How To Make Oxo Roast Potatoes At Home

If you are on a keto diet then, oxo roast potatoes are the perfect recipe for you. It is a simple yet delicious recipe. You can easily make it home in less than an hour.

Oxo roast potatoes are delicious roasted potatoes that have the freshness of herbs and the richness of oxo beef stock. This dish will definitely make for a great meal and is a great addition to your keto diet menu.

To make oxo roast potatoes, boil the potatoes and place them in a baking dish. Add bay leaf, rosemary, or thyme to it and pour over the oxo stock over the potatoes. Bake them for 40 minutes. Take them out, let them cool for a bit, and serve!

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Ingredients for Oxo Roast Potatoes

Ingredients Quantity
Spray Oil To grease or spray 
Potatoes 1 kg 
Boiling Water 300 ml
Oxo Beef Stock Cubes 2
Sea Salt (to taste)
Bay leaf 1
Sprig Rosemary (to garnish)

How Much Time Will it Take?

Preparation TimeCooking Time Total Time
5 Minutes 45 Minutes 50 Minutes

Oxo Roast Potatoes Recipe

oxo roast potatoes recipe
  1. Preheat the oven to 450oF.
  2. In a pan filled with water, bring it to a boil and add the potatoes. 
  3. Boil the potatoes for about 5 minutes if smaller in size and 10 minutes if they are bigger.
  4. After the potatoes are tender and boiled, transfer them to a baking dish. Roast them and add bay leaf, rosemary, thyme to it.
  5. Prepare the stock from oxo beef stock cubes. Pour the stock over the potatoes.
  6. Grease your baking dish with some oil and bake the potatoes for about 40 minutes. Wait until all the oxo has been soaked and you see that potatoes have turned crispy on the edges.
  7. Take them out of the oven, let them cool a little bit, and enjoy!

Nutritional Breakdown of Oxo Roast Potatoes

Calories 145
Carbohydrates 31 g
Protein 6 g
Fats 1 g
Iron 8.1 mg 
Calcium 75 mg

How to Make Oxo Roast Potatoes Recipe at Home | Video

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