paula Deen Egg Custard Pie Recipe

Paula Deen Egg Custard Pie

Are you craving a creamy, decadent dessert? Try making a perfect Paula Deen egg custard pie. The recipe is easy and perfect for your special moments.

To make this pie, prepare a custard filling with whisked milk, eggs, sugar, and flour with a bit of vanilla extract and ground nutmeg for flavoring in a bowl. Pour the filling into the pie crust. 

Bake for some time until the custard turns golden brown. So, egg custard should be your next dish if you are a pie lover. Click here and follow the full recipe here.

8. Paula Deen Chicken Divan casserole Recipe

Paula Deen Chicken Divan Casserole recipe

A casserole is full of heavenly taste! Let’s shout out to Paula Deen’s chicken divan casserole recipe.

It’s full of rotisserie chicken and broccoli. It’s a crunchy casserole perfect for a weeknight dinner.

Place hearty cooked chicken and broccoli in the baking dish. Pour the creamy sauce over the broccoli and chicken, sprinkled with the breadcrumbs mixture. Bake the dish until the cheese is melted. 

Nothing can beat this casserole! So, why wait for so long? Cook this in the kitchen today. Just click here to get full access to the recipe.

9. Paula Deen Prime Rib Recipe

Prime Rib With Knife

For all meat lovers, here is a nutritious and full-of-protein recipe. Cook this juicy Paula Deen prime rib recipe in your kitchen. It’s so tender and full of flavors, making your tastebuds grove. 

Prime rib gets ready in no time. Rub ribs with Paula Deen house seasoning. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Place ribs on the rack and roast for one hour in the oven. That’s it. 

Prime ribs are for those who are looking for simple dinner ideas. Just two ingredients you need to make this recipe. Follow the recipe directions here.

10. Paula Deen Salmon Patties Recipe

Salmon Patties Served With Dip

Paula Deen’s salmon patties recipe is a delicious weekday meal. Enjoy them topped with some fresh fruit and your favorite green leafy salad.

To make salmon patties, combine canned salmon, eggs, breadcrumbs, and green onions. Turn the mixture into the patties. Fry them until golden brown. Delicious patties are ready. 

This crispy patty goes great with sandwiches or with sauteed vegetables. For a full recipe, click here to follow the nitty gritty

11. Paula Deen Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Chicken Noodle Soup Served In Bowl

Paula Deen’s chicken noodle soup recipe is a one-pot soup. It’s a healthy, nutritious, and perfectly cooked soup. It’s worth a try.  

Prepare this soup with meat, noodles, stock, sherry, seasonings, and veggies. The recipe starts with preparing stock and combines it with chicken, water, veggies, and herbs. Cook for an hour and simmer for the perfect flavors. 

It’s super delicious without being too heavy. So, try this recipe at home. Tap on this link here.

12. Paula Deen Buttermilk Pie Recipe

Paula Deen Buttermilk Pie

Thanksgiving pies tend to be decadent and rich. Paula Deen’s buttermilk pie recipe is no exception. It has a perfect balance of tangy and sweet between the base made with buttermilk and the pie crust that’s very tender. 

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine flour, sugar, butter, and eggs in the bowl. Add buttermilk to the bowl and pour the mixture into the pie dish. Bake until golden brown. 

Pair this buttermilk pie with a cup of coffee and enjoy breakfast. Click here to check out the full recipe.

13. Paula Deen Baked Beans Recipe

Baked Beans In Casserole

Paula Deen baked beans are an easy-to-make dish perfect for a side dish or breakfast. This recipe for baked beans is healthy and filling, making it perfect for brunch.

To make baked beans, cook bacon and onion, canned pork and beans, maple syrup, ketchup, and yellow mustard sauce. Transfer the whole mixture to the baking pan and bake for an hour. 

The savory baked beans recipe is ready. Beans are a staple food in many countries. They are also a vegetable that is good for your diet!

Use this easy, flavorful recipe to enjoy healthy beans every day. Click here for the full recipe

14. Paula Deen Vegetable Soup Recipe

Paula Deen Vegetable Soup bowl

Paula Deen’s vegetable soup recipe is a comforting soup packed with vegetables. You don’t need fancy ingredients to make a delicious soup.

To make vegetable soup, all you need is beef and vegetables. Firstly, cook the beef and then the veggies. Season with Italian seasoning. 

Stir in beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, frozen corn butter beans, black-eyed peas, and sliced green beans, and cook for 10 minutes. 

Garnish the homemade vegetable soup with some chopped parsley, and serve to enjoy the warm and comforting Paula Deen vegetable soup. To get a detailed recipe, click here.

15. Paula Deen Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake Slice In Plate

Paula Deen’s carrot cake recipe is an extremely moist, tender, densely-frosted carrot layer cake. It’s a lovely dessert that has a holiday appeal. 

For the batter, you need flour, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, eggs, oil, pecans, and salt. Then pour the batter into the baking pan and bake for forty minutes.

For frosting, prepare cream cheese frosting and spread it on cakes. 

Bake this light and fluffy carrot cake for a special occasion. Tap here and get a full view of the recipe. 

16. Paula Deen Crab Cakes Recipe

Crab Cakes Served With Lemon

Cooking a weeknight dinner can be exhausting. There needs to be more thinking about what to cook. In that case, Paula Deen’s crab cake recipe can become your ultimate choice.

It’s a pan-fried crab cake that takes you into another world. It gets ready in just thirty minutes and pairs with your favorite dips.

The recipe is quite simple. Just mix all the ingredients to form patties. Fry them in oil or butter until golden brown. Your crab cakes are ready.

Your weeknight dinner gets better with this appetizer. Learn more about the recipe by clicking on the link here.

17. Paula Deen Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Blueberry Cobbler Served In Plate With Spoon

Dessert lovers! Meet Paula Deen’s blueberry cobbler recipe. It’s a fruity dessert with sweet and juicy blueberries. It’s a rich dessert and can boost your mood in seconds. 

To make a blueberry cobbler, combine blueberries, lemon zest, and sugar in the bowl. Prepare the batter in a separate bowl.

Layer the blueberry mixture into the baking pan, followed by the batter. 

Sprinkle cinnamon on the top and enjoy the delicious cobbler. If you wish to know the full recipe, we have covered you! Just click on this link

18. Paula Deen Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Tomato Slices On Surface

When it comes to fried foods, we always ask them to be extra crispy. These Paula Deen fried green tomatoes will surely please you with their crispiness. 

For a better crispy texture, it uses green tomatoes instead of red.

To make fried green tomatoes, we’ll slice tomatoes into thick slices and season them with salt. Then dip them into buttermilk and coat them with self-raising flour. Deep-fry them until golden brown. It’s done.

We know deep-frying sounds like a task. But trust us, this is the easiest fried recipe you will ever make. Follow the recipe link here.

19. Paula Deen Collard Greens Recipe

Collard Greens In A White Bowl

If you love collard greens, you’ll love this recipe. Fresh collard greens simmered and braised. The onions and bacon give them a nice flavor. Add some red pepper flakes if you want them to be extra spicy.

Start by cooking meat in a pot filled with water and seasonings. Wash and clean collard greens and braise them in the seasoned liquid with meat. Cook on a low flame for an hour, and it’s done. 

Collard greens fit best into your nutritious diet menu. They are flavorful, delicious, and light on your stomach. To make them, click here for the full recipe.

20. Paula Deen Pineapple Up-Side Down Cake Recipe

Paula Deen Pineapple Upside-Down Cake served

You don’t have to think twice about eating this upside-down cake. Paula Deen’s pineapple upside-down cake recipe is moist, fruity, and flavorful.

To make this cake, first beat butter, sugar, and eggs until creamy. Next, whisk cake flour, baking powder, salt, and buttermilk in another bowl. Take a baking pan and add pineapple slices and pour batter on it.

Bake to perfection. Amazing pineapple upside-down cake is ready. This cake will be your next favorite dessert. Check out the full recipe here.

21. Paula Deen Corn Salad Recipe

Corn Salad In Bowl

Loaded with tasty ingredients, this Paula Deen corn salad is creamy. It’s a classic recipe that fits in any meal of the day. It has a great texture and is perfect for any occasion. 

Prepare the corn salad in no time, and you will relish the great taste. On top of that, it is best served at parties and potlucks.

To make this salad, combine corn, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, Fritos chips, red onion, and green pepper in the bowl. Your corn salad is ready in just ten minutes. 

It’s fresh and delicious, and it never fails to cheer up your day. Make this salad by following the recipe link here

22. Paula Deen Gumbo Recipe

Gumbo In Bowl

Gumbo is a traditional stew recipe with meat, seafood, and vegetables. It’s a comforting food with flavors and a rich-tasting dish. 

To make Paula Deen’s gumbo recipe, cook chicken and sausages. Then make a roux and cook vegetables and all the meat and seasonings. Simmer for 2 hours. 

Garnish gumbo with shrimp, green onions, and parsley. The most authentic gumbo is ready. To know the recipe, in brief, tap on the link here.

23. Paula Deen 7-Layer Salad Recipe

Paula Deen Seven Layers Salad

I attribute this salad’s greatness to three things: 7 layers, comforting cheese, and homemade dressing. Let’s cheer up for Paula Deen’s 7-layer salad recipe. It will become your favorite weekend salad. 

Start making salad by adding layers of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cooked bacon with sweet mayo dressing, and cheddar cheese on the top for an added kick. 

The creamy and cheesy 7-layer salad is ready. Get yourself grooving on this amazing salad recipe. Get the recipe link here and start making your salad.

24. Paula Deen Coconut Cake Recipe

Paula Deen Coconut Cake

Enter into a birthday mode. Paula Deen’s coconut cake recipe makes you feel like it’s your birthday. This cake is moist, delicious, and looks gorgeous. 

To make the coconut cake batter, combine sour cream, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and butter, and mix it well. Then, add milk and vanilla extract. Finally, immerse shredded coconut at the end and bake your cake. 

Fluffy and soft coconut cake is ready to enjoy. To know the equipment to use for the cake, follow this recipe link here.

25. Paula Deen Potato Salad Recipe

Paula Deen Potato salad

Paula Deen’s potato salad recipe makes a great side dish or meal. Cooked potatoes are covered in a creamy dressing with savory seasonings. It gets nicer and nicer. 

To make potato salad, combine the peeled and cooked potatoes, red onion, bell pepper, and mayonnaise in a bowl. Season with salt, black pepper, vinegar, mustard, and celery. Toss all the ingredients well. 

Enjoy the potato salad right away, or refrigerate it for later use. The choice is yours! Know the full recipe with nutritional information by tapping on this link.

26. Paula Deen Stroganoff Recipe

Stroganoff Served With Pasta

Paula Deen stroganoff recipe can be served on a chilly day. It will delight you on all fronts: steaks, veggies, and seasonings.

To make the stroganoff recipe, start with cooking steaks, mushrooms, and onions in a saucepan. Add cream soup, and season well with a secret ingredient. Cook on a low flame. 

Rich and decadent stroganoff is ready. Get to know the full recipe by clicking on this link

In no time, enjoy this rich and creamy stroganoff. 

27. Paula Deen Pasta Salad Recipe

Paula Deen Pasta Salad Recipe

Like most salads, Paula Deen’s pasta salad recipe is modernized with taste and ingredients. This salad is packed with veggies and cheese and tossed in homemade dressing. 

First, cook the pasta. Then make salad dressing with parmesan cheese, blue cheese, red onion, bell peppers, olives, and parsley. Coat the pasta with the dressing. 

Easy right? Serve pasta salad with your dinner, or enjoy it as a snack. Get the pasta salad recipe by following this link.

28. Paula Deen Cheeseburger Meatloaf Recipe

Paula Deen cheeseburger meatloaf

For the nights when you need a unique meal idea. Paula Deen cheeseburger meatloaf is the ultimate choice. It’s a hearty, delicious, and satisfying meal. 

To make this dish, combine ground chuck, cooked and crumbled bacon, salt, black pepper, beaten eggs, ketchup, yellow mustard, and bread crumbs in a bowl. Add cheese, shape the mixture into a loaf, and bake it. 

There you are! Ready with exotic food on your plate! Care to know the full recipe? Click here on the link

29. Paula Deen Grape Salad Recipe

Paula Deen Grape Salad

We love grapes in salads! Isn’t it? Try this Paula Deen grape salad recipe. This salad tickles your taste buds. 

Make the salad by mixing softened cream, sour cream, and sugar. Add the chopped grapes and pecans.

Mix it well and refrigerate the salad for at least 2 hours before serving. 

Use some amazing toppings for your salad, and you are good to go! So, how about making a bowl of this salad right away? For the full recipe, click here.

30. Paula Deen Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Beautiful Red Velvet Cake On Cake Stand

Paula Deen’s red velvet cake is the official cake of love. Beautiful red color cakes with creamy frosting – makes you crave more!

To make this beauty, combine all the baking ingredients in a bowl. Mix cake flour, eggs, buttermilk, sugar, cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, and vinegar.

Bake the cake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a creamy frosting with cream cheese and other ingredients. Frost the cake and enjoy the flavors.

I know you are excited to make a red velvet cake at home. So, how about viewing the recipe and baking your cake? Click to know more

31. Paula Deen Zucchini Bread Recipe

Slices Of Zucchini Bread

Baking bread at home is truly amazing. You have full control over its structure and softness. Here, I have shared my absolute favorite Paula Deen zucchini bread recipe.

Zucchini bread is healthy and nutritious to enjoy in your breakfast. To prepare them, combine dry ingredients in the bowl.

In another bowl, combine wet ingredients. Now mix all the ingredients. Stir in walnuts to the batter. Bake for an hour. 

Classic zucchini bread is ready. You can make sandwiches, open toast, and bruschetta from this amazing zucchini bread.

Just click on the recipe link here and enjoy the bread

32. Paula Deen Pineapple Casserole Recipe

Take A Bite Of Pineapple Casserole

Embrace the food paradise: Paula Deen pineapple casserole recipe. It’s a surprising mix of cheddar cheese, canned pineapple, and buttery crackers crumb. 

To prepare this lovely casserole, make the pineapple mixture by mixing pineapple chunks, flour, sugar, and cheddar cheese. Then prepare the cookie crumb. 

Layer the pineapple mixture with cookie crumbs on top. Bake till perfection. The casserole is all set to enjoy. 

Quickly note down the recipe steps and tick mark the ingredients list. Follow the recipe link here

33. Paula Deen Pumpkin Bar Recipe

A Piece Of Pumpkin Bar In Plate With A Spoon

Making snack time fun is something we love to do. So, how about preparing a Paula Deen pumpkin bar recipe? You are excited. Let me give you a quick sneak peek at the recipe. 

Firstly, prepare the pumpkin mixture. Then combine dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and baking soda in the bowl. 

Mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients and whisk well. The batter is ready to pour into the baking pan and gives you a nice orange pumpkin bar. 

At last, what you only need is a frosting on the top to make them look beautiful. Does it sound fun? Then follow the recipe link here.

34. Paula Deen Goulash Recipe

Goulash In Deep Vessle

Goulash is a meat dish prepared with veggies, meat, and spices. It’s a satisfying meal with aromatic flavors. Make this classic Paula Deen goulash recipe.

Start by combining ground beef, onion, garlic, water, Italian seasoning, bay leaves, soy sauce, elbow macaroni, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and salt in the pot. Cover and cook for one hour. Enjoy delicious goulash for dinner.

Want to know the full recipe of goulash, then click here to get all the details about the recipe directions and nutritional information.

35. Paula Deen Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken In Plate

What is the easiest way to cook fried chicken? Get not so lengthy and easy-to-follow Paula Deen fried chicken recipe. 

For a crispy and juicy fried chicken, dip it into the egg mixture and coat it with flour. Deep fry chicken at a particular oil temperature. 

Delicious and tempting fried chicken is ready. If you plan a movie night with your friends, prepare a bucket of fried chicken to relish the time. The recipe is available here.

36. Paula Deen Spinach And Bacon Quiche Recipe

Spinach And Bacon Quiche In White Pie Dish

Today, prepare the most asked-for combination – eggs and bacon. I am presenting Paula Deen’s spinach and bacon quiche recipe with some fun ingredients. 

The lovely quiche is prepared by combining eggs, cream, salt, and pepper. Blend the mixture using an electric mixer. Layer a pie crust with spinach, bacon, and cheese.

Pour egg mixture on the top and bake for some time. Savory and delectable quiche is ready.

If you are a quiche lover and wanna try something new, nothing is better than this! Click here.

37. Paula Deen Deviled Eggs Recipe

Deviled Eggs Served In Batches

Meet the breakfast star – Paula Deen deviled eggs recipe. Try this crazy-delicious egg recipe for many good reasons. Firstly, it’s prepared in just ten minutes; secondly, you’ll love its serving style. 

Preparing deviled eggs for brunch is easy. Scoop out the yolk from the boiled egg whites.

Mix yolk, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and seasoning in the bowl. Fill up the yolk mixture into the piping bag. 

Garnish egg whites with yolk mixture and flavorful toppings. Deviled eggs are ready. Isn’t it easy? To know the toppings and other ingredients, tap on this recipe link.

38. Paula Deen Pecan Pie Recipe

Pecan Pie Slice

Extra crispy pie crust meets a creamy and rich filling in this amazing pie dish. Paula Deen’s pecan pie recipe is picture-worthy and has a perfect balance of sweet flavors.

To make pecan pie, first, prepare its filling. Combine melted butter, sugar, corn syrup, eggs, pecans, and bourbon. Pour batter into an unbaked pie shell dish and bake to perfection.

This pie will elevate your mood on another level. So, quickly note down the recipe direction and equipment list. Just click here, my friend!

39. Paula Deen Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Close Up Look

There are countless cinnamon roll recipes on the internet, but this one is my favorite. Paula Deen’s cinnamon roll recipe always turns out best. Let’s catch up with this sweet and fluffy treat. 

Paula Deen makes spongy dough for the rolls. Roll out the dough, place the toppings, and fold the roll to bake.

Prepare a nice vanilla glazing and drizzle over cinnamon rolls once they are baked.

Heavenly cinnamon rolls are ready. They are extra soft, buttery, and fluffy. Make this cinnamon swirl in your kitchen, and let us know how it went.

Tap on the link here for the full recipe

40. Paula Deen Pimento Cheese Recipe

Pimento Cheese In Glass Bowl Served With Crackers

It’s time to prepare a savory dip. Paula Deen’s pimento cheese recipe is a creamy and spicy dip. It is prepared in less than 5 minutes. Dip your crackers in the dip and enjoy snack time. 

To make a delicious dip, combine all the ingredients in the bowl. Beat with an electric mixer, and the dip is ready. 

Pimento cheese is a much-loved dip recipe. It’s super easy to make, and I enjoy it as an appetizer.

Use it as filling for sandwiches or deep your grilled bread. The choice is yours! Click here to view the full recipe.

41. Paula Deen Broccoli Salad Recipe

Broccoli Salad In A Large Bowl

For health-conscious people, here is Paula Deen’s broccoli salad recipe. It is healthy, nutritious, and a good source for boosting immunity. Let’s take a quick look at its preparation.

Gather all the ingredients in a bowl – broccoli, mayonnaise, white vinegar, raisins, onion, crumbled bacon, and seasonings. Please give it a good mix, and the salad is ready. 

Easy-peasy right? Well, you can make this salad in less than 5 minutes. Note down the recipe steps and ingredients list. Just click here.

42. Paula Deen Cornbread Dressing Recipe

Cornbread Dressing In A White Bowl

Paula Deen’s cornbread dressing recipe is deliciously moist and wonderfully seasoned. It’s ideal for brunch. 

Combine crumbled cornbread, dried white bread, onion, and celery in a bowl. Then add chicken stock and season it with sage, poultry seasoning, salt, and black pepper. 

Pour the cornbread mixture into the baking dish. Delicious cornbread dressing is ready. It’s a lovely dish to try for family dinners. Click here on the recipe link to get started.

43. Paula Deen Banana Bread Recipe

Homemade Paula Deen Banana Bread

How about making the best banana bread ever? Enjoy this Paula Deen banana bread recipe with amazing vanilla flavors. Make them for breakfast. 

To make banana bread, combine flour, salt, baking soda, and sugar. Stir in wet ingredients like eggs, bananas, melted butter, and vanilla. Pour in the baking pan and make the bread loaf. It’s done!

Pair banana bread with a cup of coffee and enjoy. Tap on the recipe link here.

44. Paula Deen Tomato Pie Recipe

Tomato Pie In Pie Dish Garnished With Veggies

Want to try something newly innovated from Paula Deen’s kitchen? Here is Paula Deen’s tomato pie recipe for you all. A flakey pie crust filled with cheese filling – a perfect breakfast recipe. 

Let me give you a quick idea about the recipe. First, you blanch the tomatoes, then use a pre-baked deep pie dish and layer the tomatoes. Cover them in a delicious dressing and bake. 

Sounds interesting, right? So, how about knowing the full recipe? Just click here to view the recipe

45. Paula Deen Strawberry Cake Recipe

Strawberry Cake On Cake Roller

All the eyes here! Because it’s your favorite cake of the year. Let’s clap for this gorgeous Paula Deen strawberry cake recipe. Soft, fluffy, and creamy – a perfect attribution to the recipe.

To bake fluffy and light strawberry cake, combine gelatin, cake mix, pureed strawberries, eggs, oil, and water in a bowl. Beat well and pour the batter into the baking dish. 

In the meantime, prepare cream cheese frosting. Frost the cakes and enjoy their cake. Do you want to discover this recipe in detail? Follow the recipe link here.

46. Paula Deen Chicken And Dumplings Recipe

Chicken And Dumplings in a Black Bowl

Boost your mood with a classic Paula Deen chicken and dumplings recipe. It’s a great weekend dinner idea.

They are packed with chicken, spices, and several other good things. Keep reading to know more.

First, make the chicken stock with chicken, vegetables, and seasoning to start cooking. Cook for an hour.

Prepare dumplings and mix them with the stock. Cook for some time. Savory chicken and dumplings are ready.

Nothing beats the creamy texture and savory flavors of this dish. To make this dish from scratch, follow this recipe link right here

47. Paula Deen Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Recipe

Butter Cake Dusted With Sugar

Who loves buttery cakes? If you do, here is Paula Deen’s gooey butter cake recipe. The softness of the cake will mesmerize you, and the buttery taste will satisfy your taste buds.

The buttery cakes come out easily. Mix butter, cake mix, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla, sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl. 

Pour the batter into the baking pan and bake for one hour. The delicious and soft buttery cake is ready. 

You can never go wrong with baking when following Paula Deen’s recipe. So, to bake a perfect buttery cake, follow the recipe link here.

48. Paula Deen Crockpot Potato Soup Recipe

Potato Soup In A Blue Bowl

What can be more comforting than enjoying soup in a chilly winter? Presenting you Paula Deen crockpot potato soup. It’s easy to make, delicious, and warm. 

To make this hearty soup, combine hash browns, chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, cheese, onion, and black pepper in the crockpot. Slow cook for six hours. It’s done!

Enjoy a warm bowl of soup packed with taste and nutrition when the day starts chilly. Wanna know the full recipe? Click here to know more.

49. Paula Deen House Seasoning Recipe 

House Seasoning In Spoon

We can’t deny that seasoning makes recipes flavorful. One such recipe is this Paula Deen house seasoning recipe. It helps you transform your meals and enhance flavors.

You would want to put house seasoning instead of salt and pepper on your dinner table. Mixing three ingredients: salt, garlic powder, and black pepper. That’s it. 

Make deep flavors and flavorsome food with this Paula Deen house seasoning recipe. Note down the ingredients and recipe directions by clicking on this link.

50. Paula Deen Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

Sweet Potato Casserole In White Large Bowl

If the casserole recipes excite you, you have arrived at the perfect place. If you have a sweet tooth, you will cherish this Paula Deen sweet potato casserole recipe for its natural sweetness. 

Make sweet potato casserole by boiling sweet potatoes, mash them and then combine with other ingredients. Make a smooth mixture and pour it into the casserole. 

Top your casserole with amazing toppings and bake for some time. Yey! It’s ready. Just click here to learn the recipe, along with the equipment list

51. Paula Deen Squash Casserole Recipe

Squash Casserole In Bowl

Paula Deen squash casserole is a perfect casserole fit for a weeknight dinner. It has unforgettable cheesy goodness and a nice blend of flavors. 

Make this casserole by cooking onions and squash. Combine them with cream cheese and sour cream, and season them with salt and pepper. Top it up with crackers crumbs and bake for twenty minutes. 

The delectable squash casserole is ready. Let’s learn more about the recipe by clicking on the link here.  

52. Paula Deen Meatloaf Recipe

Glazed Paula Deen Meatloaf

For a tender and juicy bite, make this Paula Deen meatloaf recipe. It’s a truly decadent dish served with veggies and flavorful seasoning. An instant hit for your dinner meal. 

To make the perfect meatloaf, use ground beef to make it more juicy and tender. Mix with vegetables like bell peppers and tomatoes, along with spices and herbs. 

Add the mixture to the loaf pan and bake for ten minutes. So, are you ready to prepare your meatloaf? Then, click here to be familiar with the complete recipe.

53. Paula Deen Cornbread Recipe

Cornbread Pieces In Plate

Paula Deen’s cornbread recipe is appropriate for breakfast and snacking time. It’s tender, rich, and perfect for every occasion. 

Moreover, this cornbread is easy to prepare. Wanna know it quickly? Then start by combining eggs and buttermilk in the bowl. Prepare dry ingredients with flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking soda, and baking powder. 

Combine these two mixtures in the baking dish. Bake in the oven and enjoy. So, are you ready to enjoy this delicious treat? If yes, click here, and you will be redirected to the full recipe for cornbread

54. Paula Deen French Toast Casserole Recipe

French Toast In White Plate

Ready for a fancy brunch? Then make this Paula Deen French toast casserole and live your breakfast dream. It’s not food. It’s an emotion. Let’s look at it quickly. 

All you need to make a French toast casserole is to arrange bread slices into the casserole along with custard. Refrigerate overnight. Prepare praline and raspberry syrup the next day to top up and serve. 

Take a bite of this delectable dessert right now. The link will direct you to a detailed list of required equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions.

55. Paula Deen Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Green Bean In Big Vessle

Paula Deen’s green bean casserole recipe is super simple and packed with nutritious ingredients. It’s a creamy casserole that fulfills all your moving needs.

To make green bean casserole, cook green beans in chicken broth. Then saute onions and mushrooms along with the cream of mushroom soup, onion rings, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. 

Pour the whole mixture into the baking dish and bake for thirty minutes. Yey! The casserole is ready. To get the recipe directions in detail, follow the recipe link here.

56. Paula Deen Peach Cobbler Recipe

Peach Cobbler In Casserole

Get ready to enjoy the most delicious recipe – Paula Deen’s peach cobbler. This is the prettiest cobbler you will ever see! It’s a fancy dessert recipe prepared in less time.

Cobbler is all about layering the ingredients. First, layer the baking dish with butter, flour, and milk batter. Top with peach slices. Sprinkle cinnamon on the top and bake for some time.

You will receive a gorgeous cobbler. I know you are craving it, right? So, why wait? Get straight to this recipe link and find recipe steps and equipment details

57. Paula Deen Crockpot Mac And Cheese Recipe

Mac and Cheese In A White Bowl

Paula Deen’s crockpot mac and cheese recipe is a quintessential dish. It has a great combination of cheese sauce, cheese soup, and macaroni. 

To get cheesy mac and cheese, boil the macaroni and prepare the creamy cheese sauce. Combine macaroni with cheese sauce and cook in a slow cooker. You will get this recipe right.

Following this recipe will get the gist of mac and cheese. Here is the link to the full recipe so you can plan for your weekend. Thank me later. 

58. Paula Deen Banana Pudding Recipe

Banana Pudding In A Small Cup

Light up all your celebrations with this charming Paula Deen banana pudding recipe. A spoonful of it will satisfy your inner dessert lover.

It’s a classic recipe with luscious layers of cream, bananas, and cookies! Wow, I can’t resist.

To make this, combine pudding mix, cream cheese, milk, whipped cream, and condensed milk in the bowl.

Take a casserole and layer bananas and cookies, followed by a pudding mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

 Making desserts is never tough now. If you love pudding and plan to make one for yourself or your kid, click here to get the recipe.

59. Paula Deen Corn Casserole Recipe

Taking A Bite Of Corn Casserole

Attention all the corn lovers! Presenting you Paula Deen’s corn casserole recipe. For a cheesy and creamy delight, try this one!

Combine corn, sour cream, muffin, and butter in a bowl. Pour in the casserole and bake for forty minutes. It will be ready! 

It’s a flavorful and indulgent side dish. Make this masterpiece at your home by following this simple recipe. Just tap here.

60. Paula Deen Chicken And Dressing Recipe

Paula Deen's chicken and dressing

Are you looking for a side dish to serve on Thanksgiving? Paula Deen’s chicken and dressing recipe has no other match. Its buttery and crumbly bites are filled with chicken bliss. 

To make the chicken dressing, mix shredded chicken with cornbread and biscuits. Season with aromatic spices. Pour the chicken mixture into the baking dish and bake for forty-five minutes. 

The crispy and juicy chicken dressing is ready. Feeling mouthwatering? Then don’t make yourself wait for this tastiest dish. Tap on the link here to get the detailed recipe.

61. Paula Deen Roasted Turkey Recipe

Roasted Turkey on a bed of vegetables

When roasting your first turkey for Thanksgiving, use this guide to make a perfect turkey. Paula Deen roasted turkey recipe will give you the best method to follow.

Paula Deen suggests first preparing the butter mixture with butter, rosemary, thyme, parsley, salt, and pepper.

Then stuff the turkey with onions, carrots, and celery. Then brush the butter mixture on top and roast.

Try this recipe, and you will admit it’s the best turkey you’ve ever had! Let’s get our hands on this recipe by clicking on the recipe link. Happy roasting!

62. Paula Deen Sweet Potato Gratin Recipe

Sweet Potato Gratin

Don’t think by its name that it’s so fancy to cook. Paula Deen’s sweet potato gratin recipe is easy to master. It’s packed with tender potatoes and creamy, rich sauce. The top is golden crispy.

Gratin is fun to make. For this recipe, you first need to caramelize onions. Then make a creamy, rich sauce in the saucepan. 

At last, layer the baking dish with sweet potatoes at the bottom, followed by sauce, caramelized onions, and cheese.

Bake for thirty minutes. Find your reward for the long job. Your boring home dinner will turn into an unplanned romantic dinner. Click here to get the full recipe link.

63. Paula Deen Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Life is dull without this extravagant Paula Dee garlic mashed potato recipe. Not only is it creamy, but it has also exceeded a level of richness. Let’s quickly look at the recipe.

Firstly, boil the potatoes. Then transfer them into the bowl. Take a potato masher and mash them perfectly.

Now it’s time to add sour cream and milk for the desired consistency. Last, season with garlic, salt, and pepper. It’s ready.

You will love the combination of potatoes flavored with overtone garlic. So, are you ready to cook this one? If yes, then click on this link here.

64. Paula Deen Jello Salad Recipe

Paula Deen's Jello Salad

All eyes here: I am presenting Paula Deen’s jello salad recipe. It’s a great combination of fruits and jello. It’s a gelatin salad flavored with cranberry and pineapple.

To start with Jello salad, prepare the gelatin mix. Boil gelatin mixed with cranberry sauce, walnuts, and pineapple juice.

Refrigerate the flavored gelatin. Prepare a cream cheese mixture to spoon on the hard gelatin. Serve.

Do you want to try it? Then line up your ingredients and set your equipment. You are going to make an unforgettable dessert in your life. Tap here to view the recipe.

65. Paula Deen Cherry Pineapple Congealed Salad Recipe

Congealed salad with cream cheese

Are you bored of eating regular salads? Then replace it with a beautiful Paula Deen cherry pineapple congealed salad recipe. The salad gives you a feeling of dessert bites. 

Start making the base with pretzels, pecans, sugar, and melted butter. Get the cream cheese mixture and spread it on the crust. Lastly, top with the cherry mix. Cool in the fridge for some time and serve. 

Sounds interesting, right? So, if you have never tried a congealed salad before, it’s worth a try! Click here to see the recipe, ingredients list, and recipe tips.

66. Paula Deen Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Paula Deen butternut squash soup

A soup that makes you say wow. Try this Paula Deen butternut squash soup recipe for good reasons. It’s a comforting hot bowl of soup that gives you endless flavors. 

Take a saucepan and cook onions, butternut squash, carrots, chicken broth, and salt. Simmer the soup for forty minutes. 

Blend the soup in the blender to make a fine puree. Give soup its superpower by adding a light cream to top it.

Need a detailed recipe along with an ingredient list? Don’t worry, head toward the recipe link here and check out what’s happening with the recipe.

67. Paula Deen Apple Pie Recipe

Apple in pie crust

Treat your tastebuds with Paula Deen’s apple pie recipe. It fulfills your comfort food cravings. This amazing sweet apple dessert has a crispy golden crust. Take a bite of this after you finish dinner. 

The recipe starts with preparing the apple mixture. You need flour, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, and apple slices. Toss well with a lemon twist. 

Prepare the pie crust and pour the apple mixture into it. Bake for a good one hour to get your sweet treasure ready. 

It’s super easy and fun to make. Just tap on the link to get started with the recipe.

68. Paula Deen Sweet Potato Biscuits Recipe

Paula Deen's Sweet Potato Biscuits

Paula Deen’s sweet potato biscuits recipe needs no extra introduction. It’s a dessert feast for your special celebrations.

For buttery and flakey sweet potato biscuits, prepare the dough first. It will have mashed sweet potatoes too. 

Roll the dough and cut it into small round pieces. Bake for some time. You’ll find fluffy golden brown cookies waiting for you.

Put your sweet potato biscuits in an air-tight container. Check out the full recipe here.

69. Paula Deen Brie En Croute Recipe

Thanksgiving Brie en croute

If creativity has its synonym, it’s got to be Paula Deen’s brie en croute recipe. A delicious indulgent filled with rich ingredients. It’s a must-try cheesy dessert.

The brie is loaded with sweet and delicious flavors of brie cheese, walnuts, and cinnamon. It’s soft from the inside and has an intense cheese flavor.

The crispy golden brown pastry sheet on the top brings the utmost joy to the recipe. 

It’s a dish made from the heart. Give this recipe a chance to stand out in front of your guest. Refer to this link and relish the first bite of brie en route.

70. Paula Deen Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Paula Deen Pumpkin Pie

Paula Deen’s pumpkin pie recipe is a flavor inspired by the fall season. The fall is coming, and you can’t wait to make the classic pumpkin pie. It’s a delicious dessert with a tempting top. 

First, bake the ready-made pie crust in the oven to make pumpkin pie. Then prepare the filling with cream cheese and pumpkin. For added flavors, use cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger.

Pour pumpkin pie filling over the crust and bake to perfection. Delicious pumpkin pie is ready to hop on. For a detailed recipe, click here to get the nitty-gritty of the recipe.

71. Paula Deen Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe

Paula Deen sour cream pound cake

Paula Deen has done magic to this cake. With lemon and sour cream, it gives you a flavorful kick. Discover this secret Paula Deen lemon sour cream pound cake recipe. 

To make this pound cake, combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Mix well. In another bowl, combine butter, sugar, and lemon extract. Mix well. 

Combine both the mixture and pour them into the baking pan. Bake for an hour. Serve the tangy and sweet cake with a cup of coffee. Care to know the full recipe? Then click here.

72. Paula Deen Taco Soup Recipe

Prepared taco soup in a bowl.

Perfect for a rainy day, sick day, or even craving soup day. This Paula Deen taco soup recipe gives you warm vibes instantly. 

To make taco soup, cook onions and beef in a pan. Cook on slow-simmer for an hour. Top the soup with sour cream, cheese, and jalapeno. Flavorful taco soup is ready. 

Check out the full recipe to know the nitty-gritty of this amazing soup. Click here!

73. Paula Deen Pot Roast Recipe

Paula Deen Pot Roast

Get ready for a hearty lunch recipe: Paula Deen’s pot roast is full of flavors. The seasonings play the real magic when rubbed over the roast. Let’s see a quick sneak peek.

Start with seasoning the roast well. Then cook the roast in the pan until it becomes brown. Place the meat, onions, garlic, and bay leaves in a roasting pan. 

Pour the mushroom soup over the roast, along with the sauces. Add some water and bake for three hours.

You will get the juiciest and most aromatic pot roast for your get-togethers. Read the entire recipe here.

You will find an impressive list of equipment, ingredients, nutritional facts, and instructions.

74. Paula Deen Cheesecake Recipe

Classic Paula Deen Cheesecake

Wanna have your cheesecake factory? Then it would help if you had a foolproof recipe. Paula Deen’s cheesecake recipe is the best guide to follow.

Prepare the crust with crackers, crumbs, butter, and sugar to make Paula Deen-style cheesecake. Mix well. Make a cream cheese mixture with cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla in another bowl.

Bake the cheesecake for forty-five minutes until the cheesecake is firm. Yey! It’s ready. Was it fun?

Then don’t wait a single minute to create this one for your loved ones. All the information is right at your one click.

75. Paula Deen Foolproof Standing Rib Roast Recipe

Paula Deen foolproof standing rib roast recipe

Another meat recipe that will save you from boring dinners. Presenting you Paula Deen standing rib roast recipe. You will have a lot of fun on the dinner table along with rib roast.

Choosing a good quality cut of beef is important. Then season it with salt and pepper. Next, roast it in the oven until it reaches the desired cooked form. Serve and enjoy.

What can’t you do with beef? It’s the most versatile ingredient to cook a delicious meal. Scroll through the full recipe by clicking right here.

76. Paula Deen Baked Spaghetti Recipe

Paula Deen Baked Spaghetti Recipe

Paula Deen baked spaghetti is the tastiest food. You will enjoy tender pasta tossed in seasoned tomato sauce and cheese on top.

It would help if you had ground beef, onions, pasta sauce, and spaghetti to make this. Just mix everything and bake for thirty minutes. Your spaghetti will be ready.

Serve this spaghetti with iced tea or a glass of red wine. It will be a delicious experience. To know the full recipe, click here to get all the details.

77. Paula Deen Breakfast Casserole

Paula Deen Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To recreate this idea again, we are presenting you Paula Deen’s breakfast casserole. It’s an easy and delicious casserole with the flavors of eggs, sausages, cheese, and biscuits. 

Let’s first grease the baking dish. Cook sausages. Beat eggs, milk, cayenne pepper, dry mustard, salt, and pepper. 

Layer the baking dish with sausage, cheese, and bread. Bake until the cheese melts. You will get a savory breakfast casserole in a few minutes. 

Loved this idea? Then make this your morning reality. Get the detailed recipe, equipment details, and nutritional information right here. Just click

78. Paula Deen Beef Stew Recipe

Beef Stew With Spoon

I am doing the winter checklist, and guess what? I just checked this amazing recipe that my family will love eating. It’s Paula Deen beef stew. Ultra-rich stew loaded with beef, veggies, and hot broth.

So, to make beef stew delicious, we will cook the meat. Then flavor the meat with sauces, seasonings, and herbs. Cook on low heat for a few hours. Add vegetables and a thickening agent to give a last finish to the stew. 

Classic beef stew is ready. You don’t need to wait hours or hours for juicy meat bites.

This stew comes out in time, so you don’t delay your dinner. Check out the recipe by clicking here.

79. Paula Deen Cranberry Congealed Salad Recipe

Thanksgiving cranberry congealed salad

Admit it: Paula Deen Cranberry congealed salad recipe is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. It’s sweet, tempting, and the perfect solution to your dessert cravings. 

Okay! So, this salad gets ready by following a few steps. Prepare the base and cream cheese mixture, and layer it with the gelatin mixture. Don’t be scared of these steps.

We are here to give you detailed recipe information, so you don’t get lost. Find the recipe link here and imagine this fancy salad in your kitchen

80. Paula Deen Heart Attack Burger

Paula Deen Heart Attack Burger Recipe

If you are in a wild mood today and want to make an extraordinary dish, Paula Deen heart attack burger will skip your heartbeat.

It’s not just a burger, it’s a doughnut burger loaded with bacon, eggs, and veggies.

Assemble this burger by first placing the doughnut. Then top with burger, egg, and bacon strips. Top the entire burger with a doughnut. Yey! It’s ready.

Isn’t it an amazing recipe to try? Sure, Paula Deen is giving you goosebumps with this burger. So, don’t wait any longer. Click here and get the whole burger ready in a few minutes.


Paula Deen is a legendary figure in the world of cooking, and her recipes are some of the best. This collection of her recipes is a great resource for anyone looking to make something special. 

Whether you’re looking for a delicious dessert or a hearty main course, Add some of the best Paula Deen recipes to your culinary list.

So what are you waiting for? Get cooking! Also, what’s your favorite Paula Deen recipe? Let us know in the comment section. 

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