What Is In The Outback Steakhouse Secret Menu?Lets Find Out

The one name that comes to mind when you think about good steaks and ‘bloomin’ sides is none other than Outback Steakhouse. This International food chain is the one and probably the most authentic Aussie chain all over the world. That too, for good reason. You’ll find amazing food at the Steakhouse and you know it. From their steaks to their sides, everything is good. In Joey’s voice, steak good, sides good, everything else, gooooood!

Outback Steakhouse Secret Menu

When it comes to the Outback Steakhouse secret menu, there isn’t one, officially, at least. That’s right! The Outback Steakhouse has a great menu with a lot of options to choose from. That is probably the reason that they haven’t curated a secret menu, yet. 

 This restaurant chain that opened in 1988 in Tampa, Florida, is famous for its unique blend of spices that make all their food and marinades unique. The chain was started by Bloomin Brands, a name that you’ll find a lot on their menu (‘Bloomin’ being their favorite prefix). Now, this chain has locations all over the world, serving great food. The steakhouse has filets, chicken, seafood, salads, and sides. So, you can experiment every time you visit them.

What Is In The Outback Steakhouse Secret Menu?

The truth is, Outback Steakhouse doesn’t have a official secret menu. They, like many restaurants, choose to focus on offering a comprehensive menu catering to various tastes and dietary needs.

However there is a lot on the Outback Steakhouse menu. You can find fresh steaks along with grilled and fried chicken. There are also ribs, sandwiches, salads, and soups. The sides include fries, the famous bloomin onion, wings, pasta and so much more.

I feel there’s so much on the menu already; what do you need the secret menu for? You can find everything you need in the Outback Steakhouse menu, along with their prices. If you do find a secret menu, it won’t be official. It’ll be filled with customer creations instead. 

Even though the Outback Steakhouse offers combo meals and party platters, you can go ahead and make your own combinations. They can range from beautifully sophisticated to absolutely eccentric. If you do make them, tell me in the comments what secret menu you came up with. Until next time, happy eating!


In short, Outback Steakhouse doesn’t have an official secret menu. With a wide range of dishes from steaks to salads and sides, there’s plenty to choose from on their regular menu. While they offer combo meals and party platters, customers can get creative and make their own combinations. So, no need to search for a secret menu – everything you need is already on offer at Outback Steakhouse. Enjoy your meal!

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  1. My husband &I dined for my 🎂 Birthday December 10 and the Prime Rib was great
    I had the lobster which was outstanding as well. The tables were dirty, because you were short handed, but it was worth the wait. We returned for Christmas Eve lunch to a much better maintenance of the tables and we were seated immediately. We had a very nice Christmas Eve lunch served by Imari who is exceptional. We will return. Thank you for a wonder dining experience during December.

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