How to Make Panty Dropper at Home

Panty Dropper

Are you a party lover like me and want a drink which boosts excitement and enthusiasm in you? If yes, then I have a drink which is a mixture of many drinks which you like and the name of that drink is Panty Dropper.

I have a great story regarding the Panty Dropper Recipe origination and that story is- one day I was sitting at my home and I felt like having a drink but I was feeling monotonous because I always have those same ones and I decided to mix all of them together.

Guess what happened? It turns out to be the best drink I ever had and I thought there are many people like me who love different types of drinks.

So today, I will share the Panty Dropper Recipe of mine with my lovely party lovers so you can have them anywhere and make them by yourself. Come let’s see How to make Liquid Panty Dropper at Home.

Ingredients For Panty Dropper

Vodka2 oz.
Beer2 oz.
Tequila1 oz.
Lemonade1 oz.
Cranberry Juice1/2 oz.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time
5 Mins5 Mins

Panty Dropper Recipe

Panty Dropper recipe
  1. In a glass add ice.
  2. Add beer, vodka, and tequila in the glass.
  3. Pour lemonade at the top and splash cranberry juice.
  4. For garnish top it with lemon slice and cherry.

Nutritional Facts Of Panty Dropper Recipe

Sodium8.6 mg
Carbohydrates20.3 g
Protein0.9 g

How to Make Panty Dropper at Home | Video

Video by Tipsy Bartender

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