Papa John’s Menu With Prices [Updated May 2024]

Papa John’s menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Papa John’s from the location New York. The menu is updated on 1st May 2024.

Papa John's Restaurant

For accurate prices, you might have to look at the nearest outlet of Papa John’s from their official websiteandroid app, or any other delivery platforms.

Papa John’s menu with prices serves your food items like papa picks, pizza, Papadias, sides, wings desserts, drinks, extras, and many more. You can have a great meal here for under $67.

Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant chain. It was founded by “Papa” John Schnatter on October 2, 1984. The first store of Papa John’s was opened in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Right now, it is the third-largest pizza take-out and delivery restaurant. Papa John’s has made a name for itself in the market by only focusing on the quality and taste of its pizzas.

Their slogan is also “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns.” and the company has been following this slogan since 1984.

Papa John’s Menu With Prices

Papa John's Food

Papa John’s menu includes a wide variety of pizza like their Tuscan six cheese pizza, meatball pepperoni pizza, bbq chicken bacon pizza, garden fresh pizza, hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza, and many more.

Papa John’s provides a section of papa picks which includes cheese pizza pepperoni pizza, and many more. They also provide customers the option of customizing their pizza as per choice. Moreover, they also offer you to select the size of pizza.

Furthermore, they also offer papa bowls, papadias, wings, papa wings which includes chicken alfredo papa bowl, garden veggie papa bowl, papadias, chicken poppers, etc.

The sides include breadsticks, knots, papa bites, and more. Additionally, to satiate your sugar rush they serve desserts like oreo cookie papa bites, choclate chip cookie, and much more.

Also they have a section of drinks and extras which includes soft drinks, water, add-on, dipping sauce, etc

The reason why people love Papa John’s is because of the quality they provide. They always try to use the best and the freshest ingredients in their pizzas.

Papa John’s menu prices are also very similar to other pizza chains. Their prices depend on the size of the pizza you are buying.

So, without more waiting, let’s check out the latest Papa John’s menu with prices.

Picked For You

Papa Wings$7.99
Pepperoni Pizza$12.74

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Featured Selection

XL New York Style Create Your Own Pizza$21.74
Create Your Own Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia$9.99
Doritos Cool Ranch Chicken Papadia$9.99
Doritos Cool Ranch Steak Papadia$9.99
Doritos Cool Ranch Beef Papadia$9.99

Papa Picks

Create Your Own Pizza$16.54
Cheese Pizza$13.84
Pepperoni Pizza$13.99
Sausage Pizza$13.99
Epic Pepperoni-Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza$22.49
Epic Stuffed Crust Create Your Own Pizza$23.39
Deluxe Cheese Crispy Parm Pizza$19.49


The Meats Pizza$15.89
The Works Pizza$15.89
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza$15.89
Garden Fresh Pizza$15.89
Pepperoni, Sausage & Six Cheese Pizza$15.89
Super Hawaiian Pizza$15.89
Extra Cheesy Alfredo Pizza$15.89
BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza$15.89
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza$15.89
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza$15.89
Fresh Spinach & Tomato Alfredo Pizza$15.89
Fiery Buffalo Chicken Pizza$15.89
Zesty Italian Trio Pizza$15.89
Meatball Pepperoni Pizza$15.89
Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza$15.89

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Papa Bowls

Chicken Alfredo Papa Bowl$9.29
Create Your Own Papa Bowl$9.29
Garden Veggie Papa Bowl$9.29
Italian Meats Trio Papa Bowl$9.29


Create Your Own Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia$9.99
Doritos Cool Ranch Steak Papadias$9.99
Doritos Cool Ranch Chicken Papadias$9.99
Parmesan Crusted Papadias$8.00
Doritos Cool Ranch Papadias$9.99
Philly Cheesesteak Papadia$7.00
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia$7.00
Parmesan Crusted Create Your Own Papadia$8.00
Parmesan Crusted BBQ Chicken & Bacon Papadia$8.00
Parmesan Crusted Grilled Buffalo Chicken Papadia$8.00
Parmesan Crusted Italian Papadia$8.00

Papa Bites

Oreo Cookie Papa Bites$7.09
Chicken Parmesan Papa Bites$7.09
Jalapeno Papa Bites$7.09


Chicken Poppers (10 Piece)$9.99
Unsauced Roasted Wings$8.69
Hot Lemon Pepper Wings$8.69
Buffalo Wings$8.69
Garlic Parmesan Wings$8.69
Chicken Poppers (15 Piece)$13.99
BBQ Wings$8.69
Unsauced Bonelless Wings$8.69
Hot Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings$8.69
Honey Chipotle Wings$8.69
Honey Chipotle Boneless Wings$8.69
BBQ Boneless Wings$9.99
Buffalo Boneless Wings$8.69
Papa Wings$7.99


Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks$7.49
Original Breadsticks$6.99
Cheesesticks (10 Inch)$8.99
Cheesesticks (12 Inch)$11.99
Tuscan 6 – Cheese Cheesesticks$9.99
Bacon Cheesesticks$9.99
Chicken Parmesan Papa Bites$6.49
Garlic Knots$5.99
Jalapeno Papa Bites$6.49


Oreo Cookie Papa Bites$6.49
Chocolate Chip Cookie$7.99
Double Chocolate Chip Brownie$7.99
Cinnamon Pull Aparts$7.99


Schweppes Ginger Ale$3.54
Mountain Dew$2.54
Diet Pepsi$2.54
Starry $2.54
Crush Orange$2.54
Starry Zero$3.25


Banana Peppers$0.99
Jalapeno Peppers$0.99
Special Garlic Sauce$0.75
Pizza Sauce$1.00
Spicy Garlic Sauce$1.00
Ranch Sauce$1.00
Cheese Sauce$1.00
Parmesan Cheese$0.99
Crushed Red Pepper$0.99

How To Order Online From Papa John’s?

Do you wish to order from Papa John’s online? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have covered everything for you. You can order the food online from Papa John’s by referring to the link of their official websiteandroid app, or iOS app, or any other delivery platforms.

To order food online from Papa John’s you can also refer to the leading delivery platforms like Doordash, GrubhubUberEatsPostmatesDeliveroo and Seamless. We have shared the screenshots that will help you to order food online from Papa John’s official website.

Finding The New Latest Papa John’s Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the link of official website of UberEats and begin to place the order.

McDonald's Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Papa John’s.

Papa John's Location

3. The complete menu will be displayed on your screen.

Papa John's Menu

4. Select the food items of your choice and add them to the cart.

Papa John's Add To Cart

5. Once you have added the food items to the cart, proceed further to checkout.

Papa John's Checkout

6. By clicking on the checkout, the page will be directed to add your personal details. Schedule the order and add your personal details to confirm the order.

Panera Bread Personal Details


Now that you have read the article, you would have a clear understanding of what to order from the Papa John’s menu. Let us know your dining experience in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Papa John’s [FAQs]

Who is the owner of Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is an American pizza restaurant chain that was founded by “Papa” John Schnatter on October 2, 1984.

How many outlets are there of Papa John’s restaurant?

Papa John’s has 5,199 stores in more than 44 countries and territories in the world.

Where is the first store of Papa John’s restaurant opened?

The first store of Papa John’s was opened in Jeffersonville, Indiana. And right now, it is the third-largest pizza take-out and delivery restaurant.

For what Papa John’s famous for?

Papa John’s restaurant is famous for the amazing quality of pizzas they serve.

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